Monday, December 23, 2013

2013 - wow.

I'm sure you are hearing this all around blog land right now but it is almost 2014 right now?! This has been the FASTEST year of my liiiiife. Although I got married and have a fantastic job, church, and am surrounded by incredible friends and family, I haven't had the "easiest" year either. I won't go into too much detail but there have been some things that have happened this year that I could break down and cry about. Things that are still going on, and that I have no control over...but that is where faith comes in.

Then I just remember all the GOOD that happened this year. So, soo much good.

I remember kissing Caleb at midnight saying "THIS IS THE YEAR WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!". I blogged about our engagement pictures, and we booked our honeymoon!

Had a fun, low key Valentine's evening at my families. We kept it pretty low key since most of our money was going towards the wedding! We also signed our lease!!!

We got the keys to our first apartment together.
Two of my very best friends threw me two unique, and amazing bridal showers. I loved them both SO much!! The first shower was thrown by my MOH, Lyndsie...and the second shower by my (now) sister in law, Erin. This is when it really started to hit me that I was getting married so so soon!

After what felt like YEARS, my wedding dress finally came in, and I got to try it on after months of waiting. It fit like a glove, and was SO perfect! Seriously, my dream dress. We also had the most fun double date with our faves downtown!

Ohhh boy. Wedding month. I really can't even tell you how EXCITING this entire month was!!

In honor of "counting down" to our big day, I gave you 24 random facts about our engagement!

I wrote one of my most viewed blog posts, ever. It's amazing when you open up, the kind of support you get from people you've never even met!

Wedding week arrived, and I had some of my closest "blog friends" plan this whole thing...they sent tons of stuff to Erin to put together for me. Bridal stuff, essentials for the honeymoon, all kinds of things. I can't even tell you. It was like a blog bridal shower, and I loved it.

I GOT MARRIED!!!!!!!! May 25th was the best day of my liiiife.

We were ending our amazing honeymoon. If you're interested, those are herehere, and also here!

Roadtripped to Arkansas to see Caleb's parents!

My blog turned 1!
I turned 22!
We road tripped to Memphis for a friends wedding!

I finally met Amanda and shot her wedding (best blate EVER)!
CHOPPED my hair!
September 24th, the day my real fitness journey began!
Erin & I signed up for the half marathon. SCARY! The real training begins ASAP. I'm terrified!

I announced that Caleb and I were hired with our photographers!!
Met a ton of Cincinnati bloggers over Mexican and cupcakes!
Surprised my husband with a weekend trip to Louisville!

Accepted a new position at work!
Got my first ever bridesmaid dress! So excited for her big day in February!
Enjoyed our first married Thanksgiving together!

We had such a blast putting our tree up for the first time! Can't wait for our very first Christmas morning this year!!

Phew. If you made it through that, good job guys ;) looking back..this year has been such a blessing, and I have so much to be thankful for!! I hope that 2014 is your best year, yet!! We're almost there!


  1. It's totally crazy that the new year is almost upon us. Sounds like you had a super busy one!

  2. 2013 was definitely an amazing year for you sweet friend. I love that I got to follow along all year and enjoy all these fun adventures with you!! I know 2014 will be just as doubt about it. Have a very Merry Christmas pretty lady!

  3. So awesome to see your 2013! What an excellent year for you!!!

  4. I loved following all your stuff this year!! :) That is definitely a lot of good! Can't wait for 2014 to bring us our blate!!

  5. So glad I've been able to find your blog and get to know you this year girl!

  6. I'm so glad you did this post because there are so many cool things that happened to you this year that I missed! Yay for recaps and great years! Here's to an even better 2014!

  7. I seriously can't believe this year is ending either...crazyness.

  8. It has been a crazy year! And like you said, we need to focus on the good, and you had a lot of good! I loved looking back through your year! :)


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