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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Mani/Pedi's!

Spring is here!! If you're anything like me, you almost NEVER paint your nails, but with the fun bright colors I see out all the time, I think its time for a change of pace. Time to have some fun with my nails. My girl Ashley and I have put together 5 beyond adorable spring mani/pedi combos for ya!! We also have a fun surprise at the end!

Blanc/Go Ginza
Okay, can we talk about how obsessed I am with this gold color? I think I like it because its so different than the original BRIGHT Spring color most women would gravitate too...and hey, it would look GREAT with a tan!

Another super fun, but creative spring nail combo? BLUE! Again, its not a typical "go-to" for most, so its a fun way to stay outside of the box.

Now head over to Ashley's post and see the other two adorable combo's we came up with! She's miss fashion herself so trust me, you'll love em.

As for the surprise? We want YOU to try out some of these colors! So we're giving you a chance at a $20 gift card to Target!! You can spoil yourself to some cute nail color, or a new Spring top...or whatever you want, really! Just use the rafflecopter below!

This giveaway will end this Saturday, April 5th, and the winner will be announced via email!
Have a fun week!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Embrace your crazy.

Rules of blogging? Never take a bad picture, don't show how horribly unclean your house is, and always make things seem better than they truly are.

You know what we say? Break the rules, break 'em all.
Be you, show off that messy apartment, and take ridiculous pictures for the world to see.

After our day date at the salon, Erin and I were taking actual head shots for our "professional profiles"....

and things got a little out of hand, and instead of deleting them all, we decided to embrace the crazy!

Blogging is hard to do, sometimes. We (especially as women) tend to belittle ourselves, and compare ourselves to every other woman out there...
"but she has a better house than me..."
"but her hair is longer than mine..."
"she's so crafty, she's so pretty...."
"and that body!? How does she find the time to stay so fit?!"

Guess what? Girlfriend isn't perfect either. That same blogger, friend, or co-worker that you find yourself comparing yourself too, she's got issues of her own. She's got insecurities of her own. Guess what? She might even compare herself to YOU.

One of my favorite quotes is; "don't compare your diary, to someone else's high light reel"

Erin and I want this to serve as a reminder that not every picture is perfect...not every apartment is decked out in Anthropologie, and not every marriage is as perfect as social media makes it seem. We live life, and keep it real. We're silly, we make ugly faces, and our lives are not perfect, but we're going with it. We invite you to show us your crazy, too. Come on...don't leave us looking like the only ones ;)

How about we take this weekend to uplift each other? I encourage you to let go of your insecurities, and love those crazy pictures of yourself, show em off... give yourself a good laugh :)
Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring fever!

With temperatures rising, my mind is all over the place. "I need that maxi dress, right!? What about this printed skirt!?!! But those shoes are on sale!!!!"...but I have to be tight with the ole wallet, if ya know what I mean. So how do I get my fix? By making a Spring wish list...hiiiii Caleb, if you ever see's a few hints! ;)

Most of these pictures come from two of my favorite bloggers, miss Shanna, and also my blog bestie, Ashley!!

Yellow shoes...I mean, I already have a pair, but another wouldn't hurt, right??
A bright blazer, another statement necklace, and some relaxed fit plaid tops!
{image} {image}
a polka dotted can never have too many polka dots, right?!.
an adorable pair of strappy brown wedges!
can't forget about the most gorgeous blue necklace you've ever laid eyes on...
and last but not absolutely adorable hat to wear with everything, and when you're as cute as Ashley, its not hard to pull off!
Also on my spring wish list would be a super cute umbrella for all those rainy days, some brand new dangly earrings, and a simple black blazer to throw on top of all my bright, shiny tops!

I truly can't remember the last time I went shopping. Like -went to the mall and prepared myself to spend at least $100 on whatever I found- kind of shopping...I guess I just can't justify that anymore. So, I keep wearing the same things, year after year, purchasing a random top here and there... but not investing in good, quality clothing. I think maybe now is the time to sell some old clothes to a local shop, or use some hard earned photography money and get myself a few nice things. Waddyaaa sayyy, ladies?! ;)

What's your spring "must have"!?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I have my sappy pants on.

The past two days have been insanely busy and somewhat stressful, but its nothing compared to realizing you've been married to your best friend for 10 months already. Hiii, my name is Kayla McSappy-pants.

So what are ten of my favorite memories since being married? (by the way- there are way too many to count. I'm so serious. I'm going through EVERY picture I've ever taken since we've been married...and I can't choose my top 10, so I'm just choosing 10 random no particular order)

1. I will never forget our first weekend back home after our honeymoon. We were so happy because in the series at church they asked "how many married people do we have here today?!" and we were able to raise our hands and get excited about it, it was so fun and surreal. Then we hit up every yard sale in town!

2. Taking a long run at night and coming back to the sweetest set of post it's left on the mirror for me to find.

3. When I came home from work one day, and just wanted to cry. He made us dinner and held me all night while we sat in the living room. Why is this a favorite memory when it was also a sad time? Because he was there for me. He didn't even try to say many things that would make me feel better, he just closed his mouth, listened to me, and was just there.

4. The first time we baby sat Nora almost overnight...and it was too much for my heart to handle. I don't need a child quite yet, but my goodness, we love to babysit 'em.

5. Being in Memphis for a friends wedding, and seeing how smoking hot he looked as a groomsmen! We had so much fun this weekend and made so many memories.

6. Shooting our first wedding together. It was my way of throwing Caleb into his new found, but still then questionable love of photography, and he surprised me like crazy. We had so much fun, ate way too much, and took too many pictures (is there such a thing!?).

7. Dancing with him. He has brought out the best side of me...a side of me who just doesn't care who's watching. I love it!

8. The time he bought me Katy Perry's brand new me, if you know him, it took him a LOT to do this.

9. Our incredible honeymoon, and seeing one of the most gorgeous beaches IN THE WORLD (if you ask me). Seriously, that week was the best ever. Can we go back!?

10. The weekend we had absolutely no plans. It has probably only happened ONCE or twice, and oh my goodness, we soaked in every single second of that. Pajamas, Redbox, and all the food we could eat. Yeah, it was as magical as it sounds. 

I can't believe how fast time is flying! It feels like last week we just got married, but its times like this that I'm so incredibly happy I've blogged about it all. These are stories, and memories that I'll have forever. Blog Caleb, I love you :)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Every blonde needs her brunette!

I'm very happy. This weekend was amazing.

Caleb, at the last minute, got invited to his friends house in Cleveland for a guy's weekend and a Cav's game, so I had the place to myself. I went for a run, and watched a few movies all by my lonesome. I even fell asleep pretty early! Saturday was a day I'd been waiting for, for quite some time! Erin & I had an afternoon at the salon planned, and I couldn't wait.

Can we just talk about what getting your hair done does to your confidence?? Erin and I felt like we could conquer the world...with a good filter. ;)

...every blonde needs a hot brunette in her life, amiriiight??!!

Shoutout to my girl Becca - she's incredible. This is seriously the best I've ever seen my hair.

That night, Erin and I hung out for hours, cracking up about who knows what. Then two of my other best gals came to hang... and we just had ourselves a ball.

A few of us then grabbed a quick Mexican meal, and I must've been awfully funny that night because these two almost spit out their water 19 times. Love these beauties!

All in all, I missed my husband this weekend...but I got to see 5 of my best friends all in one weekend. How lucky am I?! I'm excited about some upcoming posts I have planned! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend, too!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friends. Running. Games. Fridays.

Friday's are a time to focus on how awesome your week awesome your weekend is going to be...and how you can't wait for your next work week to be over already.

I don't have much to say today...and I know I recently wrote a post about "things I like about myself", but I just wanted to take a second to say I'm proud of myself. I never, ever, ever, thought I'd sign up for a half marathon. I never thought I'd be able to even run 5 miles straight...but you know what? I did!!

Becky was here last weekend and she was right there with me when I did it! How cool!? A blogger, who I'd NEVER met...turned into a real life friend, and encouraged me through a huge running milestone! Running 5 miles was always something I'd wanted to do. When we finished, I felt AMAZING. Lately I've been talking to other friends/bloggers who said that finishing their first half marathon was the BEST, and most rewarding feeling ever. I'm like beside myself with excitement just anticipating that moment crossing the finish line with one of my very best friends!!

Last year after my man finished his first half marathon. He's a champ!
Lately I've been challenging myself while I run... "just get to the stop sign....okay, just get back to my car...okay one more mile...then you're done!" and somehow, this little game I play in my works.

The topic of todays link up was about your favorite running gear! I have to say, I am LOVING these Dri-fit capri's my husband bought for me...and from where else? Marshalls! I'm all for spending a pretty penny on something worth it, but wow...these pants are incredible, and probably for only $10.

I recently bought some new Nike's at an outlet and I am OBSESSED!! Although I've heard some amazing things about Brooks, I will stick with my Nike's for now!

However, I AM in the market for some new socks...I think mine are giving me blisters...or it could just be that my shoes are still breaking in. Who knows. Any tips from you expert runners?

Linking up over here today!

So, weekend? Try not to tempt me with your terrible me to get up each morning and run at least a few miles, because no one is stopping me, but me. I'm also in a very happy mood because tomorrow I get my hair done...and Erin and I have some fun stuff planned! Can't wait! Hope you all have a great one. TGIF!

What are you doing this weekend?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Is that you, SPRING??!

My my my...could it be? Spring!? I do see today is March 20th but the lack of you lately has been making me wonder if you'd ever make it.  Well, either way, if you do decide to come around, and stick are a few things I'd like to say!

Stick around for a WHILE, so my husband and I can keep running outside. It's been fantastic, and hitting ACTUAL pavement is improving my runs! I feel like I can run much longer when I have a real breeze in my face!

You bring a whole new look to my wardrobe this time of year. I was not made for Winter you know, and neither were my clothes. I literally have about TWO pair of long work pants. I live to be in cropped pants, skirts, dresses, etc. Tights are the devil, and I don't believe I'll be wearing them until the first day of Winter.

I have a harder time saying no to Chipotle with co workers on a 60 degree day... so, give me some will power, eh?

My heart skips a beat when I walk into Target and see all things Spring. The dollar section with cute easter baskets, peeps GALORE, and all the cute bikinis in the world. #youwin

I like that you bring one of my best friends birthdays, and Easter (this year, on the SAME date)... how fun is that!?

I also love you for the fact that my days feel longer. I'm able to come home, run, make dinner, do some laundry, somehow its only 7:30 and you still keep the sun shining bright as day!

Last but most certainly not the least favorite reason I'm glad you're here....
with this new season, brings My FIRST wedding anniversary. Well, and every other anniversary for the rest of forever...but I'm especially excited about this first one. I still can't believe in a couple short months Caleb and I will be celebrating our first anniversary! So, thank you Spring, for finally showing your face. We missed you :)

Are you happy Spring has finally sprung!? 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

10 things I like about myself.

I recently saw a post floating around called "10 things I like about myself", and it seriously spoke to read all of these beautiful women's posts. To see what they saw in themselves, and for that to just be okay. I love when women can just be proud of who they know, I aint so bad.

Linking up here!

So, what do I like about myself? Let me list a few.

1. That I stand for what I believe in. Whether it be my faith, treating people the right way, or something I have a great feeling about...I will always follow my gut and do the right thing.

2. That I'm emotional. Okay, so maybe that can be both a good and bad thing. I have this tendency to bottle my emotions up, and then burst at all the wrong moments...but hey, its who I am. I'm learning how to express myself better, and love myself for it.

3. My eyes. I get my hazel's from my Dad.

4. My freckles. They come and go with the seasons...but summer time really brings them out.

5. My passion for photography. Ever since I was a young girl, I've wanted to take pictures. I've always loved looking through photographs. When I was younger I remember checking out photography magazines, and gawking at National Geographic pictures like this one...and swore one day I'd take my very own "wow" photo.

6. I like my intentionality. I'm lucky enough to have a few best friends that I'm very close too. I'd like to think I'm pretty good about staying in touch, praying for them, and letting them know how much they mean to me! Besides, what's a girl without her best friends?

7. My outlook on life. Almost always, you will find a smile on my face. I believe that the world is both a scary, but beautiful place. I love reading stories that restore my faith in humanity. I love hearing of random acts of kindness, just because. I believe if we don't look at life in a positive way, how will we ever survive?

8. I like that I'm not picky. There are only 2 things in this world I don't like. Cottage cheese, and green olives. Yuck. Want to make me dinner? Go ahead, I'm not picky at all. Take me anywhere you please.

9. That I stick to my word. You need me to be somewhere? I won't forget. You and I have lunch plans? I won't bail. You want me to come support you at your marathon? Count me in. When a friend needs me, hands down, no questions asked, I am there. I think it all comes down to treating others how you'd want to be treated.

& last but not least...

10. That I'm pretty tough. No, not in the muscle department (although I'm getting there!), I mean emotionally. I've been through my fair share of crap in really, trust me. There were days when I was younger I didn't think I wanted to be around, that I was the cause of my parents divorce, that I was a failure for not getting perfect grades...etc, etc, etc...but you know what? Those silly thoughts, and stupid things that have happened to me, do not define me. I know that I came out stronger because of all the cards my life has dealt me, and I'm happy to say I like who I am. All in all.

Self, you're not so bad.

So, what do you like about yourself?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I realize yesterday was Monday...the anticipated day I'd speak of my unforgettable weekend with a fellow blogger...and it was also St. Patrick's Day, but lezbiihonestt (if you get the reference we'll be fantastic friends) -- girlfriend was tired. I needed an evening to myself! Now that I'm feeling well rested, I'm excited to tell you all about my awesome weekend with Becky!!

Friday evening couldn't have come fast enough last week. Once the clock hit 4:30 at work, I bolted. I went home to tidy up, and change my clothes...then headed out to pick up miss Becky from the airport. When I saw her, it was like AHH she's real!! She's really here!

We instantly met Erin for Mexican food (as if there was another option), and we all had a blast. The night was just fantastic!! It's so insane to me how this was the very first night we'd physically met, but Becky chatted with Erin and I like we were all old friends who were just catching up. I love how that works.

After we chatted for what felt like hours over dinner, we hit up the local Jungle Jim's so that she could see what all the hype was about. I don't think she was disappointed. She posed with heaping masses of cheese...gorillas...and even agreed to mirror pictures. ;)

"Hey ladies, lets take a picture-- rude!" LOL this made me laugh so hard.

After Jungle Jim's, us ladies decided to head back to my place and just hang out for a bit. We talked and talked, and talked some more...then we popped in the Katy Perry movie, whipped out some glow sticks...and had ourselves a dance party right there in my living room.

We stayed up until about 2AM chatting our faces off, then hit the sack. We had a big day ahead of us the next day!!

We woke up, laced up...and hit the pavement at a local park to reach my next milestone of five miles. I haven't done this, EVER. So to say I was terrified and excited all at once would be an understatement. Becky kept me going though and we finished strong!! My usual pace is about 11 minutes, so to have an average pace under 10 minutes made my week!

After that huge accomplishment, Caleb and I made a killer breakfast for the three of us, and the day just continued to get better.

I took Becky downtown so she could see some sights and celebrate St. Patty's Day weekend!

Then I took her to Skyline -- and she LOVED it. Who wouldn't!?

That evening was really nice, we just went back to my place...took hilarious pictures, watched a movie, and chatted about everything for hours! It's crazy how it feels like we've known each other for years!!

Sunday morning, I had to take her to Holtman's donuts! They are mine and Caleb's favorites!

Then, just like that, the weekend came to an end. We both knew that it would go by quickly, as all fun things do. Luckily we jam packed as much fun as possible into our short weekend and we already can't wait to do it again one day! Becky, we loved having you here!!

Hope all of you had as great of a weekend as we did!! :)