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Thursday, January 31, 2013

My faves!

Its the last weekday of the month... time to tell you all about my favorite things! Linking up with one of my best bloggy friends, Ashley.

Some of my "favorite things" aren't an item I own, or recently bought... but some are. So sit back, and enjoy. Cause ladies this list is a long one ;)

1. New girl. I mean, this show is amazing. Lets talk for a second...

Oh Schmidt... even my fiance' loves you.

Lets talk about THIS though... EEEEEEK! I'VE BEEN WAITING!!! If any of you are as obsessed with this show as I am, you are probably whipping out your heart rate monitor to be sure you are still in the safe zone... I realize it was two days ago... but DANG. I'm still feeling the tension, woo!
Every time an episode ended, & there was no progress whatsoever with the obvious relationship between them, I felt like Emma Stone when poor Spiderman broke her heart.

2. This cute saying I found on Pinterest.

3. Shaun T of Insanity. We have a love/hate relationship currently.

4. Reading. My nose is currently inside of this, thanks Erin!!:

5. The Happiness Project. Did a full post on this here! Forces me to find something happy about EVERY single day. You should try it!

6. A kitchenaid mixer to make my favorite easy dessert. Cheese pockets. Maybe I'll post a recipe the next time I make them... SO easy, and bite size, which is VERY dangerous.

7. Snail mail. Like literally the best thing ever. My girl Erin sent this to me out of the blue, bout made me tear up! Have I mentioned that I love her to death!? ;)

8. Cheesecake. This may have been taken forEVER ago, but cheesecake is ALWAYS one of my favorite things. Even if I can only smell it right now... so badly I want some! Being healthy will pay off, being healthy will pay off...... right??

9. Cold medicine... yeah, enough said.

10. Arbonne Lavendar bath salts... I was home sick yesterday, and decided I'd do something I never have the time do to... take a HOT BATH! Whaaa?! My skin is still thanking me.

11. This guy in that shirt. Then again, he's always my favorite. We just had our second pre-marital counseling session this week and my goodness me, it has be fifty times more excited I get to have him fo-evaaa.

12. My Bible app.

13. You know that "Mio" drink juice you can add to water? Well, I discovered the generic brand at Wally World the other night... mhhhm. ZERO cals and ZERO carbs. Yes, please!

14. My motivation board on Pinterest. Remember how I said we were starting Insanity back up this week? Yeah well, I got sick. & had to take time off work from it, and it sucks... but the eating healthy has remained constant :) and this board has me so pumped for the way I'm treating myself now. Can't wait for this lifestyle change to become like second nature

15. ALL OF YOU!!! I cannot believe the growth my blog has seen in the past month... I am so proud of my little baby :) 
please leave comments or email me @; I want to get to know you all! Its because of you all I keep doing this. It took me forever to start a blog, I read them for years, but finally bit the bullet and am SO happy I did.

& the friendships I've already made out of this blog are unbelievable, I mean really. I NEVER would have thought this kind of a support system was even possible. Here's to hoping I can actually MEET some of you this year :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

21 things you oughta know

Okay, I cannot NOT talk about my favorite show: New Girl. Please tell me every one of you watch that show?!?!?! I am writing this and I just witnessed what I've been waiting for FOR TWO SEASONS! ahhhhh.... my heart rate is up. OH. MY. LAWWWWD!

Okay, woo.

Now that I have that off my chest.... ;)

Its Wednesday! You know what that means! Time to get random. 

What better type of random then telling you some lil' facts about my crazy self? I figured 21 was a good number, since that's how many years of life I've got under the ole' belt.

1. I have been with my man for almost 3 and a half years & if you're new around here -- we're tying the knot in May!!

2. I'm a natural brunette, but keep adding blonde back in it. Maybe one day I'll have the guts to go dark?

3. I have a bad sweet tooth, which is hard to keep under control since Caleb and I are trying to get in our best shape for this wedding!

4. I went to 4 different schools before 6th grade. If I have it my way, my children will go to one school until they graduate. Who likes those awkward days where you have to find a spot in the lunch room? Not I, my friend, not I.

5. Mountain dew is my drug of choice.

6. I own way too much jewelry. This is just a portion of what I brought with my on vacation last summer.

7. I still get sad when I think about Britney Spears and her meltdown. Poor thaaang.

8. When I get tan, I get a LOT of freckles.
excuse the greasy hair! It was beach season.
9.  I swam with dolphins when I was in 6th grade. 

10. I am a firm believer in snail mail. A new years resolution was to send at least ONE package or handwritten letter/card EACH month. So far, so good!

11. I have never left the country. Shortly, that will change for our honeymoon! We are going to the Riviera Maya in Mexico!

12. My mom spontaneously moved to Hawaii, and I miss her every day! I hope to visit her someday!

13. I met Toby Keith once! Caleb called me while I was at college and told me to come home, because he won backstage passes & a meet and greet with Toby Keith from a local radio station. Neither of us are hardcore country fans, but uh... why pass up this free opportunity? He was very tall!

14. I very much enjoy watching football!

15. I work in finance for an independent advisory firm in Cincinnati!

16. I have a younger brother who just turned fifteen. I love him very much, and we are lucky to be as close as we are, for our age difference!

17. I got baptized on my 18th birthday, followed by skydiving. Yeah, I am an adrenaline junkie!

18 I actually like to be scared. Haunted houses, scary movies, halloween? Bring it on.

19. I am very particular about the way dishes and laundry are done! However, I enjoy them... much like shopping, it is a stress reliever to me!

20. I once cut my hair, really short!

21. I am very sentimental. I basically keep E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G from my dates with Caleb. Movie tickets, wristbands, letters, cards, guitar picks we caught at concerts, you know, the usual ;) I just want to be able to look back on our 50th wedding anniversary and see what stupid movie we went to see back in 2010. Wouldn't you?? Caleb calls me crazy, but one day he'll thank me!

So... did ya learn anything new?? I'll be making some actual page tabs up top here soon so these facts will probably soon be embedded in your little brains ;) 

I wrote this as a draft in very good, fun spirits. But today... I woke up with a bad cough, swollen throat, and no voice... soo, I'm typing from the ole' smartphone today, in bed. Hot tea all day, please.


What fun random fact can you tell me about yourself today? 

Linking up with the ever adorable, Shanna! My blogger is being R.U.D.E today and won't copy her button correctly. Please, if you don't already follow her -- change that ;)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

That time we went to Tennessee

Time to "throw it back"...isn't that what Thursdays are for? Oops... I'll make it the new Tuesday ;)

One random Thursday in 2011, Caleb was talking to his brother/sister in law, and they wanted to know if we wanted to go to Nashville with them and catch the away Bengals game vs the Titans. Caleb then asked me if he thought we should go for the weekend with them (at this time, I was going through a sort of rough patch in my life... read here, so I needed a fun weekend away). So of course I was totally game for that.

We headed out, did our usual gas station stop... picked up some delicious bite size snacks, and were on our way to good ole' Nashville!

The road-trip was spent listening to the 78 random CD's from 2004 on that Erin had in her car, and we loved every last second of it. Screaming to Papa Roach, Chris Brown, Katy Perry, etc.

We immediately checked into our hotel, grabbed lunch at the Hardrock Cafe and spent the rest of the evening running around Nashville and taking ridiculous pictures of each other, you know... what we do best.

Then we took (what would have been a long walk) a free bus ride over to the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and traipsed around inside!

After a ridiculously fun night, we woke up early, grabbed breakfast and got ready for our Cincinnati Bengals to beat down on the Titans.

We ended up winning this game so you know we had to celebrate by running down the streets of Nashville like crazies.

This year, once another normal football season is upon us again (cant wait!) we plan on making a long weekend road-trip to Chicago.

Moral of this story? The four of us are basically some fun people to party with. Hehe

Monday, January 28, 2013

Mondays rock...

...said no one ever.

However, this one is going to be fun. I'm starting my morning out at the office before 7:30 A.M... I know, I'm just overloaded with work and hate staying crazy late. BUT -- Caleb and I are starting Insanity back up after a week long break due to his knee injury. My man is ALL better... that is in fact, AFTER I have a healthy dinner with the ladies from work to celebrate a recent hire, a birthday, AND a "going away" dinner for my MIL-to-be.

What? I never told you I worked with my fiance's mom? Oops. Well, I do. Its actually because of her I have my job that was supposed to just be "temp" that turned into a full-time career. Yay!

So why the going away dinner, you ask? Well, Caleb's father recently accepted a position in Arkansas with a new company, and has already moved down there to start his new journey. We are so excited for him, but will miss him greatly. While he is down there, his wife (Caleb's momma) is staying up here prepping the house to sell, and her last day of work is quickly approaching. Hence, the going away dinner.

I hope all of your weekends were as fun as mine! Friday night I met up with most of the women in Caleb's family, and a couple from mine for a fun time at our favorite local Mexican restaurant for some fun! After, we met up at one of their houses and told way too many embarrassing stories and shared a million and a half laughs.

Saturday. was. a. freaking. blast! I took two of my bridesmaids out (Erin & Marie) and they BOTH said "YES" to their bridesmaid dresses! YAY!!! They will both look stunning in their dresses, and they can TOTALLY wear them again.

Not sure if I've told you all or not... but our wedding is going to be very laid back and fun (if I do say so myself!), meaning that the wardrobe will also be just that. I wanted my girls to be comfortable in their dresses, no satin allowed, hehe. So, we went with the non-traditional route. One of my girls found her dress at Forever 21 (I know right?!), another was at a local store in Dayton, and these two found their adorable flow-y chiffon dresses at David's Bridal. I absolutely cannot wait to see it all pulled together on my big day.

The men will be in grey and light pink vests, my girls in various shades of nude, blush pink, and champagne. I really can't wait to see the end result!

Moving on to Sunday... after church, it was full of absolutely nothing. JUST HOW I LIKE IT! 

Hoping that you ladies have a great week. Wish Caleb and I luck working out (we're gonna need it!) and pray hard that his silly floating knee caps don't pop out again anytime soon! 

PS- I am loving getting to know all of you better, please email me so we can chat!! That is why I started this blog, to get to know you! :) so say hi!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Time to get embarrassed

Haaaayyy Friday, haaaay. You took entirely too long to get here! Here is that awkward transition where I try to just dive into today's post :)

I'll say it...I have a fun life. I'm not afraid to admit that.

This doesn't mean my life is perfect, far near that actually. I just make a conscious, and daily decision to fill my life with people who bring joy to me, who will relish in my happiness beside me. I also make a daily decision to not let the small things get under my skin (for too long).

To realize that when I have a bad hair day; at least I have hair to complain about.

Even when my nails don't look great; at least I have hands to use.

When my car acts funny; I still have one that gets me from A to B.

Whenever I'm sick; I still have insurance.

Even if I don't feel like working; I'm incredibly blessed with a full time job.

I know that you know how easy it is to let life get to you, or get you down. Next time that happens, I challenge you to find it within yourself to embrace the messy hair days, those terrible gas prices, the spilled coffee, or whatever your crazy days may bring you.

When you find yourself stressed about something (I need to take my own advice sometimes), take a few seconds, and breathe. Aaaahhh... better?

Then, have yourself a dance party, make a fool of yourself, jump around just because, or sing at the top of your longs even if you suck. What, you don't know how? See below, and take notes.

I understand that most of these pictures include me and someone else acting completely dumb, but hey... its my life, and I like it that way.

So I shall continue...

Pretty much.... I just want you to choose happiness.