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Monday, January 28, 2013

Mondays rock...

...said no one ever.

However, this one is going to be fun. I'm starting my morning out at the office before 7:30 A.M... I know, I'm just overloaded with work and hate staying crazy late. BUT -- Caleb and I are starting Insanity back up after a week long break due to his knee injury. My man is ALL better... that is in fact, AFTER I have a healthy dinner with the ladies from work to celebrate a recent hire, a birthday, AND a "going away" dinner for my MIL-to-be.

What? I never told you I worked with my fiance's mom? Oops. Well, I do. Its actually because of her I have my job that was supposed to just be "temp" that turned into a full-time career. Yay!

So why the going away dinner, you ask? Well, Caleb's father recently accepted a position in Arkansas with a new company, and has already moved down there to start his new journey. We are so excited for him, but will miss him greatly. While he is down there, his wife (Caleb's momma) is staying up here prepping the house to sell, and her last day of work is quickly approaching. Hence, the going away dinner.

I hope all of your weekends were as fun as mine! Friday night I met up with most of the women in Caleb's family, and a couple from mine for a fun time at our favorite local Mexican restaurant for some fun! After, we met up at one of their houses and told way too many embarrassing stories and shared a million and a half laughs.

Saturday. was. a. freaking. blast! I took two of my bridesmaids out (Erin & Marie) and they BOTH said "YES" to their bridesmaid dresses! YAY!!! They will both look stunning in their dresses, and they can TOTALLY wear them again.

Not sure if I've told you all or not... but our wedding is going to be very laid back and fun (if I do say so myself!), meaning that the wardrobe will also be just that. I wanted my girls to be comfortable in their dresses, no satin allowed, hehe. So, we went with the non-traditional route. One of my girls found her dress at Forever 21 (I know right?!), another was at a local store in Dayton, and these two found their adorable flow-y chiffon dresses at David's Bridal. I absolutely cannot wait to see it all pulled together on my big day.

The men will be in grey and light pink vests, my girls in various shades of nude, blush pink, and champagne. I really can't wait to see the end result!

Moving on to Sunday... after church, it was full of absolutely nothing. JUST HOW I LIKE IT! 

Hoping that you ladies have a great week. Wish Caleb and I luck working out (we're gonna need it!) and pray hard that his silly floating knee caps don't pop out again anytime soon! 

PS- I am loving getting to know all of you better, please email me so we can chat!! That is why I started this blog, to get to know you! :) so say hi!!


  1. YAY! Insanity! I am so proud of you two for getting back to it! Be more careful this time lol

    I used to start work at 7AM. I absolutely LOVED leaving earlier than everyone else lol

  2. So excited for y'all that Caleb is all better! You rock that insanity tonight :)

  3. That's so awesome that you're good friends with your fiance's family! Like "hanging out" friends!

    I want to see bridesmaid's dresses!!!!

  4. I'm sure the dresses are gorgeous!!! And have fun with that Insanity- I've done six days of it so far. It's pretty killer!

  5. I like satin allowed! ;)
    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.
    Hope your week is wonderful too! :)

  6. Where in AR girl?! So excited to see all your dresses come together!! I love that idea and love we are both doing greys!! :)

  7. yay for bridesmaid dresses!!! what a great weekend! eek and good luck on working out!

  8. sounds like it's hard for a monday to rock when it is following such a fabulous sounding weekend! and um, that idea for bridesmaid dresses sounds amazing. i can't wait to see the result.

  9. Sounds likea lot of exciting things are going on in your life right now. 2013 is a good year for ya!

    Thanks so much for linking up. I'm your newest follower. Nice to "meet" you :)

  10. whoa, you work with your MIL. dun, dun, dun. just kidding. it must be nice getting to spend time with her. lots of bonding i'm sure.
    sounds like a very exciting weekend my friend, and an awesome monday!

  11. I didn't know you worked with your MIL. And I still need a picture of these bridesmaids dresses!!! Doesn't that little note 5-25-13 make your heart pitter patter?!

  12. I'm also a fun of simple and comfortable bridesmaid dresses! My sister got her bridesmaid dresses at a department store and they looked so much better than the super expensive ones!

    And I love the colors you're using! Champagne and blush pink are colors I have in mind for my dream wedding one day :P

    - Carrie

  13. Are you getting married May 25th? I JUST got married in October! I'm excited to see some wedding updates - sorry if you have had some, I just discovered your blog!


  14. Glad you had a fun weekend! Can't wait to see all the bridesmaids dresses!

  15. Thanks for the update....sounds like your wedding will be amazing!!! Love that you are going for the comfort factor...I'm sure you bridesmaids are loving it as well!

  16. Love the colors! It's going to be so pretty!


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