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Friday, January 25, 2013

Time to get embarrassed

Haaaayyy Friday, haaaay. You took entirely too long to get here! Here is that awkward transition where I try to just dive into today's post :)

I'll say it...I have a fun life. I'm not afraid to admit that.

This doesn't mean my life is perfect, far near that actually. I just make a conscious, and daily decision to fill my life with people who bring joy to me, who will relish in my happiness beside me. I also make a daily decision to not let the small things get under my skin (for too long).

To realize that when I have a bad hair day; at least I have hair to complain about.

Even when my nails don't look great; at least I have hands to use.

When my car acts funny; I still have one that gets me from A to B.

Whenever I'm sick; I still have insurance.

Even if I don't feel like working; I'm incredibly blessed with a full time job.

I know that you know how easy it is to let life get to you, or get you down. Next time that happens, I challenge you to find it within yourself to embrace the messy hair days, those terrible gas prices, the spilled coffee, or whatever your crazy days may bring you.

When you find yourself stressed about something (I need to take my own advice sometimes), take a few seconds, and breathe. Aaaahhh... better?

Then, have yourself a dance party, make a fool of yourself, jump around just because, or sing at the top of your longs even if you suck. What, you don't know how? See below, and take notes.

I understand that most of these pictures include me and someone else acting completely dumb, but hey... its my life, and I like it that way.

So I shall continue...

Pretty much.... I just want you to choose happiness.


  1. LOVE this! Such an inspiring post! You are too cute girl! Have a great day :)

  2. Love this post! Sometimes we forget how good we do have it and just need to take a step back!

    Love all the pictures! Newer follower from Erin's page :-)

  3. i loved this post :) "positivity friday!"

    btw, i love your bangs! how did i never see this before? lol

  4. why are you just the cutest?! seriously reading your blog makes me smile!

  5. You, my friend, are one inspiring lady! Makes me want to get my craft on and paint a little something that says choose happiness to put near my office space. Life is what you make it and I'm going to make it a GREAT one! Thanks for a Friday smile :)

  6. having a fun life is is nothing to shy away from. it's awesome and being blessed. plus the great attitude you have towards life is what makes it fun. who wants to be grumpy all the time?
    keep living it up girl. YOLO!

  7. Great Friday post!!! You really do have sunshine in your blog! :)

  8. I love this post!! Always good to remember the smiles and throw out the frowns!

  9. Um, can we hang out in real life? K, thanks

  10. Kayla Lynn, my little ray of sunshine. You are bringing great JOY to everyone who reads your awesome Blog. I am so proud to be your grandmother. You have become a beautiful young women inside as well as outside. Just the sight of you spreads warm happy feelings. Keep God as your center and you will always spread sunshine. I love you my precious.

  11. You are too cute! I love reading your blog, nothing wrong with being happy and seeing the good in things! The world needs more people like that :)

  12. This is just the perfect attitude to have towards life. It's so easy to get caught up in the negativity that abounds in today's world. But when you meet positive people like yourself, you can automatically tell the difference.

  13. amen to all of those complaints when in reality d ont have a lot to complain about i am blessed! have a great weekend kayla

  14. I love this! I'm so glad to know there's someone else who feels the same way I do! You're seriously like my BFF!

  15. Haha. I love all these pictures...I am now smiling. Thanks!

  16. These are such great pictures! This made me smile.

  17. um, you're adorable. also, this is EXACTLY what i needed to hear after a crazy week. thanks for the smile!

  18. I love this post. I definitely need to embrace happiness more. :)

  19. LOVE this uplifting post!! I love blasting music and dancing while working in the kitchen! Seriously the best! What fun pictures!!!

  20. new follower here :):) I love your blog and I can't wait to read more from you!

    Your pics are too cute and I love they're all so silly and fun :-D

    I love that you mention trying to embrace the days where things aren't going our way, and not letting little things get to us for very long. Since the new year I've been trying to live that way and I sincerely feel a lot more content when I'm not letting the little things drag me down! Such a great, uplifting post :)

    I'd love for you to come check out my blog some time as well and follow along if you like what you see!

    Happy Sunday!

  21. This exactly why I love you. We really do need to look at the positive side of every situation...and overall just have fun!!! :-)

  22. I love this post so much!!! I'm so glad I came across your blog :) I'm a new follower!


  23. Well said Kayla! You are too adorable and I LOVE your attitude :)


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