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Monday, December 31, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR A look back

First of all, happy freaking 2-0-1-3! Ah, having to take a look back at my 2012 year is insane to me. First of all, I can't even believe how quickly this year went. It seems like last year we were ringing in the new year at our usual bowling alley... celebrating another year of friendships.

The beautiful Erin, and her BFF Lacey :) these gals are wonderful.
lets just talk about the length of my hair.. wowzas!
  • In February I got (what started as) a "temp" job at a Financial Advisory Firm
  • Caleb and I road-tripped to see some great friends tie the knot
  • We got rained on at a cancelled Reds game. But had fun anyway!
  • I shot another wedding!
  • I was asked to be the photographer of my church's Sports Camp and we reached lots of families!
  • I spent my 4th of July on Destin beach in Florida with Lyndsie and her awesome family!
  • Lyndsie turned 21! Celebraaaaaate

  • I started this blog in August and quickly made some amazing friendships! October was my first month of consistent blogging, but we won't focus on that ;)
  • I got the surprise of a lifetime on my 21st birthday! A freaking surprise party! Whaaat?!

  • Lyndsie and I took a girls trip to Nashville to celebrate both of us finally being 21!
  • Went on (what turned out to be) the best vacation of my life the next week.
  • Was asked by my then-boyfriend to go on a bike ride down to the beach for a relaxing walk, who got down on one knee in the sand, and asked if I'd spend the rest of my life with him.
  • Spent the rest of our vacation with my family super stoked to plan our wedding!
  • Welcomed fall in with some of our greatest friends :)
  • Watched some old friends tie the knot!!
  • My man turned 24 years young ;) we celebrated by partying it up at the Hollywood casino!
  • Did our first of two registries! SO much fun.

  • Went to an awesome Halloween party
  • Got our awesome engagement pictures done (full post on that to come)
  • Went dress shopping with my ladies and found "the one" on my first day out!!
  • Got a FULL time amazing job that I love.
This was just the immediate post-hire happy dance I did in the bathroom after seeing my offer letter...NBD ;)
  • Now we are just enjoying the holidays and soaking up every moment of this awesome engagement. Cannot wait to get married to that hunk ;)
Happy new years everyone!!

Favorite things of 2012

Today, I am linking up with Ashley for the LAST 2012 favorite things link-up.... here is to a whole new year in "favorite things" next year, Ashley ;)

I am going to do my favorite things from the entire year, not just the month of December! I am excited to see what new things I discover in 2013!
1. Fair Ivy Surprise Subscriptions. These things are amazing. I bought one for a friend for Christmas since she will be far away from home the next few months and figured it would be a good way to make someone happy. It comes 2-4 times a month to your doorstep wrapped beautifully with handmade surprises from around the world inside to enjoy. I can't wait to hear what she gets :)
2. No, not myself. That beach I'm on. Destin... I have a new love for Florida because of it :) it was BEAUTIFUL and I got to spend the entire week with my best friend.

3. The fake mustache craze. I mean, why didn't I think of this?! Its genius.

4. Running. I have really grown to remember my love of running I used to have. So, in May I completed my first 5K in Cincinnati. It was so fun!

5. Bath and Body Works candle/wallflower "Marshmallow fireside"... if you don't own it. You got probs!

6. This little gal. A great friend's daughter, Nora. (can a person count as a favorite thing? --yes!)

7. Bloom, A Memoir. Kelle's blog is the first I ever read, long before I started my own. She is such an inspiration, if you haven't heard of her blog by now you may have been living under a rock ;) just kidding.. but for real, go check her out here!

8. This book. A little slow in the beginning, but ended up being one of my favorites.

9. My straight bangs. They were fun while they lasted.. but they are only a seasonal trend for me.

10. Bridesmaids. Hands down like my favorite movie of 2012. Thanks to the lovely Erin for my random St. Patty's day present? Yes this girl is incredible. Who gets presents from their friends on St. Patty's day?! Obviously I'm friends with the best.

I hope you all link up today, its been fun participating in Ashley's link up... can't wait to continue throughout 2013 with her. Happy New years eve everybody!! :)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

& this would be the second...

Sorry about my lack of posts the past 2 days, life kind of got in the way if you know what I mean! I feel like I've been a little off with this Holiday season this year, in a good way. I made a decision to be more present, and less blogging was a part of that for a few days. But.... guess who's back? ;)

Like I said, I had 6 whole days off work... it was incredible. Since I've already posted on the first half of my little work-break, I'll show you guys how the second half went. and oh boy, was it wonderful.

We spent our Christmas Eve at my Aunt and Uncles... they have the most beautiful country kitchen eve {swoon}.

Brother, Dad, and my man.

My adorable Great Grandma Agnes. She's the sweetest.

We got some pretty amazing gifts if I do say so myself ;) this, my friends... is an authentic Bengals poncho my dad and his fiance got from Mexico! Its amazing! & Caleb will be wearing it to the last home game of the regular season tomorrow.

ladies, is there anything hotter than a man who loves kids?

& what's Christmas without a little father-son wrestling match?!

see the look on my great grandma's face?! Ha!

Time for Christmas morning! This year... turned out to be the year of electronics! & I can't say I'm mad about it ;)
my grandma with her new iPad!
My brother & I got new kindle fires... WHAT?! :) eeek.
Caleb came over after Christmas with his fam, and got a video camera!

Stockings are one of my favorite parts about Christmas morning. I always stuff them to death!

Wednesday consisted of me and my MOH, and one bridesmaid going dress shopping for them for my wedding. None of the girls are going to have the same dress, and I am so excited to see how it turns out. Hope you all had as great of a Christmas season as I did!