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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SURPRISE & a half.

Last thursday was my birthday...not just any birthday now.. my 21st :) and I had some pretty huge plans. Little did I know everyone was in on quite the surprise.... I go to work thursday morning and a sweet sweet friend at work decorated my entire desk:

clearly, the day started out incredible. Then my work takes me to my favvv (chipotle) for lunch, the chef hears its my birthday and they got the ENTIRE crew/customer line to sing me a happy birthday song. Needless to say, my face was beating red. AND they gave me half off my meal- how can you beat that?!

I got home from work, took my shower, got all dolled up for what I thought was going to be a smaller family/close friend dinner @ Joe's Crab Shack... but I get in the car... and my boyfriend tells me we aren't going.. and sticks a blindfold over my face!! whaaa?!

and he proceeds to drive me around for about 25 minutes... acting like "this place is so hard to find" and all that.. sneaky ;)

we pull into this parking lot and he "tries to find a spot" for about 3 minutes... then gets me out of the car. walks me around this parking lot... and I'm acting like people are attacking me the way my hands are waving around... (idiot)

all of a sudden, I'm inside. Caleb whips the blindfold off my face, and bam: SURRRPPRRIIISE!

(pic stolen from thanks to my lovely incredible Erin ;)

I have NEVER had a surprise party, and honestly never thought I would. I really thought "I'm too good at figuring sneaky people out".... HA! ;) thank you to my best friends for proving me completely wrong. 

Man, that had to have been one of the greatest feelings in the world. To be loved that much, to feel like every one of those people came...for me? Yes! It was phenomenal. Like every single Christmas of my life all piled up into one big HOORAH with extra sprinkles! If any of you know me very closely, I haven't had the easiest year... and this made me feel absolutely blessed in more ways than I can describe. 

My best friend Lyndsie planned this big sha-bang, and she just makes me want to cry. We have that kind of friendship where, well--  it'll just never end. Isn't that the best?! She & my other incredible friend/soulmate Erin decorated a whole entire night before this... how blessed am I to have two friends who love me so much?? Wow!!! 

After this incredible night... the next day- my insanely wonderful boyfriend, Caleb, took me to Hollywood Casino in Indiana. Holy cow! It was AMAZING. Talk about a boy treatin' his lady to a night OUT! Heres the jist: we gambled too much money, danced under an oversized disco ball, and we sweat our little butts off. & did I enjoy myself you ask? Oh, yes...yes I did. 

& as if it couldn't get any better.. Lynds and I decide to take a trip to Nashville cashville baby. I will leave you with a montage of pictures (as if that hasn't already happened enough):

If you can't tell, I am bragging on my incredible friends. What would I do without them??!! Honestly! They pick me up when I'm down, inspire me to be better, and let me rant about random nothings to them when needed. I am one truly blessed girl.. and can't ask for nothing more. My prayer for you is you have the same. Friends are healthy for the soul ya'll ;)
--just feeling a little Nashville still in my heart, thats all. Goodnight, friends.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

what a day

WOW! Today was only the day BEFORE my birthday, and I've been showered with so much incredible love already. (also got free pizza from work today!) Shortly after work, I made a pit stop at my local BMV to renew my license. Little did I know, this would turn into an elementary school lesson.

So..I have to take the eye and light exam, needing to tell the lady which side I see the light appear on...and suddenly I forget which side is my right, and which is my left, I'm waving hands in the air because I can't remember! It must've been the pressure.. my only argument was that I had to read numbers at the same time. I swear, I'm kinda smart ;) sometimes

I will leave you with a few pictures to describe my fun day...

I know I'm knew at this... buuuuut, I promise to get better at blogging, folks. Maybe get a follower or two by tomorrow ;) gotta start somewhere, right? Happy Wednesday, all!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My new thing...

Hi! Welcome to my blog!

My names Kayla, I'm from Cincinnati, I'm obsessed with yellow (especially the mustard shade, you with me ladies?), I am currently 20 years old (Thursday is my 21st birthday!), and I serve a great God who I live for daily. --ah, that wasn't too bad ;) right?

Okay, so blogging is definitely new to me. I have been wanting to start one for about a year now, but never had the guts to do it. Well, now is the time! My life is happy, more so than ever. I am constantly busy, but I want to be able to look back on these busy times of my life and relive the memories all over again. 

I've wanted to create a blog for a few reasons. One, is selfish; and I want to look back when I'm old and senile and remember my young life. Second; I want to reach people. I want to inspire people. I want to be THAT girl who creates a blog and just talks about life with others who have similar interest, or not! I want to see more of the world and capture it in all the beauty that it is.

My passion is PHOTOGRAPHY. That is the main reason I've wanted to create a blog. To have somewhere I can post fun pictures of my life, others lives, and just this gorgeous place we call Earth ;)

*& cue my favorite things:

Give me some time, I promise things will get better, so.. stick around ;) Happy Tuesday, friends!