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Friday, September 30, 2016

Sweet victory!

Sweet, sweet Friday. I am so happy you are here!!!! But I'll be even happier when work is over. Caleb and I don't get wedding-free weekends very often and we plan to take full advantage of it!

This week was great. I accomplished a lot; managed to finish 3 more days of insanity, packed both of our lunches nearly every day, my Fall wardrobe is in full swing, and I enjoyed some time away from screens.

BUT! The absolutely highlight of my week was last night. My sweet friend Olivia invited me to last nights Bengals game with her. I always love Thursday Night Football, even when its not my team playing, so I couldn't scream HECK to the YES fast enough.

She and I met up after work and when Yard House told us it would be about a 2+ hour wait for food (HA) we got our steps in by walking half a mile to the nearest sushi restaurant. Local gals, Fusian is amazing! I've had it a few times but the combo I made last night was my favorite, by far!

We sat outside for about an hour just catching up on life and enjoying the city views. I'm so happy she's in Cincinnati permanently. Her husband actually worked for the Miami Dolphins prior to this move, and requested a transfer to the Bengals, so last night was even more fun because we wanted to absolutely CRUSH the Dolphins!

On our walk back to the stadium we stopped to watch the sunset and it was basically cotton candy, so that was cool.

We had such a great time watching the Dolphins get shut down! I'm so thankful she invited me to tag along! Although I didn't get home until well after midnight, it was absolutely worth it!

Final score: 22-7! It felt great to win a Prime Time game!!! WHO DEY!?!??!!

As for me this morning? I'm pouring myself a LARGE cup of coffee to get me through, but I'm just so thankful the weekend is nearly here! What are you guys up to this weekend? Anything fun?

Thursday, September 29, 2016

What I'm excited about.

I really hate the whole "wishing for the weekend" mentality. I do try my best to enjoy each moment for what it is, and stop wishing time away. Life goes too fast as it is. However, today can't go fast enough. I get to go to the TNF Bengals game tonight!! I definitely got what I asked for in this chilly Fall weather, and being down by the river tonight will mean I need to bundle up, I'm sure!

My Bengals NEED to win tonight to gain momentum and head into the next few weeks with more motivation to win! This needs to be the year we make it past round 1 of playoffs!

I'm really hoping that Caleb and I can make it to a game together this year! We always try to at least once a season. Throwback to 2 years ago, my mans beard was killin it.

Other things I'm excited about:
-Doing Insanity 3 days in a row this week. Guys, I can do real push ups now...and its only been two weeks!

-I shredded nearly a whole block of cheese last night so you know what that meant? FLUFFY shredded cheese with our tacos...not the bagged stuff. Thanks to my aunt, for the tip! But really, cheese is always good, I'm not picky ;)

-Actually having a free weekend and getting to do whatever we want with our time. As much as we love celebrating our couples and photographing their day, we need time for us, too! So I'm really glad we're making that happen all. weekend. long!

-National coffee day. Although I'm more like "gimme a splash of coffee with my vanilla creamer" kinda gal, I'll definitely partake!

-Vacation being 23 days away! Eek!

-Sweater weather is finally among us. I knew I succeeded with my outfit when a co worker called me "fall-tastic" this morning.

-Going to a real farm this weekend (IF it doesn't rain - fingers crossed) to pick pumpkins and buy some cider and celebrate the chilly weather!

-The new show "This Is Us". Thank goodness for Hulu, Caleb and I watched the pilot episode and we both loved it. Oh man, so many tears. It's SUCH a great show! It reminded me a lot of Parenthood with all the different family dynamics.

Hope everyone has a fun Thursday!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

16 questions.

Happy Wednesday! The weather this week finally feels like fall. I'm talking 50 degree chilly mornings, and a high of  mid 70's. Reminds me that I really need to decorate our home for Fall now! It's honestly one of my favorite times of the year!

My friend, Jenn, recently posted a prompt with 16 different questions - I liked it so much I asked her if I could snag it and she said of course! So here goes!

1. Are you named after anyone?
Actually, yes! Kayla Brady from Days of our Lives. My mom was obsessed with this show during her pregnancy with that's where Kayla came from! That must've been why I went through a Soap Opera phase in junior high (General Hospital, anyone?!).

2. When was the last time you cried? Yesterday. This week has been an emotional roller coaster. But long story short, my childhood cat is healthy and ALIVE. Thank goodness!!

3. Do you have kids? Nope, not yet! But we love lovin' on our friends kiddos! I know Caleb will be a great Dad, someday!
4. Will you ever bungee jump? I would love to! On my 18th birthday, I did skydive! Bungee jumping would be next on my list!

5. What's your favorite cereal? Hmm, I have many. We hardly ever buy cereal, though. I definitely don't like when it gets soggy so I try to gobble it up quickly. I'd probably have to say my all time favorite though is Captain Crunch. YUM!

6. What's the first thing you notice about people? Their smile, and whether or not they are a generally happy, welcoming, trustworthy person. Side note: from the moment I met Caleb, I knew he was one of the most welcoming, trustworthy guys in the world.

7. What is your eye color? Hazel-ish green.

8. Scary movie or happy endings? Can I say both? I LOVE a good scary movie, but I also love romantic comedies. I'm not picky!

9. Favorite scents? Peppermint, hands down. Toasted Marshmallow from B&BW. Also fresh cut grass!

10. Summer or winter? Summer for sure. I do like Winter, but I hate how LONG it lasts. Sometimes in Ohio it feels like Winter goes from November to March, which is just TOO long for me.

11. What's the furthest you've been from home? Punta Cana.
12. Any special talents? Not really anything "special", I can pop my shoulder blade in and out a little. As far as talents within hobbies, I think I have an eye for photography!

13. Where were you born? Born and raised in Cincinnati, OH!

14. What are your hobbies? Photography (but its also my job), reading, journaling...eating cheese.

15. Do you have any pets? Nope. Caleb and I can't wait to get a dog one day, though!!

16. Favorite movie? Oh my goodness, how can I narrow this down to just one? I love The Guardian, Legally Blonde, The Breakfast Club, and Armageddon to name a few. I really like all types of movies; comedies, drama, horror, thriller, romantic comedies, etc.! So too many to name, really!

Have a great day, friends! Make it count!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Our packed weekend!

Our weekend started out pretty amazing because we got to spend it with our best friends (E & J), eating mexican food...if that's not a perfect combination, I don't know what is. We played mario kart and watched hilarious you tube videos for what felt like hours! It was just what we needed.

Saturday, we had our 24th wedding of the year to photograph and I was determined to have a stress-free wedding day (unlike last weekend due to that silly migraine). From the moment I woke up, I did my best to stay hydrated, packed an entire mini cooler full of food - I'm talking grapes, granola bars, beef jerky, cherry tomatoes, cheese sticks, etc.! You know what? It worked. I felt amazing all day. It helped that our couple, Samantha and Frank, got married in one of the neatest venues in Cincinnati! They had both their ceremony and reception at the American Sign Museum - so it was full of vintage, neon signs!

They were sweet enough to sneak out for about 3 quick minutes for a quick sunset session!

Sunday at church was a blast. We had Mr. Redlegs come out and I took photos all morning of him with the kids/families of our church! Although when football gets here, I'm totally over baseball, it was still a blast!

Sadly, our Bengals lost on Sunday...but the highlight of it all? I got to see my sweet nephew after the game and that made it all better. I stayed home that evening while Caleb went to youth group to finish laundry and catch up on editing and it really set a good tone going into this week. I was able to pack our lunches, and I'm excited for Insanity again tonight!

Hope everyone had a fun weekend, too!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Favorite Fall Desserts!

Fall brings so much happiness. Colorful leaves, crisp air, bonfires, cooler nights and DESSERT! Lots and lots of dessert. I wanted to narrow down a few of my faves for today's post! None of these are healthy, but hey, life is all about balance, am I right?

1 || One of my absolute favorites that I found from Lisa's blog a few years back (and have made it about 3 times since then) is the amazing Pumpkin Pull Apart Bread. Holy wow, you guys. so darn easy, and it goes QUICKLY! So be sure to be the one to pull it out of the oven so you get first dibs.

2 || Pumpkin Pie Twists. These look like the EASIEST, most delicious little snacks ever! How perfectly Fall themed, too!?

3 || Cinnamon Apple Crumb Cake. YUM! I feel like Pumpkin always "takes the cake" when it comes to this time of year, but what about apple?! I love apple flavored things (give me all the apple pie, and all the warm cider)!!

4 || Oreo Acorn Balls. I think I like this one best because its so darn cute. Seriously, how fun would these be to make for a party/random get together with friends?!

5 || Slow Cooker Caramel Apple Cider. You know I had to include a drink because to me, drinks can be just as much of a dessert as food. That's basically how I look at Starbucks! Dessert, not caffeine, ha!

A few other favorite Pinterest finds? Reeses Peanut Butter CheeseballCinnamon and Spice Sweet Potato Bread, and these adorable Pumpkin Cupcakes! I hope you guys enjoy! Let me know if you try any of these and what you thought!

Hope everyone had a great week and has a fun weekend ahead of them. We have a wedding tomorrow, and we're very much looking forward to the Bengals game on Sunday! WHO DEY!? I'd also like for the temperatures to get with it, and cool the heck down. I'm ready for REAL Fall weather. My scarves are just dying to see the light of day!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Summer Bucket List {How I did}

Welcome to the first day of FALL, friends! Although its still sitting mid 80's in Ohio and the leaves seem anything but crisp, I'll take it because it being the 22nd means we've got to be one day closer to real Fall weather!

I wanted to take a look back at my original post where I made a long list of Summery items I wanted to tackle and see how I did. Summer 2016 was a fun one, at that!

Run 80 miles by my birthday. Well that came and went, and I won't even tell you how many miles I did (or didn't) run. #embarrassing

Make a s'more or three. I did this one! We were at a wedding and they had a massive s'more bar, and it was wonderful. You know I indulged in a couple.

Make a photo book. I did this one, too! Although it was for a gift, and not for me personally, it still counts. It took a lot of time, and I'm excited to start working on my own more once weddings slow down this Winter. Woo!

Go hiking/canoeing/something adventurous. Yes! We spent more time outdoors this summer than any married summer so far. We went canoeing, we hiked to a waterfall in TN, we took long walks, we played a lot of volleyball. I'd definitely call that a success!

Hit up the zoo/aquarium. This was a no-go sadly. The aquarium is EXPENSIVE, and we didn't go to the zoo. Bummer!

Play Frisbee Golf. Not only did we play, we played like 4 or 5 times! We have a course far back in our neighborhood, and we even bought 2 new discs to play with! I'm definitely no pro, but I'm a LOT better than I was the first time we played.

Go to a Red's game. Sadly we didn't make this one happen. In all fairness, they kinda sucked this year, BUT still tickets are pretty cheap we could probably make a game this Fall happen and then I could totally count this as a win, right?

Read a couple books. I read one book, and almost finished while it wasn't a "couple", I'm counting it as a win.

Get some chairs for our patio. Caleb and I actually decided to delete this goal from the list because we realized our patio is kind of tiny, and it wouldn't be very appealing eating dinner right next to our outdoor trash cans. ;) we'll save this goal until we buy a house - hopefully next year!

Play corn-hole. We celebrated Father's Day outside all afternoon that day and played multiple rounds of corn-hole! I'm actually not half bad at it, I've found.

Try a new restaurant with Caleb. CHECK! We hit up a place called "The Original Pancake House" and I had the most amazing pecan french toast in the world. Caleb had some strange egg dish, but we both were so thrilled with the whole experience. We can't wait to go back!

I'd say I did pretty darn well on this Summer Bucket List! Accomplishing 8 out of 11 things is definitely a win! We really had such a great summer, and I feel like we spent a lot more time in the sunshine than in years past! I didn't maintain a good tan, but what else is new? I miss those summer vacations in high school where my only worry was perfecting my tan, ha!

Now, its time for a Fall Bucket List!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A special day!

 Mom, today is your birthday!! I'm so happy to have you home today! I know with your traveling nurse job, we don't get as much time together as we'd like, so I'm extremely thankful for the few hours we'll get to share tonight with dessert in our hands! Eating ice cream has always been one of our favorite things to do together :)

You always know how to turn a negative into a positive. You're so quick to love on those in need, and even quicker to forgive. You taught me to never judge a book (or person) by the cover, and to always trust my gut. You have one of those amazing abilities to make anyone smile, and I always love how silly we are when we're around each other. You are one of the few people who can make me laugh until I cry!

You haven't had an easy life by any means, and I'm unbelievably proud of the person you are. You've taught me so many amazing things in life, and I can't thank you enough for that. I pray that one day you are back in Ohio for good, but for now? Continue enjoying this wild adventure God has called you to, and keep smiling your way through it.

I love you! Happy birthday, momma!

Monday, September 19, 2016

You win some, you lose some.

The weekend was basically an emotional roller coaster from the get go.

Friday I came home from a long day at work and was ecstatic at the smell of the Chicken Enchilada Soup that had been cooking all day in the Crock Pot. Then I started Insanity Day 5 and basically hated everything for that hour, but finishing the workout meant that I was one step closer to deliciousness that was dinner and also an unplugged date night in with Caleb.

Saturday we slept in, and I finished week 1 of Insanity (can I just be proud of myself for exercising 6 days in a row real quick!? That hasn't happened in...oh wait, probably never), then had just enough time to shower and get ready for the wedding. Caleb and I were a little stressed out due to the forecast and the brides wishes to head Downtown. I get a lot of anxiety pre-portraits when we go Downtown because there are always large crowds. BUT the universe was in our favor as the park had hardly anyone in it, and the rain held off ALL. DAY. I still can't believe it.

To make a very long story short though, I had a slight headache right before their ceremony started. Then Caleb found me in a corner afterwards in tears from the pain I felt behind my eye and over the next few hours it turned into a full blown migraine. I just couldn't pull myself together. I painted on a smile and made it through the family formals and once we got to the reception things just weren't in my favor. I could hardly focus out of one eye, things looked grey, and the migraine hit the back of my neck.

I just have to say thank goodness for Caleb. He took control, got an Aspirin from the coordinator there, told me that he could handle the entire reception if I just wanted to lay down in the car until the night was over to unwind and not focus on anything but the back of my eyelids, ha! While I am completely confident in his abilities, I would've felt bad doing that because the couple paid a lot of money to have TWO photographers. So during dinner, I went to my car to lay down flat, prayed SO hard to feel better and after 15 minutes I woke up feeling like a new person. I honestly couldn't believe it. I almost cried HAPPY tears, that time! I was able to head back into the reception in time for the dances to start and by the time we left, I felt completely fine. Thank goodness!

Sunday in itself was a roller coaster of emotions, as are most Sundays with Bengals games. Being a football fan is so fun, but sometimes its heart breaking! We're just going to move past it and hope for a MUCH better outcome next week!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and has a good week ahead of them. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday {feeling good}!!

I'm so thankful it's Friday! Not particularly for any reason other than everyone is SO friendly in the office on Friday's. We have to work a wedding tomorrow, so its really like my Thursday, but regardless. Friday's always bring a certain happiness to the world so I'll embrace it!

This week I started trying to treat myself better than I have been. I've been so negligent. Eating whatever I want, whenever I craved it, staying up too late, exercising halfheartedly and just feeling kinda down. So I decided to change it. When we first got married, we kept up with our healthier lifestyle so well so we decided to get back to that!

I started Insanity on Monday, and my goal for Caleb and I this week was to pack our lunches together every night. I'm happy to say we did this! We also didn't spend a dime this week!

Some of my lunches in the below pictures wasn't all of it... this was more of a lunch/snack combo - not pictured are protein shakes, tuna, and almonds - yumm!

I also bought this tracking notebook earlier in the year called "Fit Happens", and I really love how it breaks down your days. It makes you list 3 things you're grateful for, what inspired you that day, what your eating was like, your mood, and energy levels - there is also an entire page for notes (where I write my specific exercises/numbers down) and a fun little tip/quote on each page. It's really holding me accountable. It's crazy because you can find it here on Amazon for $34 (what the what?!!?) but I got it regularly priced at Target for approx $8.
original image from here
Monday's Insanity prompt for Day 1 was the "Fit Test". This is something you're supposed to do every 2 weeks to track your progress and I'm really excited to see where I am by then!

Something seems different this time. I am ready to be better to myself. Of course, life is all about balance...and you know I love me some donuts...but I'm excited that I've started making better choices the majority of the time!

In other news, is it Sunday yet?!?! I'm ready to watch my Bengals to beat up on our biggest rivals - the Steelers!! Have a fun weekend, everybody!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Trading cute for clunky.

Last week, Caleb and I had a serious talk about our finances. We kind of went off the deep end the last few months. We've basically agreed to never look at our bank statements from this summer again because it will just make us sick (I literally felt physically ill after seeing how much miscellaneous spending we did). As embarrassing as it is to admit, I'm going to put it out there because that's just life.

However, there is no sense in beating ourselves up over something we can't change now. So we asked ourselves how we could get back on track? The overwhelmingly obvious answer for us was going back to using cash only (for things like groceries, personal spending, gifts, groceries and a miscellaneous envelope for the random necessities that come with life throughout the year - haircuts, new shoes when ours wear out, oil changes, etc.!).

We used to pay for everything with cash a bit after getting married, and it was just awesome. At some point last year we gave ourselves too much credit and thought we could go back to using our debit cards and our spending wouldn't be affected but BOY were we wrong. So, I visited Dave Ramsey's site and found two Deluxe envelope systems for HALF THE PRICE and jumped on it. I asked Caleb what he thought and we both agreed it would help us get back on track.

We received them in just a couple of days! Sunday we switched our wallets over and haven't looked back!

Sure, the wallet is a little too big for a guys back pocket...but Caleb takes a gym bag to work every day so he just keeps it in there, and half the time we go out for dates I end up carrying his wallet in my purse anyway so it works for us.

Someone at work asked me this week how my "granny wallet was going?" and I couldn't help but laugh. I know she was totally kidding and my response was "its clunky and uncomfortable BUT so is debt!!", ha! So true, isn't it? The wallet has a few spots for cards, a plastic sleeve for coins, the envelope system itself, extra envelopes for on the go, a notepad and a checkbook holder. I'm kind of obsessed.

We pulled out our cash from the bank, wrote our envelope categories out and have stuck with it all week, I actually haven't even touched my personal spending envelope for the week! Woo! Our debit cards haven't been swiped once, either! It feels great because I know a typical week for me would've consisted of hitting up Kroger on my lunch break for random work snacks that I don't need, traipsing the aisles for more stuff I don't need, etc.!

Caleb and I just have some pretty big goals for ourselves in the next year (like potentially buying a home!!) and want to set ourselves up to be debt free by the time that happens. Sure we may have gotten a little off track (or a lot), but all that matters is we're changing that NOW! Cash is king, friends!

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Weekly lessons.

Happy mid-week, friends. I am so thankful to be halfway through the work week. Although we DO have a wedding this weekend, we're excited for it! First time linking up with these cuties - Lex and Mattie - for their "weekly lessons" link up, and I'm pretty excited! Here we go with some lessons I've learned this week...

If you treat your body right, you won't feel like garbage. Hmm, who would've thought?! Not stuffing your face with pizza and mountain dew, actually being active nearly every day, and getting enough sleep would make you feel like a brand new person.

The closer you get to vacation...the easier it is to keep eating better (but the harder it is to focus on work, and yeah we don't even leave until the end of October, but its kind of all I can think about).

The more you wish for Fall, the longer it will take to arrive. Oh and when you only have 1 more upcoming weekend free until the end of October, you make the MOST OF IT and (hopefully) plan an all-things-Fall day with your husband. Caleb? You in???

Always stop by Kroger during a remodel, and you will find lots on clearance. Like bento-boxes for lunch at 1/3 of the price, or an 8 pack of Sharpies for $2...or both, because buying both is always necessary.

Sometimes, a simple G-chat can make your day. I'm talking to you, Er! XO

Don't play Caleb in Words with Friends. He will always win. It doesn't make sense.

When you're trying to eat healthier, stay away from Pinterest. Enough said, really. French Toast Bake? Are you kidding me?

If you agree to make copies for someone at work once, they will ask you and only you to make their copies for life. Sure, I'm the receptionist now, but really? Some people have no common courtesy. I really do have better things to be doing... well, sometimes.

On the flip side, if you're super nice to other co workers, they will bring you fresh produce from their garden.  Zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, you name it! It's been nice having it on hand lately.

Hope everyone has a great day!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekends for the WIN!

Caleb and I had NO weddings on the books for this past weekend so we both had lots of plans to spend it with friends, be productive and to spend some uninterrupted time together. I'm thankful to say we made all of the above happen!

Friday right after work I met two of my ladies at our local favorite Mexican restaurant for endless chips and queso! We had way too much fun using snap chat filters, reminiscing and talking about the future!
yeah we were definitely THOSE people who sat on the same side of the round booth most of the night... :)
Saturday, Caleb had a softball tournament that we didn't realize would last the MAJORITY of the afternoon. So around 11AM I started doing WORK on the upstairs. It was clutter central and I really couldn't stand it any longer. Our spare bedroom had basically turn into a life size junk drawer and even though the door was usually always closed, it gave me real anxiety just thinking about it. So I spent a few hours de-cluttering, cleaning, organizing (jamming out to my new playlist) and just kind of enjoying some solo time!

I got WAY too excited when I realized how many candles I had stowed away in our hall closet storage container...and I still told Caleb, a girl can never have too many! ;)

When Caleb returned home, he was really worn out, so he took a quick nap and then we both got cleaned up and headed out for a fun date night. No phones, no interruptions, and it was marvelous. We talked about random, hilarious stories from school, how we fell in love, etc.! I'm so thankful for a husband who pursues me everyday! We had such a great time.

Sunday. was. amazing. Our church started offering two identical services so we chose to go to the early one and we're pumped because this means we'll now get BACK an extra hour and a half in our Sundays, which is huge for us! After that we prepared for the Bengals game! We have been waiting for this day for what feels like FOREVER and were so excited it was finally here!

Our guys pulled out a WIN! It was close, especially after a rough first half, and the game was a nail biter, but I'm so happy to start the season off 1-0! Feels great! #whodey

I really hope everyone had a great weekend, too! I'm excited for this week. Caleb and I are starting to workout together again and that just keeps me motivated, he's a great personal trainer!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

A late goal post.

I don't think I realized how much I love September before this year. Although its still 90 something degrees and humid this week, the longing for Fall is REAL here in Ohio. If you're not from Ohio, you haven't experienced Fall here and I feel kind of bad for you. It TRULY is so beautiful. Although it usually only lasts a few weeks, its worth it!

Since we're in a new month (and yes I realize we're already 9 days in), I thought I'd post a new set of goals to try and check off by months end!

Send snail mail. I tried last month and did alright, but I'd like to step up my game. I'd kind of like this to become a normal routine once a month to send some random letters/cards for no real reason, other than to make someone smile!

Take our tripod out for a spin and take some photos of ourselves. We mostly have selfies together, so this will be a nice change of pace.

Get a grip on meal planning. I've been better about this but have also been tired after work so I'm still slacking a bit.

Spend less time on social media at home. I'd like to start leaving my phone on the counter once I'm home. It's kind of a habit to have it near me, for no real reason, either. I don't think social media is BAD by any means, but I find myself checking it  a lot and - as Caleb calls it - mindlessly thumbing for ten minutes here, ten minutes there. Not that checking your feed is bad, but multiple times a night? Not necessary. I'd rather be cuddling with my man, or doing something productive!

See a new movie. either at home or in a theatre... Caleb and I are huge movie buffs!

Finish a new book. I started Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst and I'm looking forward to getting through it! 

Get more consistent with my workouts. I've decided to start Insanity again. Caleb and I did it before we got married and got about halfway through before wedding madness took over and we let it go. I love running, and would like to work on my speed, but I'd like to get some more intense workouts in some other ways!

Start using cash again for things like date nights, our individual small weekly "allowance" and groceries. Caleb and I used to SOLELY use cash, even for gas, and loved it. We've noticed our spending has been a little random the last few months and we don't like it, and know its because swiping our debit card isn't near as painful as handing over cold hard cash. So we ordered these and are going full force again. I realize its not for everyone, but its for us, and that's what matters!

Oh and our WEEKLY goal this week was Caleb's choice: no eating out. I already had a fun night on the calendar planned to go out with some ladies tonight, but other than that we SUCCEEDED!!!! I'm happy! Not yet sure what I'll make our next week's 5 day goal. Any ideas?

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Currently {September}

Here we are again, another new month, another post where I talk about how fast time flies. But really, its crazy isn't it?! At least this is the best time of year. The summer heat starts cooling down (although pretty sure the high is 90 for today...hurry up Fall!) and the crisp evenings begin soon! I can't wait. Time for another monthly round up of Currently w/ the lovely Anne and her co-host Beth!

Currently I'm...

Reading...Uninvited, by Lysa Terkeurst! I love this woman! Ever since I watched her speak at a Women's Conference in 2011, I've been a fan. She gives such great advice, and has a heart for the Lord. This book is amazing so far, and I can't wait to finish it! really get a grip on meal planning. Writing things down and being intentional with what we're going to have has really helped. I have been going through our pantry and picking out ingredients that we already have to minimize what we spend at good ole' Kroger! I'm trying to mix it up between low carb, seafood and some kind of meat so we don't get bored!

Hoping...that my Bengals can pull off a WIN this Sunday! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about our upcoming season. I feel like our guys are more motivated than ever and I'm excited about some of our new additions (I see you Tyler Boyd). I may or may not have already laid out my jersey in preparation! planner. Also, trying to find cheap Fall decor for our home! Usually my "decor" for Fall consists of putting out a new candle and maybe a cute sign, but I'd like to add something else to the living space this year! Loving this Pinterest find!!

To-Do listing...anything and everything. Literally. Laundry, meal prep, deep cleaning our bathroom. I plan to use a LOT of our free Saturday for productivity!!

Hoping everyone has a great Wednesday. I don't know about you, but I could get used to this 4 day work week thing! ;) 

Monday, September 5, 2016

The wedding dreams are made of.

Regardless of the long weekend, Caleb and I still photographed a wedding on Saturday! Although it was a long, 13 hour day, we still had the best time with Alyssa and Jon and their gang. Honestly it kind of overwhelms us when family/friends of the bride and groom consider us to be an addition to their day, rather than just another vendor. It means so much when they remember our names. One of the bridesmaids simply said "Kayla, where should I sit my bags so they aren't in your way?", and its sad how much it surprised me that she called me by name! A lot of the time, we are just called "the photographers" and it was really nice to feel welcomed and recognized from the get go! We're lucky to work with so many people who truly value photography.

Right as I arrived her mom dropped everything to see if I wanted a coffee, or something to eat. I knew when I met Alyssa that there was a good chance all of her ladies would be just as sweet as her, and I couldn't have been more right. Caleb dropped me off and headed to hang out with the guys at their hotel and he did all the groomsmen photos solo. He's really rockin' this gig lately more than ever. So proud :) this wouldn't be the same without him.

Is this not the most fabulous Mother-of-the-Bride dress you've ever seen!?

Their ceremony was adorable. Alyssa and Jon didn't do a first look so his reaction when she walked down the aisle was just the sweetest.

We were so excited when the bridal portraits officially started. Luckily we've shot at this venue in Dayton before (Country Club of the North) and the coordinator let us go alone with the golf carts! They even wanted to venture sort-of in someones backyard to make some willow tree magic happen, and I didn't refuse...even if it gave me a little anxiety! ;)

Can I just take a moment to say Alyssa is incredible at make up?! She did her own and it was flawless and lasted ALL day. I've basically been convincing her since that morning that she could totally change her life calling and do that for a living! ;)

They even let us sneak them out for a few sunset photos, which we all know are my FAVORITE.

I'm really not joking when I say we loved every second. Sure it was a long day, but when everyone involved is so kind the entire day, and truly VALUE what Caleb and I do, it makes it so much more enjoyable. For the last 20 minutes before we left, we danced the night away with all their friends, we and already put all of our gear away. We had way too much fun and definitely feel like we made some new friends!

I'm SO thrilled we get the day off today, which also means only a 4 day work week...then a FREE WEEKEND! Woo woo! Happy Labor Day, friends! Hope everyone has fun plans!