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Monday, July 31, 2017

My weekend!

Summer is weird! I haven't been blogging and I can't tell how I feel about it ;) I do miss it, but our lives have been a little crazy lately, so I won't guilt myself over it.

We had an amazing weekend and yet somehow, it's already Monday again! No complaints from me though, I love looking back on all the fun we had. Friday night, I was able to have some girl time with my Nanny. We hadn't had a chance to take her out for her birthday last month so I wanted to make sure we did that! I let her pick the restaurant and she chose Red Lobster. I won't lie, I was pretty excited!
Can we talk about the fact that she is 70!?!? She looks amazing!
Saturday was basically a blur of errand-running and cleaning our place. I don't think I took one single photo! Oh wait, I just checked... I had my 3rd Dunkin Iced Coffee (w/ vanilla swirl) this weekend and guys, I'm a changed woman.

Sunday we spent the day being productive and getting more stuff done around the house. We ended our evening with a pool party with the youth group!

Then we decided it's really time to get serious about our health. I know, it's all about BALANCE but we've been pretty negligent lately and don't want to take our health for granted! So we had a late night grocery trip in our cold bathing suits last night, but hey, I have a fully packed lunch and I'm ready to tackle this Monday!

Hope everyone has a great week ahead of them!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Life lately.

Summer is so weird in blog land. I feel like I can normally keep up with posting, but lately I just haven't felt like it (#sorryboutit). I apologize for the sporadic posts but hope you can hang on for a little while longer! Thought it was time for a "life lately" update...

Last Friday I was able to spend some much needed time with two of my oldest friends! Lyndsie lives in Nashville, and Ashley just told us she is MOVING TO AUSTRALIA!! So we knew we had to make a sleepover happen when we realized it could be YEARS before we're all together again.

Saturday definitely wasn't the relaxing day that we had planned, but it was amazing. I got to see two of my friends from college and finally meet one of their newest additions; Rory! She has the wildest hair you've ever seen!

Sunday we had a great morning at church and witnessed 6 people who gave their life to Christ in baptism! It was incredible. That evening we took the youth group to one of the elderly man's homes nearby and sang him some of his favorite songs. He's such a sweetie!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Our CIY trip.

I forgot to mention we'd be out of town last week for CIY w/ our teens! The high schoolers of our church go to a "Christ in Youth" event every summer, and the last 3 years we've been lucky enough to join them! It's truly a week of transformation for all who attend and although we hardly slept, we've also never felt so refreshed.

The days really do kind of run together, but each day had a little bit of everything (worship, sports, small group time, staying up late, etc.)! Most nights I didn't get in bed before 4am, and between 3 of the days, I only got about 7 hours of total sleep...but spending time with these students makes it SO worth it! Some highlights of our week include...

-FIREWORKS! We were there over the 4th of July, and were able to leave campus to find a local firework show. Guys, we didn't expect much from the small town of Marion, IN, but let me tell you what! They KILLED IT! I've never been so close to fireworks in my life! It was definitely a highlight of our trip.

-Volleyball (everyday)! One of our two volleyball teams made it 3rd in the finals of the tournament...there were probably 25+ teams, so we were happy)

-Breakout! We had one day of extended rec time! So we went to "Breakout" (aka those escape room places); sadly our team made it out a few seconds after the timer, but the other team broke out w/ plenty of time to spare!!

-Staying up until 5AM with my girls talking about anything and everything was amazing. Getting to tell them more about my story and hearing what they are going through brought us all so much closer.

-The Worship! We were lucky to land another great band this year that knocked every worship session out of the park!

-Kahlan's baptism! This was obviously the highlight of the trip. This is why we do what we do. Funny story, Kahlan actually wasn't even supposed to come. We had one student have to back out of the trip last minute, so a friend invited her. Well, little did she know this week would change her life. She accepted Jesus into her heart and asked to be baptized her last night at camp!

I could go on and on about how incredible our week was, but I think you get the point. If any of you saw our instagram stories, thank you for the prayers! We felt them all week. Somehow I always felt rested, with usually only 2 hours of sleep. God is so good. I'm so thankful we were able to take this trip again!

Happy Tuesday!