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Monday, July 31, 2017

My weekend!

Summer is weird! I haven't been blogging and I can't tell how I feel about it ;) I do miss it, but our lives have been a little crazy lately, so I won't guilt myself over it.

We had an amazing weekend and yet somehow, it's already Monday again! No complaints from me though, I love looking back on all the fun we had. Friday night, I was able to have some girl time with my Nanny. We hadn't had a chance to take her out for her birthday last month so I wanted to make sure we did that! I let her pick the restaurant and she chose Red Lobster. I won't lie, I was pretty excited!
Can we talk about the fact that she is 70!?!? She looks amazing!
Saturday was basically a blur of errand-running and cleaning our place. I don't think I took one single photo! Oh wait, I just checked... I had my 3rd Dunkin Iced Coffee (w/ vanilla swirl) this weekend and guys, I'm a changed woman.

Sunday we spent the day being productive and getting more stuff done around the house. We ended our evening with a pool party with the youth group!

Then we decided it's really time to get serious about our health. I know, it's all about BALANCE but we've been pretty negligent lately and don't want to take our health for granted! So we had a late night grocery trip in our cold bathing suits last night, but hey, I have a fully packed lunch and I'm ready to tackle this Monday!

Hope everyone has a great week ahead of them!


  1. Yum! I haven't had Red Lobster in so long! She looks amazing!! I need to start eating better too. I'm ready for the actual school year to start so I have access to a fridge/microwave during the day because during volleyball season & professional development I don't so lunch is usually eating out...

  2. My blogging has been so sporadic this summer, too, but it's summer so it's all good!! Your nanny is adorable and does not look 70!!!! I hope I am looking that great when I am 70!! Such a fun treat to take her out, I have never been to Red Lobster, but I have heard it's really good! We definitely decided this weekend to start better eating habits and I packed our lunchboxes full of healthy snacks today, woo hoo for being prepared for once lol! Hope y'all are having a great summer so far!! :)

  3. So me and Dunkin' are friends now .... I am diggin' their coffee and it's cheaper than Starbucks... I'll see what they come up with during the Fall before I declare my love!

  4. Can I tell you how much I love a Red Lobster cheddar biscuit??! Y'all have been doing some great things this summer....loving those gorgeous pictures!!

  5. Your nanny is 70?!?! Oh my gosh. I think you need to do a guest post with her about her beauty routine! DD is my downfall. I can't drive by without stopping in! Do you have the DD Perks app? They always have good deals going on there! Yesterday it was 99 cents for an iced coffee!


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