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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Currently {birthday week}

Alright friends, I'm back this week. I am excited to take part in my favorite link-up, Currently, with Anne and Shea today!

Snacking on: hard boiled eggs. Random, I know, but I'm obsessed. I haven't taken the time to hard boil eggs in probably over a year. But way back then, I found THIS blog post on how to make the PERFECT hard boiled egg and seriously, it's amazing. My Grandma even swears by it now!

Anticipating: my birthday! It's officially a week from my 26th birthday and I'm getting excited! We won't do anything fancy on the actual day (it's a Wednesday) but apparently Caleb has some fun up his sleeve for next Friday! I'm looking forward to a fun, celebratory date night with my man!

Borrowing: the coffee mugs from work. They keep my (candy) coffee SO WARM!

Admiring: all my momma friends out there. You guys work SO HARD! I'm so exhausted after working 8-12 hours a day, your job is 24/7! Special shout out to my sister-in-love for putting on this fundraiser to help get new, educational books in the hands of some sweet kiddos in our area who are in foster care. If you have the means to donate, please consider, and if not, please just share that link!

Purchasing: not much, but we're thinking of getting a gym membership again at Planet Fitness. It's just so inexpensive, and although I can do a lot of workouts at home, there is something motivating about physically driving to the gym to put in a good workout! We'll see!

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday. We're half way through the work-week, friends!


  1. Yay for birthday month!! :) And thank you SO much for sharing- you are so sweet.

  2. I feel more motivated by having to actually go to the gym rather than doing it at home. Besides I love all the classes included!!

    Yay for your birthday month!

  3. Yay for birthday month! Enjoy :) And I do love having a gym membership - I always think of things I could do at home, but then I never actually do them unless I'm at the gym.

  4. I'm considering getting a PF membership too! I love how cheap it is.

  5. We belonged to Planet Fitness when we first got married and we loved it! It's so affordable and I loved that it was so low pressure and not intimidating at all!

  6. I go through hard boiled egg phases too! Sometimes I want to eat them all the time, and then I want nothing to do with them for months, haha.


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