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Monday, September 30, 2013

September FAVES!

Ahh, yet another month has come and gone. Just. Like. That.
I mean honestly, this has been the fastest year of my LIFE.

Now before October begins, I want to look back on what made this month so awesome!

-Sophie. Sophie. Sophie.
If you didn't read earlier in the grandparents got a dog. So, that basically means I reap every benefit of having a pup but not having to do any of the hard work (hiii nanny)!! She is the sweetest thing, and just loves to play! I can't wait to see her again!!

Yep, that is right ya'll! This gal took time out of her never-ending busy schedule to finally take her husband's last name. I couldn't be more excited!

-Wedding food. YUM.

-Getting my hair chopped off. It's even shorter than it looks in this shot. I'm loving it!

-Rice Krispie Chicken.

-Finally making a healthy lifestyle change, and for real this time. I may not be the fastest...that is for certain... BUT, I'm getting better and its not even been a week. I'm determined to keep my mind straight and eat foods that are good for me!

-Reading my Bible more.

-Taking the time to pack my lunches

-This past weekend. Aside from the Bengals the stinking gross Browns... it was great. I spent time with lots of awesome people, danced like crazy, and whipped out my camera. It was amazing

-Blog friendships. I am lucky to have made quite a few great friendships through this little blog of mine. A couple in particular that will text me when they need some prayer and encouragement, or just to let them know its OKAY to have that fifth slice of cake when the day just isn't going your way.
You know who you are :)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday finallllyy.

This week kiiind of dragged on along...and I'm so happy to see Friday again. Also happy to see the weekend once 4:30 hits!

What else made me happy this week?

These pictures.
You know that wedding we recently attended in Memphis? It was one of Caleb's childhood best friends and Caleb was a groomsmen...well, recently the bride posted all of her wedding pictures online and O-M-G. Caleb and I were getttinn itttt.

Seriously, how cute is my husband?

Working out.
It feels so good to be back at exercising. Running last night was literally not on my list of things I WANTED to do, especially when our house looks a mess...but I have to start putting my health first. I'm excited to start seeing results. I'm definitely more awake after 3 full days of clean eating with 2 exercises in, too!

My first blog friend!
You guys, it was of yesterday, miss Ashley and I hit our "friendiversary" ... is that a thing?! Well, if it isn' is now. I just love her and this friendship we've grown. Can't wait to meet her in person!!

Which Wich.
Funny, Ashley is also the one who recommended this place to me...and OMG. It's so yummy. I got a lettuce wrap, let me tell you...this thing was the size of a Chipotle burrito! I love the concept of writing your order on the bags and just handing it over to the cashier.

My amazing sister (in law). As of Tuesday, her and I officially began our "fitness journey"...and man, we're killing it. Having her support in this has made the last 3 days so much easier. Since we both signed up for the half together, we're IN this together. I wouldn't know what to do without her, not only on this fitness journey, but in everything. PS - Erin, lets plan another fall date soon. Last years' was WAY too fun. MWAH!

I'm excited for a low key weekend, woo! Any fun plans on your end?

Thursday, September 26, 2013


No, not food.

Last night I had a (much needed) hair appointment. Let me just tell you how long it had been for me...
SINCE MAY 8TH! Waayy too close to that 5 month mark. Will I ever go that long again without a trip to my salon? I think not. My roots looked like dirty dish water that sat for days, and my ends were more split than ever. I felt gross. Like, all the time.

So I finally made that appointment and decided I was going to go back to how it used to be...CHOPPED! I have never been happier.


I even made Caleb do the unthinkable (for him, at least)...take pictures of me for my blog. Ha!
Getting ready has never been so easy. Yeah, I may have to blow dry it under a little...but the shower time was cut in half, and so was the drying time. After my stylist put it in a pony and chopped it, she took a good 7 inches off, then proceeded to perfect it and chop in some layers. I felt easily 3 pounds lighter when I left!

I just feel like a new me.
The past few days I've officially started my REAL fitness journey. Since I'm now signed up for a half marathon next year, I knew it was time to get serious. I always go a day or two, then I cave and eat a candy bar or a whole bag of chips. Then I realized, there is no one stopping me from changing...except ME.
I caaaan resist junk food, I have the ability to exercise, I am able to make good choices.
If only I try.

So, I can now say I've successfully gone two FULL days without sweets and eating clean. I know, two days isn't HUGE, but we all have to start SOMEWHERE. I've also been working out. It feels great to be active again...for no one else but me!

I also have some exciting news coming soon (and its not what you probably think)!!
Happy Fridayyy eve!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I'm not the perfect roommate?

Today, Caleb and I hit our four months of marriage...and I can honestly say its been the best four months of my life. Heck, I think I speak for BOTH of us when I say that.
I with me is kiiiind of a sweet deal
........I kid.

But seriously....this thought came to mind the other day when I was cleaning out Caleb's milk glass two days later. I obviously love him...very, very much, but you have to understand that when Caleb has "milk and cookie's", he likes to drop about 6 Oreos in his tall glass, then spoons them out minutes later leaving a saugy mess. This causes the glass to get crusty...yes, these are our drinking glasses.

Don't worry I'm not completely dogging on him,, because then it hit me..
I don't do anything that drives him crazy, right!? Nope, no way... I'm the perfect roommate.

.................*insert sarcastic font*................

"you're such a cover stealer.."
"you always forget to thaw out the meat before work..."
"I'm going to start wearing socks in the bathroom, your long hairs are always on my feet!"
"Babe! Quit unplugging the toaster!! It doesn't cost that much to leave it in the socket!!!"
"That's not how I usuuually fold my t-shirts..."

....not so perfect, eh?

It was just so funny to me...because this whole marriage thing is QUITE the adjustment.
If you didn't know, Caleb and I didn't live together before marriage...and I kept hearing from the most random people say to me, "you're going to learn a LOT about him over the next few months" and I'd politely nod my head, all the while thinking yeah, ooookay...I know him like the back of my hand.

Ohhh just how wrong I was.
Obviously I knew Caleb very well, but there are so many silly qwerks of his I've picked up on over the last few months. However, some of these things I've learned to love and appreciate about him.
It's what makes him, Caleb,
and my goofs are what make me, me.
& together, we are weird...& I weirdly love that.

I really hope that some of you have some funny stories to share now... aaaaand go ;)

Linking up with the gorgeous, Shanna.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Today is the day.

A couple weeks in... &I have been "so so" in my training thus far.
When I say so, so...I mean I only ran 4 times.

As awesome as this is, my goal was to run 4X A WEEK.
That hasn't happened.
Why is it so darn hard for me to STICK TO SOMETHING!? As I was thinking about this last night...I came up short...there is NO reason I can't stick to it. It truly is my own mind or body telling me "no, not tonight...I don't feel like it." and half the time I actually listen to it.

Today is the day.
No more excuses.
I'm whipping my butt into shape.

So, why exercise more? Why eat a little cleaner?

Because...this is the only body I get, I want to treat it right.
I'll have more energy.
I will have confidence in my decision making.
I'll sleep better at night.
To have more of a routine.
So I can feel accomplished.
Call me vain, but so I can feel confident in my own skin.

Back before our wedding I was running 30-40 miles a month for a little while there. It felt amazing. I had a goal to meet...and when I met it. The feeling I got was unlike anything I've ever felt. I did something for me... no prize involved, no material motivation...and it meant so much that I merely just did it for myself.
I want that feeling again.

I also dropped $70 on the half marathon registration fee...sooo, there's that, too.
I am just ready to feel like myself be a runner. Like I used to be.

I realized I need to make God my everything I do. So, as corny as it sounds...I'm deciding to invite him on my every run. When I get tired? I'll pray that He will give me the strength to just keep going. To help me remember why I started...and most of all, to be thankful for the ability to even use my legs at all.

I saw this on Pinterest the other day and it hit me hard enough to make me write it down in my journal.
I'm also loving this quote as of late -- "Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you."

Anybody have a fitness secret they want to share? I'd love to know.
Stay happy, my friends!

Monday, September 23, 2013

My weekend in pictures.

While I was at work Friday, Caleb spent the afternoon with his parents (who were in town!) at a Convention Center where there was a HUGE book sale. So, he surprised me with tons of new books. Now only if I can find time to read them.
Cute points for buying 2 of the same one on accident.
Saturday; family wedding!

During their first dance, it was a slow song...the music drowned out, and they planned a whole routine. It was amazing and I totally got it on video.

My beautiful Erin and I!
oh & a lot of dancing happened. DUH.
excuse the terrible quality... 
SUNDAY -- ahhh sweet Sunday.

My Bengals beat the Green Bay Packers. This was a huge win for us and yes, I was in my apartment alone (Caleb went to the game with some college friends) acting a fool...screaming at the TV... getting way too excited! Afterwards, our friends came back to the apartment to hang out for a bit. It was great to spend some time with them.

Also, as you all know, yesterday was the FIRST official day of fall. Bring on the chili mornings... it was 48 degrees when I left to get in my car this morning. LOVE. Cannot wait to wear my boots for the first time. Yaayyy.

In other news -- I'm getting my hair chopped, FINALLY, on Wednesday. I am over the moon with excitement!!

Sami's Shenanigans

Friday, September 20, 2013

If I had $5,000.

Happy Fridayyyyy.

A few weeks ago, Caleb and I were hanging out with Erin and Jared and somehow we all got to talking about what we'd do if we won the lottery. I proceeded to say I'd take a few thousand bucks of someone else's (like Caleb's if he won), and just rebuild my wardrobe. Trust me, girl needs an upgrade.
Erin agreed, she'd do the same.

Well, the guys just could NOT get over it and acted like we were being greedy. Jared continued on in saying "I could see giving you guys like five HUNDRED...but not thousand."
Boy. be. TRIPPIN'!

Sure, I'd love to have $500, but if you just scored the lotto -- I'm takin more! Hense...the $5K.

So this got me thinking to build a potential wardrobe to showcase to them.
Sooo, here!

What I'd buy if I hit the lotto

For obvious reasons.
I'll take one in every color, please.
The perfect LBD.
White pointed toe heels.

Some favorites from the sweet and beautiful Shanna.
A black blazer.
A white blazer.

A black and white plaid shirt.
A red plaid shirt.

These beaauuuties...I mean booties.
More statement necklaces.
A cute watch.

Gorgeous pinks!
The whole boutique of Francesca's.
A leopard belt.

Black leather handbag.
The perfect pair of jeans.
More work pants.

This entire ensemble. 

A yellow pencil skirt.
A white tunic.
The perfect baseball tee.

This blue skirt.
& last but definitely not least. this maxi with those tights, and THOSE booties. Love you, Ash!!
Ahhh, it was fun day dreaming. Seriously though, this list is never ending.
So, what wold you add to YOUR wardrobe if you hit big?

Happy weekending, friends!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Some things you may not know.

I know, its not random Wednesday anymore...but lets be honest here. My brain is a pile of random mush today...and last night, I was thinking of some things about myself that you guys may not know yet. So I decided to come up with a list.

& lets begin the most random about-me list ever.
-Marshmallow fluff is my favorite treat. Give me a spoon, a jar, & I'm there. Yes, even on my wedding day.
double chin...not optional.
-I don't know how to ever do my hair. Seriously, I suck at it. One time, I let someone do a french braid in my hair...and I was obsessed. If only I could teach myself!
Erin, me, and the bride-to-be, Tara (she gets married this weekend!)!!
-I can't do my own eye make up very well.

-This isn't really about me....but I once saw Reese Witherspoon at SATCO's in Nashville!

-When I go to Starbucks, I don't even drink coffee. I always get the same thing...Vanilla Bean Frapp, with 2 pumps of peppermint. Yes, even when its NOT winter!

 -I hate cottage cheese.

 -Organizing is a therapeutic obsession of mine.

-Caleb proposed to be on the beach in Hilton Head on the first evening of my family vacation in 2012. We got to spend the entire week celebrating together...& he threw me in the air a lot.

-I have the worlds shortest pinkies. Seriously...they are little.

-I love thunderstorms, especially on Sunday's when I can relax in bed.

-I'm obsessed with crab legs. Yumm!

-I swam with dolphins when I was 13.

-I am dying to go bungee jumping!

& I crack my knuckles...and my whole body before I can fall asleep at night.

There is your daily dose of random. ;)
Now, I want to know...what is one absolutely random fact I should know about you??

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A quick list.

With a sweet victory against the Steelers on Monday night, and last night being "lets scrub the house AND do groceries" night... this gal has gotten like no sleep. So, bare with me as this blog post will be in list format.

1. Obviously the Bengals won. So, I'm extremely happy. We put Roethlisberger to shame ;)

2. My grandparents got a new puppy. Yes, she is a puppy still...6 months! Cannot wait to watch her grow. Two years ago we had to put our Sheltie (Sassy) down due to her health...and since I'd never lost anyone really close to me, that was literally the hardest thing I've ever gone through. Call me crazy...but dogs are family. NO question about it! So, when my grandparents told me they got a new Collie... I was OVER THE MOON with excitement. We all decided to name her Sophie, and I'm in LOVE.

3. My girl Lynds came over to watch the Bengals game with me on Monday night. Things got crazy.

4. Caleb and I finally cleared out our guest bedroom so we can have house guests now! I'm so excited. This meant a much needed trip to the donation center down the road.

5. A fun bowling trip with the youth group on Sunday! I actually broke was a miracle.

6. A trip to the park just listen to the radio, read my Bible, and relax. It was so amazing. Cincinnati sure is beautiful, guys.

Hope you've all had a happy week!

PS - I just set up my next blogger date. I'm SO excited!! (Heeeyy Renee!)

Monday, September 16, 2013


It's official, guys.
I met a blogger, for the first time.
We had a blate...that is, if you call her wedding a blate ;)

Amanda and I have been chatting for almost a year and a bit after she got engaged she asked me if I'd come out to Michigan and shoot her big day. Of course I screamed YES!
It was so surreal...meeting someone you feel like you've known for years, but never actually being able to hang out in person. Needless to say, it was a blast and a half.

So today I figured I'd show you some teaser photos from her big big day.

& that's all folks.
I'm excited to get these pictures done and show Amanda!

OUR FIRST PICTURE TOGETHER. Don't we look amaaazing? ;)

& this was us at her WEDDING!

Hope you all had a great weekend!