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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A quick list.

With a sweet victory against the Steelers on Monday night, and last night being "lets scrub the house AND do groceries" night... this gal has gotten like no sleep. So, bare with me as this blog post will be in list format.

1. Obviously the Bengals won. So, I'm extremely happy. We put Roethlisberger to shame ;)

2. My grandparents got a new puppy. Yes, she is a puppy still...6 months! Cannot wait to watch her grow. Two years ago we had to put our Sheltie (Sassy) down due to her health...and since I'd never lost anyone really close to me, that was literally the hardest thing I've ever gone through. Call me crazy...but dogs are family. NO question about it! So, when my grandparents told me they got a new Collie... I was OVER THE MOON with excitement. We all decided to name her Sophie, and I'm in LOVE.

3. My girl Lynds came over to watch the Bengals game with me on Monday night. Things got crazy.

4. Caleb and I finally cleared out our guest bedroom so we can have house guests now! I'm so excited. This meant a much needed trip to the donation center down the road.

5. A fun bowling trip with the youth group on Sunday! I actually broke was a miracle.

6. A trip to the park just listen to the radio, read my Bible, and relax. It was so amazing. Cincinnati sure is beautiful, guys.

Hope you've all had a happy week!

PS - I just set up my next blogger date. I'm SO excited!! (Heeeyy Renee!)


  1. Yayyyyyy, puppies! I have 3 cats but I do love me some puppies.

    I can't remember the last time I went bowling. Nice job on your score!

  2. Cute puppy!!! If I bowl over 100 I'm over the moon!!

  3. Aww Sophie looks like such a sweetie! Dogs are definitely family - no doubt about it!! With your guest room cleared out looks like its time for me to visit :P I'm loving this weather right now!

  4. Yay for fun week/weekends! Sophie is BEAUTIFUL! I always wants a Collie growing up :)

  5. Awww, I can't wait to meet Sophie! She's a beauty! :)

  6. Love this list! So much happy in one place :) I'm very excited that between you and Erin I now have two of my own bedrooms to stay in when I visit!!! ;)

  7. Every time I clean up more junk in our apartment I want to throw a party! Which would mean messing things up again... Go, y'all! Yay for guests!

  8. OMG Sophie is so cute!!!
    Just found your blog!! I am now following!
    I look forward to keeping up!!


  9. Awww!!! Sophie is so adorable!!

    There is something so great about being in the park on a beautiful day. Good for the soul, I say.

  10. She's so cute! I love puppies! I can't wait until I can have one myself.

  11. Sophie is so cute!! Now I want my own Sophie. thanks a lot ;D

  12. i love, love, love your instagram pics! xoxo


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