Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I'm not the perfect roommate?

Today, Caleb and I hit our four months of marriage...and I can honestly say its been the best four months of my life. Heck, I think I speak for BOTH of us when I say that.
I with me is kiiiind of a sweet deal
........I kid.

But seriously....this thought came to mind the other day when I was cleaning out Caleb's milk glass two days later. I obviously love him...very, very much, but you have to understand that when Caleb has "milk and cookie's", he likes to drop about 6 Oreos in his tall glass, then spoons them out minutes later leaving a saugy mess. This causes the glass to get crusty...yes, these are our drinking glasses.

Don't worry I'm not completely dogging on him,, because then it hit me..
I don't do anything that drives him crazy, right!? Nope, no way... I'm the perfect roommate.

.................*insert sarcastic font*................

"you're such a cover stealer.."
"you always forget to thaw out the meat before work..."
"I'm going to start wearing socks in the bathroom, your long hairs are always on my feet!"
"Babe! Quit unplugging the toaster!! It doesn't cost that much to leave it in the socket!!!"
"That's not how I usuuually fold my t-shirts..."

....not so perfect, eh?

It was just so funny to me...because this whole marriage thing is QUITE the adjustment.
If you didn't know, Caleb and I didn't live together before marriage...and I kept hearing from the most random people say to me, "you're going to learn a LOT about him over the next few months" and I'd politely nod my head, all the while thinking yeah, ooookay...I know him like the back of my hand.

Ohhh just how wrong I was.
Obviously I knew Caleb very well, but there are so many silly qwerks of his I've picked up on over the last few months. However, some of these things I've learned to love and appreciate about him.
It's what makes him, Caleb,
and my goofs are what make me, me.
& together, we are weird...& I weirdly love that.

I really hope that some of you have some funny stories to share now... aaaaand go ;)

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  1. Ahhh I love this so much because it's just SO true! Glenn and I did live together before marriage, for a dang long time, I might add, and I'll admit we STILL learn living quirks about each other on a weekly basis. Haha ain't marriage just the most fun?! ;)

  2. I'm reading this right after I walked into the laundry room and saw a mountain of Freddie's work socks. Looks like he cleaned out the dirty socks from his car... And the hair thing! I don't know how many times I hear that my hair is everywhere! Ha.

  3. Hahaha, I hear "your hair is everywhere!" all the time. It's on his pillow, his shirt, stuck in his goatee thing... it's everywhere! Our poor poor husbands!

  4. Hahaha I have totally gotten "that's not how I (he means his mom) usually fold my shirts" I told him he could start doing laundry then, and I haven't heard much more about it since!

    1. Oh my gosh, I can't tell you how many times I've heard my Dad tell my stepmom(they've been married almost 12 years), that's not how my Mom makes it! She just rolls her eyes, it's like a running joke in our family now :)

  5. I was actually surprised at how much DIDN'T surprise me when me and my husband moved in together for the first time into a home we bought a couple months before our wedding. However, we definitely aren't 'perfect roomies' either. I can't tell you how many times I have also heard 'you forgot to thaw the meat!' oops.... hahah


  6. Tyson's biggest complaint after 12 years together is still my hair, the stuff not attached to my head. He's pretty sure I should be bald by now.

  7. If it makes you feel any better, my long hairs are EVERYWHERE too. And they are black hairs, so they are easily noticable. They are in the drain, on the floor, static stuck on his clothes....I mean, we can't really help it, can we???

  8. I hear Meghan your hair is EVERYWHERE! from everyone in my family. The struggle is real ha!

  9. OMG! haha too funny! The hair issue is the funniest for Chris and I! He always tells me he finds my hair in places it shouldn't be.. In fact one night at dinner, Chris and his bff Jay compared wife hair stories and her and I just sat there laughing saying it really can't be THAT bad??? hahaha You never realize how much you shed until a MAN points it out :)

  10. Haha loved this post!! Since Peter and I haven't lived together and thus I have no stories, I'll share his sister's haha. Sarah said she didn't realize how much her husband Ryan LOVED watching wrestling until they moved into together. Monday's in the Burke house are known as Man Show Monday. He watches the RAW know the really fake and dramatic one? He's obsessed and has been watching it for the past 20 years. Sarah says she now just embraces it by sitting on the couch with him when he watches it but has her earphones in and laptop tuned into something else :P

  11. I mean, I'm perfect so I have nothing to share ;) The hair is everywhereeee always, and we disagree on how we do laundry for sure haha!

  12. i apparently leave the same cupboard open everyday.. and it drives andrew insane.

    i am so glad EVERYONE has the hair issue, not just me!

  13. Haha this is so funny because I'm pretty sure it's true for every married couple. I think the one thing that drives guys nuts is the hair thing. But seriously, why do we shed so much?! Marriage and learning to live with each other/how the other one operates is the funniest/most fun thing! :)

  14. I'm definitely a shedder...drives Doug crazy. He doesn't understand how there can be so much hair everywhere.

    Also- I refuse to fold his shirts now. Mainly because he has what feels like 9,000 white tshirts. And I don't fold the the "right way." Well then too bad for you. Fold them yourself! haha

  15. hahaha..this made me laugh and then think, " this what is going to happen to me next summer after Joe and I get married?!" But you sound like you are enjoying every bit of married life =)

  16. How has it been 4 months already?!! And Josh says the same thing about my hair. Especially when he finds them in his underwear. :-)

  17. My hair is every where as well....and I totally unplug the toaster every time I use it as well. Haha!!

  18. My hair is everywhere too! I tell Doug that It's my way of claiming him even when I'm not around because he'll be at work or in his car and notice one of my hairs on or around him. *whisper* I'm everywhere. haha.
    We have lived together pretty much our entire relationship (10yrs & a few months) and we still learn and see new things. I think that's good. You don't want to have everything completely figured out, takes some of the fun out of it! ;-)

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  20. hahaha those are the exact same things nico said to me our first four months of marriage! lol! we didn't live together before either, so it was a lot of learning! but at least us girls do the dishes, right?

  21. hehe the hair, it gets them every time. Brandon doesn't know why I'm not bald.

  22. This is a cute post! I need to think about us in this way.

  23. So glad I am not the only one whose hair gets everywhere! I don't plan on living with my future husband before marriage either so this was a great post to see what they future may hold! Love your blog by the way!

  24. So true! Nate and I have been married over 2 years and we're still learning so much about one another!

  25. Love this!!!! It's so true for all newlyweds. Can we make this a link up?! Hehe

  26. I just love this! I'm taking notes for a married blog post! hahaha


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