Monday, September 30, 2013

September FAVES!

Ahh, yet another month has come and gone. Just. Like. That.
I mean honestly, this has been the fastest year of my LIFE.

Now before October begins, I want to look back on what made this month so awesome!

-Sophie. Sophie. Sophie.
If you didn't read earlier in the grandparents got a dog. So, that basically means I reap every benefit of having a pup but not having to do any of the hard work (hiii nanny)!! She is the sweetest thing, and just loves to play! I can't wait to see her again!!

Yep, that is right ya'll! This gal took time out of her never-ending busy schedule to finally take her husband's last name. I couldn't be more excited!

-Wedding food. YUM.

-Getting my hair chopped off. It's even shorter than it looks in this shot. I'm loving it!

-Rice Krispie Chicken.

-Finally making a healthy lifestyle change, and for real this time. I may not be the fastest...that is for certain... BUT, I'm getting better and its not even been a week. I'm determined to keep my mind straight and eat foods that are good for me!

-Reading my Bible more.

-Taking the time to pack my lunches

-This past weekend. Aside from the Bengals the stinking gross Browns... it was great. I spent time with lots of awesome people, danced like crazy, and whipped out my camera. It was amazing

-Blog friendships. I am lucky to have made quite a few great friendships through this little blog of mine. A couple in particular that will text me when they need some prayer and encouragement, or just to let them know its OKAY to have that fifth slice of cake when the day just isn't going your way.
You know who you are :)


  1. September was a great month for you, girlfriend! And I still can't get over how gorgeous your hair looks! And also how gorgeous Sophie's hair looks, obviously. Lady's got flowy locks fo' dayzzz! ;)

    Happy Monday, beautiful!

  2. I LOVE your hair cut! I've been thinking about cutting mine shorter...can you still get yours pulled back in a pony tail? Sounds like you had a great month! Are you still getting used to your new name? It's almost been 4 years for me and some days I feel like i'm still getting used to it :) Happy last day of September!

  3. So beautiful in that last photo, love the hair! You made the process of changing your name sound so enjoyable. As happy as I was to take on my husband's name I thought the process was quite cumbersome trying to get every single thing switched over!

  4. I've officially gotten my SS switched on to every other little thing. Gah! It feels so weird (and exciting!) to be official, doesn't it?! Happy End of September!

  5. I will ignore the 'gross Browns' comment...just to tell you your hair looks adorable!! I love it!

  6. I love Sophie already :) Can't wait to meet her and snuggle that lil fluffy pup!!! Your adorable short hair is giving me the urge to chop mine. uh ohhhh!

  7. Sophie looks like such a sweetheart!! I'm like a nanny with Zoey too - it's a pretty good deal :) Seriously your haircut looks so good on you! I can't believe September is over but I'm looking forward to October because it's my birthday month!!

  8. The hair! I just can't get over how purrrty it is! =)
    And woohoooo!! Changing your last name!!
    I remember that being a small pain in the butt!
    Glad you got it over with! =)

  9. What a fabulous month you've had! That hair is just to die for! And I showed Christian the pup and we're obsessed with her! Sooooo we might come steal her, okay?! ;)

  10. Kayla, how to you keep yourself accountable when you need to read your bible? I've been slacking lately. Need to make a change! Love this post by the way. Made me super happy!

  11. you are just the cutest! i love your hair! and that dog is precious too!!

  12. I love that Rice Krispie Chicken is it's own bullet point. This whole year is just FLYING by, I can't even handle it!

  13. I had a beast of a time changing my last name. There are so many things to change! I didn't actually completely finish for about a year after we got married ;)

  14. I absolutely agree with you....this has been the fastest year EVER. It really has been a great month...I think my favorite thing of yours is your gorgeous HAIR!!! So grateful for our friendship!

  15. I am literally obsessed (in a good, non creepy way) with your short hair friend. You are just beautiful! And yay for changing your last name. woohoooo.

  16. Your hair is just so pretty! I need to start reading (books) more and taking time to just relax! :) yay for fitness!


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