Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Where my girls at?

Yep, you better believe I'm crankin that' 702 this morning. Got my yellow tank on...I'm feelin good.

So, something pretty cool happened last night. I can't wait to share it with all of you!

Can I just say really quick -- this whole blogging gig just brings so much happiness into my life? Mainly because I've met some seriously amazing ladies through it...and can't wait to meet them all in real life, but what's super cool? The fact that I've never met most of these girls face to face, yet I absolutely know they'd drop whatever they are doing to say a quick prayer for me, be there for me, etc.
This blogland is something special, I'll tell you that much.

We could all use more happy in ours lives.
That is why I'm SO happy I found miss Kaylyn this time last year.
She was one of my first "blog friends" (yes, Caleb makes me clarify...) and I just love this girl a ton .She is not only DROP DEAD BEAUTIFUL (it makes me envious!!), but has a heart of gold. She is the sweetest thing, and is soon to be a MRS!

It's funny, the pictures of me above are when I was about 30 days out from marrying Caleb and represtented my various emotions... I was excited, ready, thrilled, happy...and I can only imagine how she is feeling now, too. I'll let her have the floor. Seriously, you'll be sorry you DIDN'T follow her if you don't today.

Hi, newest blog friends! My name is Kaylyn Orr (soon to be Kaylyn Weir), and I blog at The Weir House. I recently began my blog last October, and Kayla was my first blog friend! She’s been there every step of the way for me. I guess you could call her my blog sister.
A little about me: I get married in less than 30 days to my other half. After marriage, we will make the move to Seaside, Florida to begin newlywed life together. I am a newbie at photography and love graphic design. I’m also opening up a vintage clothing boutique online soon. Stay tuned! I plan on launching in November!

I love a good cocktail (we’re having dirty shirley’s at my wedding), I prefer rainy days over sunny ones (yet I’m moving to the sunniest place around), Hello Kitty is a part of my growing collection; toasters, blankets, jewelry, makeup – if her face is on it, I love it. My celebrity crush is John Krasinski from The Office. Oh, and I plan to travel Europe next year! Tyler (my beau) and I work from home, so as soon as we save up a nice pile of cash, we’re hitting the Eurail.

Stop by and say hey! If you’re a lover of all things vintage, keep your eyes peeled for some new inventory you’re sure to love!

PS - when Kayla asked me to write a bio on myself, I had no clue where to start. 2 glasses of wine and 5 sheets of notebook paper later, I had written a terrible rap (you heard me correctly, the first words were (yo, yo, yo.) It turns out that I cannot rhyme. Consider yourselves lucky that you weren’t forced to read it! Hehe.



  1. EEP EEP EEP!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't believe I made it to the MKOY blog :) I'm honored. Truly. Let's hope the next time you'll be posting about us is because of our first blog date!

  2. She is SO dang pretty!!! Definitely going to check out her blog :)

    Also I can't wait until we can meet in real life and then you don't have to say my "blog" friend Becky to Caleb :P

  3. Well now I wanna hear this rap...!

    1. HAHAHA Emily. Save yourself. I mean seriously. :)

  4. oooh i love her, she is just gorgeous! just like youuu!

  5. Some of my online buddies are my closest friends!! :) Isn't it a wonderful platform to meet new people?

  6. Yes, to making some amazing friends through blogging....it's a pretty crazy world!! And Kaylyn is precious!!!

  7. Wow.. she is stunning!! And wait... she's moving to Florida...loves photography...loves YOU and I haven't "met" her yet?? Changing this NOW! Also her mancake totally looks like caleb in that last picture!


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