Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October goals!

Oh, came and went so fast, and I'm not too mad about it. Now, one of my favorite months are here.

practicing my doodles at  the park.
So, what do my October goals look like? Pretty simple, and only a few.

Finish a book.
Pay off more debt.
Continue running 4x a week.
Carve a pumpkin with my man!
Get a head start on Christmas gifts.
Learn to make an amazing dinner for Caleb.
Wake up at least ONCE to run BEFORE work, not after.

So cheap, and so healthy.
Taking a look back at my September goals, for those interested (or not).

Run 4x a week? Eh. I didn't kick this in until the last week of the month, but I'm determined to stick with it now. My fitness journey has begun. Get in touch with old friends more? Check. Catch up on Bible reading? This is a constant effort and I'm happy to say I'm doing it :) Appreciate my job more? Check. I'm much more thankful for my job than I used to be and its definitely helping my work flow here at the office. Share a last name with my husband? CHECK CHECK CHECKMATE!! ;) I'm thrilled to say that I went to the SSA office (thankfully before the government decided to basically quit), and got that taken care of. It feels good to share a last name with Caleb! Get my hair done? WOOO! Check the freaking check. Be a healthier me? Yes to the yes yesss yes. I have made a serious improvement regarding my health, with only ONE treat the entire week last week. For me, chocolate every few hours (yes, daily) is normal at the office, and it was beginning to catch up with me. I'm excited to say with eating right, on top of working out, I shed 3 pounds. Eek! I'm happy to say the healthy decisions are coming easier and I'm actually EXCITED about working out again.

So, what does October hold for you?


  1. That first picture, like i love it. Saw it on insta and gasped yesterday. I wish I had great handwriting!

  2. Good job keeping up with most of your goals from last month! And I love your pretty handwriting.

  3. You rocked those goals ma'am!!! October is going to rock even harderrr- get itt! :)

  4. As I write this, I've just finished eating 4 pieces of a dark chocolate almond bar..chocolate is too addicting :P Way to rock your goals!! I want to wake up and run before work too - let's do it together?! :)

  5. I think it's so important to write down your goals. I need to do the same thing. What book are you finishing up? Love your goals!!

  6. Absolutely love your handwriting! You should create a font :)

  7. As I sat and read your goals I nodded at each one. Sounds like I need to "borrow" some of these goals ;) Especially that haircut one. And the Bible one. And the fitness one and well, you get the picture!

  8. Is that seriously your handwriting?! This is my jealous face!

    And as far as running, one thing that really worked for me was a 7 mile per week goal. It didn't matter if it was seven 1-mile days, or two 3.5 mile days, but I pushed myself to do 7 miles per week. I loved it!

    And congrats on that brand new last name!! Now time to make babies and you'll have your own little family :-)

  9. Hi Kayla! So I am a friend of Ashley's (dancing with Ashley) so I have been reading your blog for a while and I have finally started a blog of my own! I am working on running myself - I am trying to reach the 3 mile mark this month. Keep up the good work with working out!

    -Mary Beth

  10. Sounds like you're doing awesome! Great goals. I love running before work. It's so great to get your run done in the morning!

  11. Sharing a lady name is a good feeling.


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