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Thursday, September 29, 2016

What I'm excited about.

I really hate the whole "wishing for the weekend" mentality. I do try my best to enjoy each moment for what it is, and stop wishing time away. Life goes too fast as it is. However, today can't go fast enough. I get to go to the TNF Bengals game tonight!! I definitely got what I asked for in this chilly Fall weather, and being down by the river tonight will mean I need to bundle up, I'm sure!

My Bengals NEED to win tonight to gain momentum and head into the next few weeks with more motivation to win! This needs to be the year we make it past round 1 of playoffs!

I'm really hoping that Caleb and I can make it to a game together this year! We always try to at least once a season. Throwback to 2 years ago, my mans beard was killin it.

Other things I'm excited about:
-Doing Insanity 3 days in a row this week. Guys, I can do real push ups now...and its only been two weeks!

-I shredded nearly a whole block of cheese last night so you know what that meant? FLUFFY shredded cheese with our tacos...not the bagged stuff. Thanks to my aunt, for the tip! But really, cheese is always good, I'm not picky ;)

-Actually having a free weekend and getting to do whatever we want with our time. As much as we love celebrating our couples and photographing their day, we need time for us, too! So I'm really glad we're making that happen all. weekend. long!

-National coffee day. Although I'm more like "gimme a splash of coffee with my vanilla creamer" kinda gal, I'll definitely partake!

-Vacation being 23 days away! Eek!

-Sweater weather is finally among us. I knew I succeeded with my outfit when a co worker called me "fall-tastic" this morning.

-Going to a real farm this weekend (IF it doesn't rain - fingers crossed) to pick pumpkins and buy some cider and celebrate the chilly weather!

-The new show "This Is Us". Thank goodness for Hulu, Caleb and I watched the pilot episode and we both loved it. Oh man, so many tears. It's SUCH a great show! It reminded me a lot of Parenthood with all the different family dynamics.

Hope everyone has a fun Thursday!


  1. This is US!! YES! So good :) And shredded cheese is 1000x better than the pre shredded stuff. Another valuable cooking tip I just learned recently (yes i'm 31....) is that real butter is 1000x better than the fake tub margarine stuff.

    And i'm seriously looking for a little sweater weather down south ... it's been high 80s non-stop!

  2. I love "this is us" for so many reasons! It also is fun because the entire school seems to be on board watching it so we talk about it at lunch!

  3. oh i really want to watch this is us! i missed the pilot because i wasn't staying up till 10-11pm lol but i forgot about hulu! i will try that. i am thinking of waiting a bit so i have more to watch at once.
    congrats on the real push ups! you go!
    lol @ fall-tastic. fabulous!

  4. OO I should catch up on the fall shows that just started since I suddenly have a free day today. I really hope you're able to go pick pumpkins!

  5. Hand shredded cheese is waaay better, but I usually take the convenience of the not great bagged stuff. #lazygirlproblems Being called fall-tastic is the best compliment EVER!!! I'm going to brunch and a pumpkin patch on Saturday and I may wear a jack-o-lantern t-shirt. I'm too stoked. Ha! Have fun at the game tonight!!!

  6. So many of these things excite me too! This is Us is so good. I keep telling everyone to watch it. Like if you don't you'll be oh so sorry.
    Also, the cheese thing made me laugh out loud. I only use shredded cheese from a block. I grew up with it and it's what I'm used to.

  7. I'm home every day and I still wish for the weekends haha. There's just nothing like time with your people ya know?! Have SO MUCH fun tonight!! Bring home a win!! xo

  8. I LOVE the fall-tastic comment. That is for sure a win. Enjoy the game tonight!!! Sounds like so much fun!

  9. This is Us is my new favorite show. I bawl and bawl and bawl.

  10. Seriously though, shredding a block of cheese tastes SO MUCH BETTER than the bagged stuff!


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