Thursday, March 20, 2014

Is that you, SPRING??!

My my my...could it be? Spring!? I do see today is March 20th but the lack of you lately has been making me wonder if you'd ever make it.  Well, either way, if you do decide to come around, and stick are a few things I'd like to say!

Stick around for a WHILE, so my husband and I can keep running outside. It's been fantastic, and hitting ACTUAL pavement is improving my runs! I feel like I can run much longer when I have a real breeze in my face!

You bring a whole new look to my wardrobe this time of year. I was not made for Winter you know, and neither were my clothes. I literally have about TWO pair of long work pants. I live to be in cropped pants, skirts, dresses, etc. Tights are the devil, and I don't believe I'll be wearing them until the first day of Winter.

I have a harder time saying no to Chipotle with co workers on a 60 degree day... so, give me some will power, eh?

My heart skips a beat when I walk into Target and see all things Spring. The dollar section with cute easter baskets, peeps GALORE, and all the cute bikinis in the world. #youwin

I like that you bring one of my best friends birthdays, and Easter (this year, on the SAME date)... how fun is that!?

I also love you for the fact that my days feel longer. I'm able to come home, run, make dinner, do some laundry, somehow its only 7:30 and you still keep the sun shining bright as day!

Last but most certainly not the least favorite reason I'm glad you're here....
with this new season, brings My FIRST wedding anniversary. Well, and every other anniversary for the rest of forever...but I'm especially excited about this first one. I still can't believe in a couple short months Caleb and I will be celebrating our first anniversary! So, thank you Spring, for finally showing your face. We missed you :)

Are you happy Spring has finally sprung!? 


  1. I'm more than ready for Spring this year!!! What a blah winter - we all deserve some extra sunshine now!! I should probably avoid Target until my next paycheck because my need to bring in some fun Spring clothes is pretty strong right now...

    I love that I can come home, relax for 30 minutes and then get my run in! It's supposed to be in the 50s today and I already can't wait to get out there this afternoon!

    I can't believe you guys will be celebrating one year so soon! :)

  2. Love that we both posted about our love for Spring today ;) DUH- best season everrr!! I'm loving the longer days and more sunlight- can't wait for it to REALLY warm up!!

  3. I love that the sun is shining...but the cold is still here. Spring needs to warm us up!

  4. Love that the days feel longer! Now I am just waiting for the temps to go up!

  5. YES! I love getting off and still having about 3 hours of actual daylight again!! SO EXCITED for spring!

  6. Oh my goodness! Your first anniversary is just a couple months away--so crazy! And yes, Spring is looking mighty fine this year. I went running this morning at home in Ga and it's so much hillier than the route I'm used to running near the beach. Oh lawdy.

  7. I looooooove spring!
    And I'm with you! I can go so much further when I have a fresh breeze hitting my face while running.
    And I'm loving the suits at Target! Too bad my sorry mom boobs need Victoria's Secret to make a bikini look good these days, HA! (I shouldn't have said that out loud, but oops! I totally did!)

  8. I do NOT understand what's taking spring so long. We just had a freak snow squall this afternoon. It didn't last too long but seriously it looked like a blizzard out there.


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