Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let the festivities begin!

Saturday was the day -- my FIRST bridal shower.

I'm just gonna get real personal and tell you that I could not stop sweating on the car ride there. I bought this cute new navy lace top on sale and not even kidding. My pits were a mess and I started getting that feeling I got back in school when I had to present about a topic I wasn't prepared for. I know, I'm crazy. This day was going to be FUN! & I knew that... I just don't do well with everyone paying attention to me.

We pulled up to the place though and OH MY WORD... all that weird anxiety went away and everyone was there ready to celebrate this new adventure in my life! It was such a great feeling.

This shower was thrown by my MOH Lyndsie. Um. Let me tell you something... girl just gets me. Mason jars? Check. Cupcakes? Check. Yellow everywhere?! CHECK CHECK CHECK.

The decor was just too cute, as you can see. One of my other friends (and bridesmaid) Marie took care of all the food...and I'm not talking take-out.
We're talking like, she home-made ALL of it right there. Chicken salad croissants, grilled on the spot bruschetta, quiche, meatballs, stuffed mushrooms, and a couple delicious cheese balls.

After we all got stuffed silly, we played a few hilarious games.
A silly round of he said/she said.

& then I had to leave the room & each table inappropriately decorated a pair of briefs.

Check out THAT face, and my sweet great granny checkin 'em out.
THEN... everyone gathered around to watch me open all the presents. I was ecstatic at this point, Caleb and I are so blessed.

My sweet great grandma Agnes, cracking up at some of my presents.
UM amazing!
My grandma (basically a second momma to me) surprised me with THIS bad boy. O-M-G. In love. Caleb and I absolutely cannot wait to find the perfect spot for this in our place.

Tryin not t  break TOO many ribbons.
My incredible SIL-to-be and MIL!

I've been so blessed by this lady. My great grandma Agnes, so happy she gets to see her only granddaughter get hitched.

I know this gorgeous gal needs NO introduction, but this is Erin, my super soulmate. I don't know WHAT I'd do without her. She is such a constant "happy" in my life, and I hope she always knows how thankful I am for our friendship. Just saying, the two of us are kind of awesome when we're together, but you add our men to that mix & you've got yourself the most ridiculous bunch of craziness you'll ever see. In the best way possible. Moral of the story; I love her to the planets and back 16 times.

That is Marie, yes...the amazing chef. I legit asked her not to buy me ANY wedding presents but to just teach me how to cook.
You think I'm kidding? Nope.

& that is my MOH, Lynds. She did SUCH a great job planning my shower, it was exactly what I'd always thought of in my head. I mean, really. She was in Cali for her last semester of college and she came to OHIO for spring break!? Uhhh... that is true love. We've been friends for over a decade now, and I am so unbelievably thankful for her.

So, that was my exciting Saturday :)
After everything was loaded in the car, I met Caleb at our apartment and just the two of us went through everything and put it all away in cabinets. It was probably the most romantic thing we've ever done. I about cried of excitement!

Thanks for sticking around for THAT crazy long post!

I'll be back to finish up the rest of my weekend, tomorrow.


  1. Your shower looked absolutely adorable...love all the decor! And that lace tee is SO pretty Kayla :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. it looks like you had a wonderful time and everything was so pretty!! love the top too!

  3. Your shower was beautiful! I love all the decorations - so pretty! :)

  4. I am a new follower!!! Congrats on your engagement!!! Love your shower pics and decor!!

    Feel free to pop by and say hello sometime!!

  5. Loved your outfit and the shower!

  6. Lovely pictures! I love your outfit, especially the shirt.


  7. You don't look nervous at all, so you handled yourself well! Looks like a beautiful shower. I'm here from Dancing with Ashley... so nice to meet you! :)

  8. This is the cutest shower I've ever seen! And you are adorable.

    I was so nervous at mine, too! I hated that for an hour people were just staring at me the whole time. Oh hiiii, I'm awkward.

  9. Love the shirt! Where did you get it??

  10. Wow! Everything looked great. Showers were one of my favorite parts of planning a wedding. The actual planning stuff stressed me out, but I enjoyed the showers a lot.

  11. ah that's so great you enjoyed yourself!!

  12. Wedding showers are so much fun. You're so smart to take everything to your apartment and put things away. We had our apartment almost a month early. Why didn't we think of that? It sounds like you had a blast!

  13. Ahh! It looks like you had a blast!
    I love those frames and seeing all the yellow.
    It's getting soooooo close girl! :)

  14. You are so darn precious :) I'm so glad you had a great time- you DESERVE IT! Lyndsie did a great job, everything was adorable andddd I totally want to go get some of those picture frames now lol!

  15. Your shower looks like it was a lot of fun! I hope you enjoy all the wonderful gifts you got (:

    - Carrie

  16. THE perfect shower!!! (I love shower food....that's pretty much the reason I go) :-)

    Love your granny checking out those briefs!! So cute!

    Your big day is getting so close!

  17. It looks like so much fun! Can I tell you again how totally happy I am for you?!? :)

  18. when i saw you on ashley's blog this morning, i recognized you right away from erin's posts... but i didn't realize you were a blogger as well... so of course i had to stop by!

    it looks like your shower was amazing, and i love that lace top, soo cute!

    i'll be following now, looking forward to reading more about the wedding planning and prep :)

  19. such a cute shower! Loved all of those frames with pics of you and Caleb. I have a fettish with mason jars as cups. Saw them for the first time ever at a friend's wedding...they filled 'em up with lemonade... so cute!! Had to get some for myself. They are always what I reach for when I pull a cup out. So glad you had a great shower!! :)

  20. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! The shower looks like it turned out fabulous!

  21. I want that food you have going on there! yum yum!

  22. I'm a new follower...thanks for the giveaway on Dancing with Ashley

  23. Wow what a great shower!! you look gorgeous too! love that top! :) your MOH rocks - all those decorations are adorable!

  24. AdORABLE!! I sooo need to blog about my wedding showers... the pictuers are STILL on the camera... my life is a circus! HA!

  25. How adorable are you??!! Oh my goodness I love how full of excitment this post is! What a magnificent shower! So happy you had such a wonderful day:)

  26. amazing food and amazing picture frames!!! what a fun day!

  27. Oh how fun! I loved my bridal showers, but remember feeling the same way...I do NOT like being the center of attention....ever :) I turn all red and feel all self-conscious. It's a great look :). Looks like you had so much fun and loooove the decor!

  28. SO FUN! You looked soooo pretty - and I love those picture frames!!! Looks like the perfect event and you had a blast...

    Pearls & Paws

  29. Wow, your shower looked like a blast! I must say your love for your fiance real shows through your blog posts! A love like that is amazing to have and I'm glad you can share it with the world!


  30. Beautiful! They did such a wonderful job for you. Those memories are ones you will always hold close. Just darling!

  31. So much fun!! I love your top, too. And you're an only grandchild!??!


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