Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween - flashback style!

Happy Halloween!! I so wish I worked in an office that would allow us to get a little crazy on Halloween. I'd so wear a costume, but nope, they are boring! So I'm really looking forward to this entire weekends. Guys, its a FREE WEEKEND! These don't happen often but my 2014 weddings are coming to a close...we have 3 left in the year. So, I plan on really enjoying this costume filled weekend.

Tonight, we're hanging out with our best friends, having ourselves a random dance party, and probably watching a scary movie or two while binging on candy ;) then tomorrow evening we have caleb's cousins annual Halloween bash. It was a sad day last year when we couldn't go, so we're MORE than thrilled that we're able to attend this year...they seriously go ALL OUT. I'm talking, coffins around their house, fog machines, portable heaters, bon fire, insanely creative Halloween themed snacks, etc. It's awesome!We've got a few ideas for our costume and we'll be solidifying them tomorrow afternoon (yeah, we procrastinated).

Since its Halloween, just wanted to throw a few fun photos up from Halloween's past. It's crazy to see how much Caleb and I have changed! You're never too old to dress up for a fun Holiday, am I right!?!

2012: Batman and Robin. 

 See what I mean with the creative (and delicious) snacks?!

2011: Superman and Captain America (yeah, we had a superhero kick, what can we say?! & yes, those are mens briefs.... we won't talk about it)

2010: Pinball and flapper.
Erin and Jared had the best costumes that year!

Goodness, we've changed a lot! I love looking back and seeing how we've grown together. We've had so much fun over the years with his family at Halloween and this year is no exception. Bring it on.

oh, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Any creative costume's for you guys this year?!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Never underestimate the power of family {my mom is home}!

MY MOM IS HOME. Can you even believe it?! If you've been following along with this blog for long, you know the story involving my mom. In this post, I informed you guys she finally made the decision to come home, for good! I wasn't trying to get my hopes up as this has happened before (last October), but sure enough...there she was at CVG Airport Tuesday morning waiting for me to pick her up :)

I can't tell you how long I've prayed for this. We're talking nearly every single day, since February of 2012...and it finally happened. To be truthful? It hasn't entirely sunk in yet that she's here, for good. I don't have to worry about squeezing in time with her all in a few quick days... she is HOME. This is her HOME now.

She's got a long road ahead. She needs a job. She needs her own place. She needs a car. So if you guys can send our family some good vibes, we're all hoping some doors open up for her soon. We know this is one of those "baby step" processes, so we're just happy she made the decision to come home and start over. I'm excited to restore our relationship. Every gal needs her momma.

Last night, we decided to take my family to dinner to have a little "reunion", and it was glorious. Full of hilarious laughter, monkey faces, and too much cheese (is there such a thing?!)!!
I think Caleb wins.
Hopefully in the next few weeks, I'll realize that she IS HERE TO STAY. Goodness, that makes me smile!

No matter what, its good to know that family is always there. Even when we make selfish, silly, ridiculous decisions... they will always be there with open arms, quick to forgive, and slow to anger. I'm thankful for family who would do anything for me. Squeeze your fam a little tighter tonight, friends!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Who gives a hoot?!

A friend and I were talking recently about how we sometimes let our opinions of ourselves be influenced by others, and their opinions on us...or our situation...or our family...etc. To be entirely honest? It's really exhausting.

No two people's situations are alike. You can't please everyone. Sometimes, you will tick people off for no really valid reason. No one is perfect.

It makes me realize how much I love this quote (and these adorable bulldogs);

It's so true, though..right? No matter what stance you take in life on any given subject, there will ALWAYS be someone who doesn't agree. ALWAYS someone who thinks you're nuts. So you know what I say? Support the things that you believe in, without giving a hoot what they think! You absolutely will never be able to please everyone all at once, so you may as well make sure you're happy. Love yourself more!

I'm lucky enough to have quite a few amazing friends... which isn't something a lot of twenty somethings can say at times. I'm talking those kind of friends who would drop anything for you, the friends you can call at 2AM because you just need someone, the type of friends who will not only let you cry in their parking lot over the fact that you suck at cooking, but the kind that will make you laugh cause they can tell you're feeling a little down.

Life is flying by me way too quickly, and I'm choosing to surround myself with as much positivity as I can. Having those certain people in my life to bring me up, sometimes are exactly what keeps me going. Those who support me no matter what, those are the kind of people I want in life. But those who will also be honest with me when they see me struggle. Those are the kind of friendships I desire.

Moral of my post? Get rid of the negativity in your life... cause when its gone? There's SO much room for the positive, and that will absolutely change your life.

Happy Wednesday, friends.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Caleb's golden birthday!

When the clock hit 4:30 last Friday I couldn't get out of my cubicle fast enough. Sweet freedom! It was time to start the celebrating. I told Caleb we were due for a classic dinner/movie night out, and since his birthday was that weekend it was the perfect excuse! So, Skyline and a movie it was.
 I had already purchased Calebs real birthday gift (more on that to come in a moment), but I'd picked up quite a few extra photography gigs to cover some extra fun for his I told him we could go to Marshalls and pick him up a few things. You know what he picked out? A stinking reversible drying mat for our dishes, and a new dish brush to wash dishes with. I mean?!!? He loves his "chores" ;) once we got home we watched the new Transformers movie and then headed for bed.

We had a beautiful wedding to shoot Saturday! We had a lot of down time at the reception, and I'm not exaggerating when I say I was sore the next morning when I woke up! WOW! We literally had this old man come up to us and say "you two have too much fun to just be photographers"...we'll take that as a compliment, sir ;)

Sunday morning was just amazing. So I'll spill the beans to you now. Caleb's gift was a pair of tickets to the Bengals much better seats than he's used too! So I woke up, and got ready for "church", and while he was taking a shower, I had his brother and his cousin come over to sneakily surprise him to help him reveal his present from me. Once he got out of the shower, he walked into the living room while he was brushing his teeth and they screamed "SURPRISE" at him and he about swallowed his toothbrush! Haha! It was amazing. I recorded it, but I won't show you...since he WAS in his towel ;) cracked me the heck up. Anyway, I gave him his new Bengals shirt to wear (which he loved) and we were off to tailgate with their friends.

If you're a Bengals fan, or even caught any of the game at was an incredible game to witness. Being a Bengals fan is always emotionally exhausting and we can't help but love it! Seeing the joy on his face all day was SO worth every penny spent. I just love his smile :)

I literally almost threw up the last 4 minutes of the game, but the Win we pulled out was more than worth it!!! He said to me multiple times throughout the day that this was the best birthday he's ever had. Man, I love that guy!

We spent the rest of the evening relaxing, and unplugged. It was just what we needed!! Then we made some of the most delicious red velvet cupcakes was so fun!

We had the best weekend, even with working! So thankful for that man of mine and for fun weekends together. Hope you had a fun one!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

crappy vs happy

Once upon a time my sister in love, Erin, did a post titled "crappy vs happy" (or maybe it was happy vs crappy, either way...), and I stumbled upon it the other day! It made me smile so much I decided to write one of my own.

Crappy: not having enough room in my purse for my camera...
Happy: looking down and seeing that nearly everything inside of it is yellow, including the purse itself.

Crappy: not being able to visit a museum for years.
Happy: getting into one for free because some of your favorite clients got married at one!

Crappy: how many calories a can of mountain dew has
Happy: when you decide not to care and go for it anyway

Crappy: feeling under appreciated at my office job from time to time.
Happy: but finally getting somewhat of the raise I was promised 9 months ago!

Crappy: keeping birthday secrets from my husband...
Happy: looking forward to telling him his surprises!

Crappy: not having much free time due to so many edits that need done so soon!
Happy: still loving every second, and finding beautiful gems like this that I can frame.

Crappy: having to work Fridays while your husband gets them off.
Happy: having an entire free night with him to kick off his b-day weekend celebrations!

Crappy: not making exercise a priority this week.
Happy: realizing its okay...and learning to forgive myself.

Crappy: that daylight savings time will be over soon, so it will be darker earlier!
Happy: that when its brighter in the mornings it'll be easier to wake up and get my workout done with before my day really starts.

Crappy: not getting to see your friends as often as you like.
Happy: but being able to have a random ladies night with some co workers (and cheesecake, duh!)

Anyway, happy friday friends. Caleb and I are shooting a wedding tomorrow, and Sunday is my misters birthday and I can't wait to celebrate all day long! Love that man. Enjoy your weekend!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

When you get emotional...

...just let it happen. That's kind of a new motto I've picked up, Lately, I've been getting choked up over the smallest of things. I've found myself lately stepping back, realizing, wow...I've got an amazing husband, and serve SUCH an amazing God.

Sunday when I was able to put my dress back on for my friends photo shoot...Caleb zipped me up and mentioned how funny it was, its like I was a different bride with my brown hair. Seeing him in a fun little get-up wasn't half bad, either!!

More than just having a blast getting our pictures taken while wearing my wedding dress for an hour or so...I have to talk a little bit about my experience at the photo shoot, and how it inspired me, as a photographer, and as a wife.

There was a shot that Reese (Renee's fiancé) took and he looked at the back of his camera, and said something about how much he could tell Caleb loved me...I hid the not-so-dry eyes I was beginning to get, and went about having a blast letting him twirl me in my dress, being silly with me...etc. Fast forward through an hour of laughter, hilarious calf grabbing (yes, you read that right), and some silly games...and we had nearly reached the end. Renee had one final idea, and she wrapped us up in a blanket in the middle of this gorgeous field as the sun was setting. Then she asked us to close our eyes as we faced each other, and think back to our wedding day, and what our favorite part was. Before she could even finish telling us to think about our wedding day, the tears had already begun.

Our wedding day was so special to me, and at first, I thought the emotion coming back to me in that moment might be a little embarrassing. While I started to apologize for my tears, Renee said "Kayla, don't apologize, it's okay..." so calm, and just let us have a solid minute of silence.  I think it was the fact that I was back in wedding-day mindset, and the fact that I was in the middle of the most gorgeous sunset...but God spoke to me in that moment. I went back to every moment of my wedding, and one of my favorite parts of our day? When Caleb was willing to feel insanely vulnerable in front of EVERYONE who was important to us, and sing to me, playing the cords to one of our favorite songs he'd only learned 3 days before. He told me his favorite moment was when the doors opened and he saw me walking towards him for the last time as only his fiancĂ©. Goodness, I love that man.

I felt so inspired after that photo shoot with them, that I had an engagement shoot scheduled for the next day. Normally, after working all day at the office, my only desire is to go straight home, eat and relax. But this time? I was ready for a full hour of fun with this couple. I started looking at that hour as more than "work", but an experience. It's my job to make these clients happy, have a blast with them, and remind them just HOW in love with each other they truly are. I want them for just a moment, to even forget the camera is in front of them, capturing their every move.

Sure, love isn't always easy...but it shouldn't be too hard either. It should be the kind of thing that comes easy to you. Nothing short of laughing 'til you cry in the kitchen, staying up until 2AM on a Tuesday night just because, and ordering a dang pizza together even when one of you is on a diet.

Happy Wednesday, everybody. Hug your loved ones!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

In the midst of our fall list.

Such an amazing weekend. That's all I can say! Friday, I left work early and we got a headstart on our little road trip back to Mount Vernon with enough time to spare, that we even got to play in the leaves and had ourselves a little tripod photo shoot before the rehearsal dinner.

frisbee golf! I actually wasn't half bad.
can you spot the frisbee?

The whole weekend was amazing. Saturday was the wedding, so we went to lunch with the groom (caleb's college roomie!) and I relaxed before the day really began.

The ceremony was quick, and the reception went really was so fun catching up with all of Caleb's friends!!

My sweet man put his jacket around me during the cold walk back to our car at the end of the night. I quite like him ;)

We stayed both nights, and when we woke up Sunday we made the trek back home. I had been looking forward to Sunday FOR A LONG TIME. I got to put my dress back on!!! I know my girl Renee is INSANELY busy and it'll probably be a few months before I even get to see the pictures but we already know how amazing they are going to be! They treated us to the best day ever. Reese (Renee's soon-to-be mister) made ribs for lunch. Freaking ribs. Who does that!??! (He's an amazing host!!) We had a blast stuffing ourselves silly, being photographed, but ultimately realizing they are two of the most amazing people we've probably ever met. I swear, we gabbed on for a while about how awesome they are and we can't wait to hangout again.

I hope you guys had an amazing weekend, and a great Monday!
PS - I know I told Becky like 5 times yesterday, but I HOPE YOU HAD THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER YESTERDAY, GIRL!!!!! ;)