Friday, December 19, 2014

The ugliest sweater of all.

We've been looking forward to this weekend for a while! We're going to visit two of our sweetest friends, Andy & Megan! They live in Columbus and we have LOTS of fun planned for ourselves. Sushi, homemade pedicures for us girls (video games for the boys), my first Barre class, the Zoo (eek!!) and much more! On Sunday, we'll be back home for church and our first Christmas celebration with Caleb's side of the family. His parents will be in town so we're kicking things off a little early! As excited as I am for that, I don't want tonight and tomorrow to go by TOO fast!

I know I said it earlier in the week, but I really feel like December is FLYING right by me. It hit me that we only have a little over a week left with our adorable Christmas tree! Is it terrible if I want to keep it up well into January? Something about its cute bright colorful glow makes our apartment feel so "home-y", and we love it!

Another reason I don't want December to fly by? So I can rock ugly sweaters like this as much as possible ;) -- props go to my sister in love for that!

I also can't get enough of all the baked goods. Something about this time of year makes everyone want to bake (talking about myself here), and I can't say I hate how the kitchen at work always smells like gingerbread and peppermints. YUM! I also don't hate all the work my brother puts in after school to deliver these awesome Christmas themed concerts! Love him, aaand I wouldn't mind if he shaved that beard....

Although we've got a LOT more fun planned for the month of December, I'm really excited for this new year and all the fun goals we've got in store. A lot of scary exciting things headed our way and we couldn't be happier about all of them! Anybody else praying for a WHITE Christmas!?!? I want to build a snowman!! ...... you're welcome if the whole Frozen soundtrack is now stuck in your head.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Things I took advantage of as a teenager.

You know what's crazy about being married? You kind of have to do everything yourself. There are no parents to pay your bills, make your dinner, and fill up your gas tank. So here are a few things I miss about being young.

-It seemed that we never ran out of toilet paper. I don't know if I just never thought about it, but it seemed as though the closet just spit out a new roll of TP whenever we needed it. Now, if we forget to run to Sam's when we're out...well, lets just say our closet doesn't automatically refill.

-Vacations with friends. Hitching a ride with your best friends family for an awesome vacation pretty much happened every summer. Not having to plan anything and just "going along for the ride" doesn't seem to happen anymore.
Yep, that's me (left) and Lyndsie (right).
-When my pants needed hemmed, my mom and grandma would take care of it for me. I never asked to learn because it never occurred to me that one day I'd need that. Now? I'd kill to know how!

-Having unlimited time to play The Sims. Go ahead, judge me all you want. I played it, and when I'm home alone...I contemplate re installing it on my computer to make a cute little family in a tiny little home that they could barely afford -- just to abandon them a week later.

-Not really caring. It wasn't until my JUNIOR year of high school that my friends and I started wearing make up and actually wearing "name brand" clothes. We didn't pluck our eyebrows or even think about a smart phone. Sometimes, I wish that was still the world we live in! Teenagers now live such different lives, and I'm thankful that social media wasn't huge back then.
So. Much. Hair (and braces! eek!)
-Dinners. My grandma and grandpa always prepared the most amazing dinners every night. I'm talking, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. We would eat promptly at 5, no phones at the table, with some good home made food. Now, I have to cook for my husband and I... that poor guy.

-Back to school shopping. Alright, alright, although this didn't happen for me much (I paid for most of my own stuff back then) I still miss the tradition of shopping like crazy for myself, once a year. Why isn't this still a "thing"??

Oh be young again! HOWEVER! Being a married adult is also amazing...Caleb and I make our own plans, we buy whatever we want, and sometimes we even say "screw a home cooked meal" and order take out, and its awesome. Growing up is an adjustment, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

So good for my soul.

This past weekend was so good for my soul. I can't begin to explain the amount of fun we had! Friday evening, Caleb's company threw their annual party and while it was fun, we didn't stay the entire night. We stuck around for the free dinner and won a few prizes (amc + kroger gift card)...then headed to Dave + Busters for the rest of the evening. We truly feel like little kids when we're there, between the ski-ball (I rock!), air hockey and my old school favorite - Galaga - we were in arcade heaven.

Saturday morning was something I'd been looking forward to for a while. I coordinated a little morning of baking with my favorite ladies in my family. We all were supposed to pick a recipe or two, bring the ingredients and have a field day ;) my sweet Aunt opened up her home and we hung out for hours, dancing, singing Christmas songs and just chatting about life, all while trying NOT to eat all the delicious baked goods! I'll let the photos make you drool speak for themselves...

Later that evening Caleb and I were able to get all dolled up for my company Christmas party.

These ladies are my all-time favorite co workers!

Filet mignon, lobster tail and cheesecake, plus a million and a half amazing sides. YES!!

This man is so awesome. Making me laugh all night, ordered himself a tall glass of milk and everything.

Sunday was an amazing message at church! Then we had a few friends over to watch the Bengals absolutely dominate. Finally, a game we didn't have to stress about at all!!! Johnny WHO!? ;) hope you all had a great weekend!!!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

The (mostly) highs and lows of my week.

Oh my, its FINALLY Friday. I've had quite the week, filled with ups and downs, happy stuff and crappy stuff, and I'm ready for the weekend!!!

Low? Having to pay for alterations on a bridesmaid dress for the NYE wedding I'm in.
High? Getting a call from the seamstress and finding out its only going to cost $26!!! WHAT?!! *happy dance*

Low? Getting food poisoning late Tuesday night all into Wednesday. It wasn't fun. Unless you categorize sleeping on the bathroom floor as fun, then...there's that.
High? Getting extra time to relax at home with my man this week in the evenings. 

Low? Finding this picture of me getting caught by my husband stuffing my face with my 4th cookies and cream bar...
High? Actually doing pretty well on my "eating right" plan this week...

Low? How fast this month is flying by!!! I want this season to last a while. It's the only season we truly decorate for, and it makes our apartment feel so "homey".
High? Getting to change the "# of days" on our Mickey advent countdown...absolutely love it!!

Low? Paying for an expensive drink at Starbucks (I only buy it when I'm there for a consultation).
High? Realizing its one of the tastiest holiday drinks I've ever tried!!!! Candy Cane Frapp!!

Low? Realizing I have yet to wrap any of Caleb's gifts yet. Or actually see any of them, for that matter!
High? Getting texts from my Nanny saying his gifts keep arriving to her house day by day. Caleb and I both order through Amazon so I have his gifts sent to her house :)

Low? I've been absolutely sore from a killer game night w/ the youth group on Sunday.
High? Having a blast with those kids isn't something I ever regret, no matter HOW sore I am!

...I'm so excited its Friday guys, really. Caleb and I have two office parties this weekend. His is tonight, mine is tomorrow. I have no clue what to wear to either of them, but what I do know is, its two free date nights for us! Lots of free food make us one happy couple. I hope you guys have LOTS of "highs" this weekend, and no "lows" :-)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Goals as husband & wife before the new year!!

We all say it every year, but 2014 truly FLEW right past us! Caleb and I set a few goals for ourselves before the final month of 2014 is over. A few we can help each other on, and a few individual...

Substitute teaching license.
Caleb's dream of becoming a high school history teacher has been on hold for a while, for no real reason. We all get comfortable in life sometimes, and forget where our passion truly lies. BUT he recently expressed how badly he wants this. So his goal is to be certified to substitute teach by the end of the year. Or at least have the application completed to begin pursuing it on the first of the year. WELL, the other night before bed, we decided to take all the necessary steps online and made him an account with OH dept of education, and tomorrow he's going to the district to get their signatures, etc. I'm so extremely proud of him!! If you've ever been around him, you can tell he's an amazing man, and I get to witness his leadership every Sunday night when we hang with our youth group. I just know he's going to be an amazing teacher. 
[insert random photo of husband where he looks professional]

Relax more, together.
This season of little-to-no weddings won't last forever, so we're savoring our evenings/weekends together (unplugged), with no laptop out for editing...I'm quite enjoying it! This may seem like a silly goal, but for us? It's necessary!!

Be more intentional.
It hit me the either day that I have only seen one of my bridesmaids, Ashley, ONCE since my wedding. Although we live states away, I just hate that! We grew up together, and hardly speaking is just not okay with me! So I'm trying to work something out soon to make more time for friends like that, whether its a quick phone call after work or a simple card to let them know I'm thinking of them! Caleb is working on a guys weekend with some college friends in Columbus/Cleveland, and I'm excited for this Saturday, where I get to have a day of baking with some women in my family. The awesome couple below wants to have a hangout soon as well, and we're so excited about it! Time with friends is just something that should always happen! This also applies to my marriage, its easy to forget to "date" Caleb, but just because we're married doesn't mean the fun stops! I'm excited to spend Christmas with him and give him a couple from-the-heart gifts, as well.

Drop a few pounds.
I guess I shouldn't say that. I could care less what the number on the scale says, if I feel good about myself. I really kind of let myself go the past couple months, and I'm proud to say I'm officially back on the working out train. Trying to get at least 3 runs in a week, plus strength training and eating a LOT better...I pray that it pays off by the new year.

Officially sign up for the half marathon in May!
Caleb's work (luckily) pays for his entry, but that doesn't mean I'm covered! I keep forgetting and need to just sign up before the year is up and prices continue to rise! Training is going to be so fun (and brutal, I'm sure)!

Make more low-carb meals, together.
Caleb and I both feel that going low-carb is what shows us the quickest results, both physically and mentally. If I cut out pop and white bread/rice/etc, after a week? I feel like a new girl. So we're excited to try some new, healthy recipes!! & sure, we have a tiny kitchen, but those nights we can cook together just make my heart happy!!

Any goals in particular you have that you want to finish before the new year hits?? Tell me about it!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A tradition through the years.

Every year, our foursome (Caleb and I + Erin and Jared) go see a Christmas show that a giant, local church puts on every year. Would you believe me if I said they "sold" (remember, this is a free event) over 100K tickets in the first 24 hours? It blows my mind how much work and dedication these people go through for a free event for the community, but I think its one of the best Cincinnati traditions our town offers, and we sure look forward to it every year! Pretty sure this marks our 5th year in a row attending! We didn't think we'd be able to make it this year but plenty of people "returned" tickets for dates they could no longer make, and Erin scored us some amazing seats on the floor!

The show was absolutely amazing, as usual. The only difference this year was that we went on a random Tuesday, instead of a Friday or Saturday. It's much busier on a weekend, with photo ops, and tons of free food...but it didn't bum us out one bit. We still got free cookies (I at least snagged a couple), snapped a few photos together, and had an amazing time. By the end of the show, I was almost in tears. What a fun reminder that no matter what we do in life, God will always be waiting, with open arms!! Love that. So, all in all, we had an amazing night...and I'm so happy to keep the tradition alive!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Sweet tea and good friends.

Ah, Monday. It was so hard to get out of bed this usual. BUT! My heart was so full this weekend (other than the ugly loss to the Steelers which I refuse to talk about). I honestly don't have many words for it as it was pretty low key...but I'll give you a quick peek at what we got ourselves into!

Friday we spent the evening with one of my sweetest friends, her fiancé and their ADORABLE new puppy, Kora. It seriously gave me puppy fever and now I'm crying every night that we don't have a sweet little pup. Then I remember I don't have to worry about anyone chewing up our couch or peeing on my bed, and I'm happy again :) it was so great seeing Angie and being our usual, weird selves.

Saturday we woke up extremely late, and I didn't care one bit. We spent nearly the entire day shopping, then we got home, (I had a splitting headache that put me out for a couple hours) and wrapped presents all night before the OSU game came on. I can't believe we're almost completely done with our shopping, we're NEVER this prepared and I'm so excited!! My sweet momma and brother came by and when I requested sweet tea, momma came to the rescue.

Then OSU won (woo!!!) and after church Sunday we found out that they made it into the Top 4 and we got so excited! I'm not very invested in college football but if I had to choose a team to root for, you bet its OSU everyday! We relaxed all day Sunday (remember, I won't talk about the Bengals loss...) then and a fun evening of games with the youth group.

I honestly could get used to these free weekends! The rest of December is pretty much filled up, but with fun I won't take these free weekends for granted. How was yours?