Monday, February 8, 2016

Mostly productive weekend!

Friday evening was the perfect date-night in. I made spaghetti and meatballs and then we popped a ton of popcorn for all the movies we were about to watch!

Saturday, we woke up earlier and I got a tough workout in (I also finished with a 90's video called "8 minute abs" - ouch). Caleb had to leave to help his Dad with some things, so I took it upon myself to basically finish all of our laundry (seriously, it never ends) and organize our bedroom. For a few days there, you could hardly see the floor. It was giving me serious anxiety (and a few stubbed toes).

After a few hours of cleaning (I also scrubbed that kitchen - woo!), I cleaned up and we got ready for one of our favorite little girls birthday parties! If you recall, last month, she was in the hospital with pneumonia, so her original party got this was finally her day to celebrate! She makes me so darn happy I can't stand it!

Sunday we heard an INCREDIBLE message from our pastor at church. Then went over to Erin and Jared's for a day full of Disney games (#nevergrowup), KFC, and football. To be honest? My favorite part of that Superbowl was Bruno Mars. I love that man, and am reminded how badly I want to see him in concert! The game as a whole was kind of sloppy, and hard to watch! But overall, I'm ready for a break from football. My who-dey heart is still a little broken!

Did I mention the 4 of us nearly finished this bowl of "crack dip"?!! 
All in all it was an awesome weekend. Caleb and I are definitely NOT taking this free time for granted. This coming weekend we've also got NO obligations and are so looking forward to it! I hope everyone found some fun to get into! :)

Friday, February 5, 2016

Happy Weekend!!

I'm so thankful that its Friday. Caleb and I finally get to enjoy a weekend doing whatever the heck we want. It may sound crazy, but for us, those just don't come around that often. I'm so excited to get home tonight and figure out what the heck we'll do. Probably get crazy and begin a new Disney puzzle.... ;)

Obviously, Friday is reason enough to be happy. However, I also got the chance to go to Ruby Tuesdays with our receptionist. She's the sweetest...always so positive, optimistic, and genuine. So I grabbed her for lunch one day and realized how much she needed it. Her Dad was recently diagnosed with aggressive pancreatic cancer and they've given him less than 6 months to live. I hate that she's going through this, but I'd like to think that for even a few moments, she wasn't thinking about all the darkness in her world.

I've been utilizing the other perks of Amazon Prime, other than just the free shipping! If you don't have the Amazon Prime music app - you need it NOW! I came across a ton of Colbie Caillat and I forgot how much I used to love her. I've got a pretty killer playlist going!

My sweet Greta also picked me up with HER OWN CAR this week. She's like a little sister to me, and I'm thankful to be able to make these fun memories with her. She offered to take me to Starbucks one night, so of course, I obliged.

Last night I spent an hour watching another free webinar. I'm pretty much in love with Katelyn James and every image she's ever taken, so gaining insight for FREE from her is an opportunity I can't pass up. I really can't get enough!

We also took a stab at cauliflower pizza last night and totally transformed a Pinterest recipe from pepperoni to buffalo chicken! We really did love it. I have to be honest, it didn't satisfy that "pizza" craving, but it DID taste amazing. But man, I miss carbs. 

Hope everyone has a lot of fun for the weekend planned, or a lot of relaxing, which is just as awesome in my book. Happy Friday!!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Feeling refreshed + some goals

I'm finally feeling like myself again. This week, I've really started watching the foods I put into my body, I've been focused more on exercise and getting my daily steps in, and I've been cooking nearly every night. Oh, and I cut off 4 inches of hair last night (which I haven't done in years)!
I call this the Claire Dunphey
Something just kind of hit me over the weekend, that all the things I say "would make me happier", I could actually be doing. The only person stopping me, was me.

For instance, I claim to love reading, yet never make the time for it. Caleb and I cannot say no to our local used book sales, and we end up leaving with about 20 new books every time. We physically have no more room on our bookshelves, so they are flowing over into our bedroom nightstands and desk. Yet, what's the point in continuing to buy them if they just sit there?! SO, I'm challenging myself to start/finish a new book this month. I'd ask you all for recommendations but I already have too many to think straight :)

So here are my goals for the month of February:
Curl my hair a few times. I love the way it looks curled yet I never make time for it. So here's to waking up a couple times to practice more!

Exercise. Whether that means waking up before the sun to get in an hour of cardio, walking on my lunch break, running at night, etc., I'm not going to be too selective! Just want to be as active as possible, every day.

Order a new photo book. Well, my FIRST photo book. I really want to make our wedding album. I know, 2.5 years later... blah blah blah. Now that I finally have free time, there's NO excuse.

Cook some new recipes. Pinterest has literally been my BFF this week, and with guests coming over on Monday, I want to step up my game :)

Date the heck out of Caleb. We have so much free time this month and I don't want to let it slip away before its gone. We don't have a wedding until March, and then starting in April it gets a little crazy again. So, I want to soak up every evening/day/etc. that I get with my man!!

Do our taxes. We are so much more prepared than we were last year and I'm ready to pay these silly taxes so we can get on with our debt snowball! We are praying to be out of debt by mid-Spring!

Organize and clean our bedroom. Somehow our bedroom turned into more of a catch-all for all of our laundry, books, etc.! I want our bedroom to feel more relaxing... not stress inducing! ;)

I hope everyone has a great Thursday. SMILE! The weekend is almost here!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Romeo, oh Romeo.

After a going away party for my boss on Friday, I finally made it home for a night in with Caleb! We hung out and watched some movies but tried to get a good amount of sleep before our fun little mini-trip to Columbus to see some friends, and their precious dog Romeo!!!

We got there around lunchtime and promptly went to BJ's Brewhouse for food- omg! I haven't been in years and forgot how delicious it was. We ordered everything, even apps + zerts (haaaay to anyone thinking about parks and rec right now)!!

Megan scored some random free OSU hockey tickets for that evening so after some much needed quality time catching up,  we headed to Campus!

The Bucks won 3-2 and it was super fun! I'm not a big hockey follower in general, but its a fun experience to be there in person! We got take out for dinner and went back to their place to play euchre, and I finally feel like I get it! WOO! We also started a fire and yes, it was magical. I long for a fireplace one day :)

We stayed up way too late, but still managed to make it to church with them the next morning. We headed home shortly after, but of course, stopped for brunch first. We're so thankful for the (short) time we got to spend with them! It's great having friends both near and far!

Caleb and I saw "The Intern" Sunday night once we got back home and wow!! It's  definitely one of my new favorite movies. Of all time... I feel like it had "all the feels", and I actually learned some things from it. You really need to see it!!

Hoping to get back on my blogging game this/next week. I needed a couple days off to just relax. Hope you all had a fun weekend, and are making it through your work week!!

Friday, January 29, 2016

My awesome week!

1. Obviously finding out Erin and Jared are welcoming a baby BOY was the highlight of my month...but MEETING him will be the highlight of our year :) we can't wait to be an Aunt and Uncle!

2. My random sweet tea stop yesterday that I needed on my lunch break to the park. Yes, needed.

3. A random review from a recent bride. She's freaking amazing - even though she spelled Caleb's name wrong ;) we're so lucky to meet so many amazing couples through this adventure! 

4. THIS DINNER. Here is the recipe, and yes, you need to make this asap. It's DEEEELICIOUS!

I'm really looking forward to a fun weekend! Caleb and I have no plans for tonight, and tomorrow morning we're heading to Columbus for the day to spend it with some friends! Megan and Andy are so sweet, and we don't get to see them very often, so we're really looking forward to it! and MAYBE a visit to Jeni's is in order?!? ;)

Hope you all have a fun weekend planned!! See ya next week!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I'm getting a NEPHEW!

Erin and Jared came over on Monday night to give us some VERY exciting news they had been keeping to themselves all day! I could hardly focus at work, but knew that by evening, we'd know whether or not we'd be meeting our first niece or nephew later this year!

I was somehow convinced it was a girl - but that should've told us all something - cause I'm never right! Although, it was only a 50/50 shot ;) regardless, I cannot wait to be an Aunt, to the cutest little NEPHEW!! I've always heard people talk about it and now its finally happening. My random stroll around Target yesterday nearly turned dangerous when I saw "BOGO" deals on all baby clothes - yikes!

In all seriousness, Caleb and I are over the MOON about becoming an Aunt and Uncle. I know its going to be such a fun "title" to own. I just know Caleb is going to make the greatest Uncle. He's amazing with kids... they seriously love him!

More importantly though? I know Erin and Jared are going to be the greatest parents. The love they already have for this lil peanut (I guess I can stop calling him that, since now we know he's a HIM), is infectious and I know God is going to bless them richly with this little babe!

We can't wait to watch our best friends become a family of three!

Have a great day, friends!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Latest obsessions

1. Free photography conferences. I've basically signed up for them all, spent hours investing in the knowledge from some of the worlds best...and stalked Amy & Jordan's website for hours last night. They are freakin' adorable, and SO talented.

2. Making A Murder. O-M-G. Can we talk about how awesome Netflix is? I convinced Caleb to start watching this with me on Friday and basically every moment since we've been watching. Since Friday night - we're officially on episode 7. I know, its sick, but we really can't help it. I promise we don't normally veg out in front of the TV, but this show is too good!

3. Cooking. I've really gotten in a groove and I'm pumped about it. I'm trying things I wouldn't normally do. Like, I'm the girl who is usually intimidated about actually cooking chicken in a skillet,  and not just baking it in the oven, but I've promised myself to cook a few meals a week that are scary for me. Last night I made a delicious balsamic chicken w/ veggies. OMG.

4. Small tattoos. I can't say or not if I'll ever get one, but I'm loving the simple ones! Like these mountains!

5. Finding out what Erin and Jared are having last night. I cried, I squealed...lots of emotions were thrown around. I'm seriously ECSTATIC! They brought over the cutest little onsesie to reveal it to us! As much as I want to shout it from the rooftops (or through the inter webs), this is THEIR news! SO, check out her blog today and find out if I'll be meeting a baby niece or nephew this summer!!!
I hope everyone has a great Tuesday! Make it awesome!