Thursday, September 3, 2015

When strangers are nice.

I pull into the McDonalds drive-thru and order an apple pie, act surprised when they tell me they are 2 for $1, and say, "I may as well"...I reach the second window to pay for the rectangles of heavenly goodness and am caught off guard when the adorable employee says "oh my goodness girl you just look beautiful!!", and begins to compliment my necklace. It's sad how this almost made me uncomfortable, and I nearly tried bringing myself down as if it wasn't okay to accept the compliment, but I ended up thanking her. Sure, I mean, I was thankful for the compliment, but I drove on anyway. I then started to feel bad for dismissing her kindness. Why do so many of us think we have to be down on ourselves when others try to compliment us?

I know that not everyone is this way, but its something I'm realizing I need to work on more. Why do I feel the need to reject kindness when its offered? I think that a lot of us are afraid if we accept these things, it means we're full of ourselves, think we agree with them, etc., when in reality - we should be thanking those people. Not only thanking them, but EMBRACING what it is that they've said!

I may not wake up every day thinking I look all that great, but I think this world needs more people who are confident in themselves. Who can accept a compliment without belittling themselves. Sure, we may have flaws...but who doesn't? This world is made up of millions of IMPERFECT we should learn to rock our flaws and be proud of 'em!!
I know this was a random post, but it's just been on my mind lately. I hope you all have a great week. I've so enjoyed some time off. I had one engagement session this week, and one Skype call, its been nice to focus more on my home and myself. Make it a great Thursday, friends!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

20 things.

1. I'm officially obsessed with my bluetooth speaker. Caleb and I can do our own thing throughout the apartment and be jamming to the same song. Last night? A whole lot of Miley. Go ahead, judge us.

2. My wisdom teeth are officially pushing through and I'll have to get them removed soon. So, that's cool..... did I mention I have five of them?!!??!?

3. I've been wearing my Nikon OUT lately. 2 engagement sessions + 2 weddings in 1 week. But I'm loving it!

4. I read that Urban Meyer made students who wore blue to his class do push ups, and I think that's pretty hilarious, and pretty freaking awesome.

5. Delivering photos to brides and grooms makes me feel like Santa on Christmas Eve. It genuinely makes me giddy!!

6. One of my favorite little gals on the PLANET started pre-school yesterday. She had to wear a uniform and it was the cutest thing EVER! Marie told me as she ate breakfast that she asked "Do I look any bigger momma? I'm a big girl now!"!!! Be still my heart.

7. The other day someone asked me what my blog title even meant... hmm, potential blog post??

8. Being in the process of moving has been so therapeutic, we've thrown out a LOT!

9. Drying hair is overrated. It takes too much time. Why can't it dry itself?!

10. Speaking of hair... styling it is overrated, too. Caleb still thought I was cute with THIS hairstyle the other night, so you know, he's a keeper. OH, and he made us Grippos crusted chicken last night out of nowhere.

11. Since we're moving, I've discovered a new way to pack clothes, and yes it involves a garbage bag and it rocks. Saves a lot of time vs. folding/unfolding!

12. I'm excited for REAL football to start. Yes, pre season is cool, but now that it's September (I'm sorry, what?!), I'm ready for the real deal.

13. Which means I'm also ready for my sister in laws famous "Crack Dip"...
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14. It's HOT in Cincinnati this week. I won't complain though, we've had a pretty good summer! HOWEVER, I'm kind of ready for Fall. Especially since I ordered the cutest Loft cardigan with my birthday gift card!

15. Speaking of Fall... I've never had a PSL. Whoops.

16. Also, how is it SEPTEMBER?!?! I think we all can agree on this: fastest. year. ever.

17. Is anyone else as obsessed with Home Goods as I am?! Obviously I love it since its part of the Marshalls/TJ Maxx fam, but ugh, everything is so cute...and pretty affordable!!


19. Lists are my favorite. Honestly, its insane how many lists I keep a day.

20. & last but DEFINITELY not sister in love and the awesome, Amy have teamed up to bring you "Plan in Color"!!! It's exactly what it sounds like. Stickers + more organization to make your planner not only organized, but even cuter. Go ahead and follow them on Insta right meow, so you can see all the adorable stuff they've been planning. Trust me, its gonna be cute! I've even heard possible talk about camera you even know how HAPPY this makes me?!

Have a great day, friends!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Tired eyes. The weekends over?

This weekend was exhausting, that's about all I can say. We're used to being busy, but this was over the top. This weekend was also a little emotional. This photo explains us perfectly right now...tired eyes:

Yes, we are EXHAUSTED today, (and still have the whole week ahead of us) but some of the images we captured this week make me so, so proud. I'm proud of us for working all weekend, I'm proud of us for producing tons of awesome images like these....

There isn't much else to show you or say about my weekend because...well, it was full of photography, and that's okay! ;) sure, I was absolutely exhausted by Sunday evening, and we didn't grab dinner until nearly 9pm, but as Caleb reminded me "sometimes you've gotta work hard to play hard", and I'm happy that this Labor day weekend? I get to enjoy WORK-FREE! I've worked every holiday weekend this year so I'm excited to take 3 full, long days off from everything. I'm pumped!

I hope your weekend was awesome...and I'll leave you with my new favorite Monday quote from one of my favorite dudes, Jon Acuff.... Monday only knocks you over if you don't knock it over first!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Random weeks are good for my soul.

The randomness of this week was crazy. We had an eventful one. Monday & Tuesday were full of photography, Wednesday was a family night, and last night? I had some me-time. I blasted super girly music through our entire apartment on my new speaker and loved every darn second. The minute Caleb got home, he flipped the switch on that...but then I forgave him when he took this goofy photo with me.

Speaking of photos... here's a little sneak peek from the engagement session I shot on Monday night. Kelsey wanted "LOTS of sunset", and I believe I delivered.

I even got to grab dinner with an old friend and her ADORABLE little babe this week!

We had my family over for dinner Wednesday and my man cooked the whole dinner, and we got our house spotless for our company! Which really came in handy since we have fantasy football tonight as well, at our home! We have a lot of family coming and we're excited to spend some time with them. This is pretty much our last "get together" in our little apartment that we've called home for over 2.5 years. It's starting to hit me that we're actually moving!!!! We've already started packing, and its getting exciting! We're so ready for this new adventure together.

This weekend we have TWO weddings, Saturday and Sunday. I know we're going to be crazy tired, but we're excited!!! Hope you all have a fun weekend!!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Things that are underrated...

Monday evening I got home around 930, and Tuesday around 830. So to say just being home last night was amazing is a complete understatement. It got me thinking about how many things in life are "underrated", like.....

...having your grandparents over for dinner, just because...

...a good photo booth picture...

...having a clean apartment...

...a sweet text from an old friend...

...when your man cooks dinner for your family...

...the sound of a harmonica, soo beautiful!! old fashioned root beer float...

...a good book, the power a book has over me is crazy. I mean, some nights I can't even sleep!

...that gorgeous glow around sunset...

...a good photobooth session with your SIL...

...the smell of Fall... come on, you know its a thing ;)

...a good hair day (they rarely happen).... m&m's, does anyone else love those as much as I do!?

...clean sheets... nothing like curling up in bed after a long day to the smell of fresh linen!!

...blogging. I seriously love it. I may not be the best, or the most creative, but I can always count on this little corner of the internet to make me smile. Thanks to everyone who continues to read my rambles!! ;)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

When the bride invites her dogs...things get awesome.

If you read my post yesterday, you'd know our weekend started out AWESOME. We had a wedding on Saturday but got to sleep in some, which was awesome. We got a ton of laundry done, and a whole lot of cartoon watching in. Let me tell you, kids these days don't know how awesome cartoons were in the 90's...they are really missing out!

Once we watched all the cartoons our eyes could handle, we were off to the wedding! This bride was hilarious and SO laid back. The boys wore seersucker pants while the girls had striped summer dresses. It was freakin magical! Oh and did I mention she had the two cutest little dogs EVER as their 'ring bearers'!!!?!?

We had a great day and even walked away with some new polaroids (aka one of my fav parts about this gig)...

We were driving home and noticed fireworks in the sky... we realized they looked VERY close to home. Come to find out Jungle Jims (aka the greatest international supermarket ever) was putting on a free firework show to celebrate their 40th anniversary! So we pulled over to enjoy it, and it was awesome.

Sunday we had a full day ahead of us. Had a great morning at church, then spent a few hours with friends drafting in our first fantasy football league of the season! It rocked and I've gotta say, I'm excited about my team!

We then spent the rest of our evening swimming with the youth group and had a blast with some synchronized swimming. Ha! I'm totally serious ;)

Hope everyone had a great weekend, too!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Friday was exciting!!

I posted this photo on Instagram late Friday night as a celebration for a few things....

1) Caleb had just finished his FIRST day as a substitute teacher and loved every dang second. He told me it really just confirmed that this is what he wanted to be doing - teaching kids!! I'm pumped for him. He truly has a gift with kids and I know he's going to do amazing things!!! Can't wait to see where his career is heading in just a couple years!

2) We looked at a cute town home in our area after work and absolutely loved it! We asked God ahead of time to make it very clear to us when we walked in if this was the place for us or not - and wow, he really did. We just had a great feeling from the get-go! Caleb and I have been in our apartment since early 2013 and for whatever reason, we just feel compelled to move. Don't get me wrong, our apartment is awesome. It was brand new when we moved into it, and its treated us very well! It's not so much a problem with our physical apartment as it is our management office & increase in rent nearly every 6 months. We've been praying hard about it and this decision just feels right. We'll know more by the end of the day today, but we're SO excited!

The rest of our weekend was good, & I can chat about that another time. Today I just wanted to focus on how exciting the beginning of our weekend was. I can't believe we're moving!