Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A colorful soirée!

Like I said yesterday, I had the chance to shoot a last minute Indian wedding reception over the weekend. We got the call last week; the couple decided two weeks ago it was time to get married and they whipped everything together in that little amount of time! I can't even express how beautiful the bride was. All these colors?! I was dying! Unfortunately, it began raining so the 'shoot' at a nearby park we wanted to do wasn't able to happen...so we snuck outside their venue before the reception began. All I had to work with was an unclean strip mall, but I'm very happy with how the shots turned out!

I meaaaaaan!! Girlfriend is rocking the purple lips!

My favorite thing about weddings is just seeing all the unique personalities, decorations, and traditions. I love this gig! I have loads more I want to share, but haven't got around to editing them yet.

On a more random note...last night, Caleb and I went to our worship leaders home and took part in the first Fantasy Football Draft! I've gotta say, I'm really proud of my team and have high hopes for the season!! Any of you ladies football fans?! Speaking of...I can't wait to link up with my soulmate this Friday for "Football Friday"!! Have a great day, friends!

PS - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY!!!! I'm so happy we crossed paths in this humongous blog land... you have one of the sweetest hearts I know! Enjoy today, and all the surprises it brings :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

& productive, it was!

Friday was one of those nights where once I was home from work, I FLOPPED. Did nothing! It was amazing. Saturday we woke up, and decided to workout at our gym. It was the first time I was back in the weight section of the gym, in QUITE sometime (we're talking like a couple months). It seems that since early summer I've had a hard time getting back into the swing of things, and finally, I spent a good hour with Caleb on Saturday working on my shoulders/arms. To say I can hardly lift my arms today is an understatement. I'm hurting! But I kind of love it.

After the gym, we went home, cleaned up, and finally cleaned out our second bedroom. We threw away two or three boxes, gave Goodwill FIVE, and relabeled all the stuff we kept, and we have so much room in our spare closet now! Makes me a happy gal. Is it bad that the majority of our boxes are 'keepsakes' from our relationship, and Christmas decor? #sorrynotsorry

We can finally (almost) have someone sleep over in our guest bedroom now! It's clean!! After all of that, we got ready for a gorgeous Indian wedding reception that we were lucky enough to shoot! It was really neat, and I'll probably be sharing some images from it later this week.

Once we were home, we watched Psych reruns and ate free Chickfila (yay coupons)! Sunday was just as productive, with church, grocery shopping, and another long, AWESOME workout! These weekends with little to no plans will be far and few between this Fall, so I'm definitely taking advantage of them while I can.

Hope you guys had a great weekend! Do anything fun?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Time to be productive!

If I haven't mentioned lately...I'm enjoying August about as much as I can. September starts an insane time for Caleb and I with wedding, after wedding, after wedding. I can't tell you how much I'm going to enjoy my Fall Sundays, I'll be beat! So in the meantime? My weekend's will be either super productive, or super relaxing... this weekend?

SO PRODUCTIVE! I have a huge to-do list. Deep cleaning our bathrooms, grocery shopping, meal planning (thanks to some of your awesome tips!), packing boxes for Goodwill, and you know...hoping to actually SEE our bed in the spare bedroom again (once we clean the whole room out).

Overall, this week was pretty great! A few highlights?

-Watching my man hit a home run and his team win BACK TO BACK games!

-Booking a last minute 2 hour wedding reception on Saturday!

-Running 2 miles outside. I ran three times this week. I think I might FINALLY be getting back into my groove! I'm also eating a lot better this week than I have been since vacation. Yes, since vacation.

Spending our last couple days with this cutie!
Look at those blue eyes!!
Happy Friday, everyone!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

So, we're official cat sitters.

Last Saturday a couple from church dropped off their adorable little cat that we would be 'sitting' for an entire week. I'm not what you would call a "cat lady", by any means... but I do have a soft spot for their sweet faces and adorable purrs!

Meet Loki...yes, like Thor's brother.

He is adventurous, psychotic, and scared all at once. We love him! It's hilarious, because technically, Caleb's allergic to cats...but if he doesn't rub his hands all over him, then touch his face, he's good. It's kind of like babysitting, you clean up their crap, pick up their toys, and make sure they don't go into the spare bedroom alone...and we get to give him back this weekend! It's a win-win :)

I'm doing typical things "new parents" do... pictures every 4 minutes, snuggling with him like he's the cutest cat in the world, and watching him like a hawk. I'm finding that at 9pm sharp, he turns into this psycho...jumping off the walls, catching invisible flies, and being terrified of even air.

Yet, we're having a blast. I love this little guy!

Also, this happens every time I open my computer... its hard to blog this week ;) see?!

Here's to seeing what the rest of the week holds for us!

I'm hoping the next two days fly by at work...so I can enjoy my weekend! August has been pretty low key (bah, I just made myself laugh there, as this whole post has been about Loki), and every weekend this fall is essentially booked up with a wedding that we're either shooting, or a part of. I can't wait though! Just gotta take it day by day!

Happy Thursday, friends!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I'm just gonna say it, my birthday weekend rocked!

I won't even try to give any excuses as to why I haven't blogged the last couple days. Life took over, and I just didn't care to try and stop it. No apologies here! BUT, I'm back and I can't even begin to explain how much LOVE I felt over the entire weekend with all the birthday wishes!! All the sweet comments from some of you, friends texts, calls, family lunches, and who could forget? The sweetest husband there ever was! Can't wait to tell you what he did for me. Keep reading to find out later!

Friday night, we rushed home from work to make it to a Red's game with some of the youth group from church...it was an absolute blast. While Caleb and I hung out with the kids most of the night, we snuck in a little time together and a few pictures!

Although the Reds lost, it was a great game to be at, and to top it all off! The hall-of-famers were there AND it was firework night! It was a win all around.

We got home after midnight, so we went to bed! When we woke up Saturday, my man wished me the happiest birthday ever and took me to lunch at my favorite place!

Then, then then thennnnn! He took me to Marshall's and told me to pick out my favorite thing. Well, that meant this beauty was coming home with me!!

THEN...I turned around and my man held up the cutest pair of linen pants, and a clearance pair of heels, in MY size! I have to say, I was impressed. He made me try them on, and I loved them so much I got them (so cheap!!) I'm pretty certain I'll be wearing these heels everywhere I go for a while!

I got picked up at 12:30 for the wedding I was shooting with Joe, and was gone all day. It was GORGEOUS, but I did miss my man! He told me he had been at his friends all night, so I didn't expect him to be awake when I got home, at 11pm. I walked in, and I saw a gorgeous satin robe hanging in the hallway, and I could smell something amazing. Caleb came out and handed me a card...that essentially told me I'm the hardest worker he knows, and that he wants me to relax. He opened the bathroom door and literally, I couldn't help but start to cry! Ha, it was like a movie in there.

He had candles EVERYWHERE, and roses....and a hot bath ready for me!!! I can't even tell you how much it meant to me. I had one stinking hour left in my birthday when I got home, and he wasn't about to waste it by letting me sleep! Remind me to keep him ;)

Sunday, my family made me a delicious lunch. I got yummy food, and an amazing present!!! One of the "Pioneer Lady" cookbooks!!! I'm so, so excited!

If this weekend is any indication of how amazing my 23rd full year will be, then I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks for all the love, friends!!! Happy Wednesday!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Tomorrow, I turn 23.

It's probably silly, but I always feel like the 'baby' of every group I'm a part of - especially at work. Not that 23 is ancient by any means, but I'll be happy to be one year older. I was thinking about what I've accomplished in this little life of mine and I'm quite proud of myself. Sure, there are things I haven't got around to yet...but I'm getting there.

Yesterday I had a meeting with my boss about college, and I'm thrilled to say I'm GOING BACK TO SCHOOL! Sure, it'll probably be another 4-5 months before returning, as it will take some time to prep... but I'm pretty ecstatic. My junior year, my family didn't have the money to keep me at school, so I was forced to leave mid-semester. Talk about embarrassing. Finally, here I am, nearly three years later, and I'm finally doing it!

What else is making me happy?
-Football started last night. Although we couldn't pull out a win, I didn't even care. Watching kickoff from my living room last night just made me SO incredibly happy! #WHODEY!

-The Buffalo chicken quinoa I made last night. YUM!!!

-This man. Seriously. He has made this week just so awesome!

-Tonight, we have an outing with a group from church to a Reds game! It's also fireworks night, so I'm pumped!!

-Caleb and I saved up a little cash for an upgrade in our DSLR collection, and we bought our new toy last night. She's a beauty ;) tomorrow is my actual birthday, and I'm second shooting a wedding...so I'm hoping to get comfortable with my upgrade!

So although my birthday will consist of probably (finally, as last weekend didn't work out) opening up a joint account, and working for 8 hours...I'm pumped about what this new year of 23 will bring for me.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

A long awaited birthday present!

My husband wins for most awesome present giver. I don't know about you guys, but Caleb and I would much rather spend our money on experiences rather than a physical item (most of the time). If you follow me on instagram, you already know what we were up to Tuesday night!

So, my man told me what my birthday present was on valentines day. VALENTINES DAY!! That's how long he's had this planned... I can't say I'm surprised. He and I are both obsessed with One Republic, as well as The Script, so it was just the perfect gift. Time came and went, and it was here before we knew it.

The Script played for a good hour, I mean...they are a headliner band most of the time, so I was so excited. They were such amazing entertainers, and you could just tell they were so humbled by all the fans supporting them. Their originally from Dublin, Ireland...so they have some pretty sweet accents, too!

Then One Republic came on. EEK! I can't even tell you how awesome it was. I love when a band introduces themselves (even though we obviously already know who they are) and talk to the crowd, instead of ONLY singing.

If you read Monday's post, I talked about how I'd probably freak outtttt if they played the song Caleb sang to me at our wedding. Well guess what? THEY DID. Would you judge me if I said I cried for the first full minute...because that definitely happened. It seriously just brought back so many emotions from the happiest day of our lives and I wasn't gonna be sorry about it ;) ... they played every favorite of mine, some old stuff, and even a few covers (that they obviously rocked at), and I was pretty much in heaven the entire time. Waving my hands around, jumping like crazy, and just not having a care in the world how silly I looked.

One Republic sang for nearly two hours. I couldn't believe it! Ryan Tedder's voice is insane...Caleb and I practically had no voice after the concert was over!
Yummy grease face after 4 hours of concerts!
I truly don't have many words for it...the whole night was just incredible. My husband does such a wonderful job at making me feel special. The night before, he surprised me with a "birthday week kick off" present...

Some women might be offended "oh, your husband got you a fitness magazine subscription?", well heck yes he did. He is my biggest motivator, and in NO way thinks I need to "shape up", just knows that I want to be a better, more healthy version of myself, so this gift had me all over the place with excitement!

My actual birthday is Saturday, and I'm working, so it means a lot that Caleb (and some awesome friends) have helped me celebrate all week long! I'm so lucky.

PS - today is my blogs birthday! My Kind of Yellow turns TWO! Yay!