Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Jumping in the deep end!

Even though it wasn't exactly "summer weather" yet, we put on our suits and headed to the pool after work on Friday - books in hand, and adventure on the mind. We were the only ones there! I dared him to jump in (it was absolutely freezing), after a few whimpers - he finally did it...then he didn't think I'd do it. So what did I do? Yelled "SUMMMMERRRRR!" at the top of my lungs and jumped right in. It was freezing, but hilarious... seriously, it was a blast. Those are the silly memories that I'll never forget!

THEN! Saturday came. Eek! I finally went back to blonde. I don't know that most men care about the color/style of their wives hair so much...but Caleb truly missed my blonde hair, and to be honest? I did too. Don't get me wrong, he never once made me feel "blah" or "ugly", he always made me feel beautiful and he loved my natural color...he just missed the hair I had for the 5 years I decided since summer was approaching to just GO for it! My girl Becca rocks. She did really thin highlights all over but kept a little bit of my natural so I wasn't in total shock right away. She's amazing! Any local girls need her info, ask away!

After my appointment I went home, relaxed for a few and then we headed out for our 6th wedding of the year! It was a really good time and I'm so pumped about the photos we snapped! Is that bride not insanely gorgeous!?!? She's insanely sweet, as well.

THEN our anniversary adventure began Sunday and I can't wait to recap all of that!! More to come, later! I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and I can't thank everyone enough for all the happy anniversary wishes! Happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 25, 2015

2 years!

Two years ago today I woke up after only 5 hours of sleep to the most beautiful light shining in my bedroom window. It kind of hit me in that moment that I'd never again wake up in this home...I'd never get ready in the same bathroom that I had gotten ready in for half my life, and that things were about to change like crazy. Sure, I was a little nervous, but not in a bad way... more so in an omg I'm so excited lets get moving kind of way! I showered, grabbed my dress, and hit the road to head to the church.

Hours later would I marry the man of my dreams. It blows my mind that two WHOLE years have gone by since that very day that we promised to be each others forever... yet, here we are. If I had to do it all over again, I'd still choose him. These have been the best two years of my life!

Caleb has taught me a lot in these tiny two years. Like not to bottle everything up until I'm about to explode...that actually confiding in him will help, and that no, I'm not a burden. He's taught me that it's okay to go to bed with dirty dishes all over the place sometimes, time spent together is more important. A lot has happened in these two years, but I wouldn't trade one day of it for the whole world.

I know God has big plans for our future and I can't wait to continue seeking His will for our lives and  I'm excited to continue celebrating every year to come...Caleb, you've been amazing. I LOVE YOU! Happy anniversary!

and if you were wondering...yes, I am wearing my adorable yellow wedding shoes again this year! We're celebrating our 2 years in Pittsburgh and I can't wait to tell you guys about all the fun we've had so far!!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Nights that tug at my heart

Happy Friday, friends! I am so excited that this day is finally here... we have a wedding tomorrow and then we're out of town for our anniversary for a few days and I can't even TELL YOU how long its been since we hit the road and just enjoyed some good CD's, and each others company. I am more than excited!

Last night I went to another one of Caleb's softball games...there are only a few of these nights left so while my gut told me to head home and enjoy some much needed "me-time", I decided I'd rather be there for my man. It's nights like these I treasure most. It truly is the simple things in sitting on uncomfortable bleachers on a cool night with one of your besties watching both of your husbands tear it up on the field...

....or opening up your mailbox and seeing a cute card from another bestie at the perfect time....

...or seeing an adorable mini-library with an "honor system" on a random street...

....or realizing its finally Friday and you get to spend a weekend in a new city with the boy you love!

I've been editing like a mad woman this week and have lots of photos to prove's a quick peek!

I hope everyone has a fantastic week. Short post today? Yes. But my brain is all over the place with excitement to head home and get my husbands anniversary present together and get this weekend started!! :) enjoy, friends!!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

A hilarious blast through the past

I was looking at some old photos last night...and it really hit me how long Caleb and I have been together. This summer will be 6 years of awesomeness together ;) but our 2nd wedding anniversary is just days away and its so funny to look back on old photos. We've come so far in these few years and I'm so thankful for the husband I have. In honor of #throwbackthursday, I thought I'd share some of my favorite moments from the past 6ish years with this hunk...

The first time this cute boy came on vacation with us -- it was such a blast. I don't think I've laughed so much in my life. Pretty sure this trip with my family solidified our relationship. My little cousins fell in love with him and my aunt literally told me I was never allowed to let go of this boy ;)

When we were home from college in the summer, a ton of us would go bowling...seriously, all the time. You can tell it was summer because Caleb always had a burnt face from those long days working at the golf club... ;)

This will always be one of my favorite shots of us. He surprised me with concert tickets for my 19th birthday and whenever a man wants to actually snap a few selfies, you don't question it. He kept snapping away and caught this sweet little moment...

Dinners at our favorite restaurant in college; Fiestaaaa!

an accidental head cut off shot turned into one of my favorites. We left campus to drive an hour to a carnival and had a blast breaking curfew ;)

One of my favorite RANDOM date nights of ours at college was driving to a local apple farm and finding...wait for it, a freaking HORSE.

"Junior/Senior" at COSI will always be a favorite night of ours!

but most of my memories from college include this boy and this tiny little love seat in his apartment. We watched many movies in here, had many heart-to-hearts, and just had a blast being together. Don't you love all the old school Picnik editing on all of these pictures?! ;)

I think reflecting on our past can be so good for us, and definitely entertaining. I hope you enjoyed some of our photos today, friends! ;) its almost the weekend!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Surviving 9-5.

Don't get me wrong, I'm insanely grateful to have a full time job M-F...but its not always the easiest. Co-workers can stress me out, client calls continue to come in like crazy, my inbox gets flooded...some days are easy, some aren't... but no matter what, there are a few things I just NEED to get me through my week at work.

Morning chats with my favorite co worker!

A cute necklace...something about a cute necklace (or any adorable accessory, really) makes me feel more professional...which in turn makes me work a little better. So maybe Caleb should start letting me buy ALL the cute necklaces?! ;)

Texts from my cute husband.

Emails with my soulmate. Seriously, Erin & I email daily. I'm glad I have someone like is it possible to talk to someone every day and never run out of crap to talk about/update each other on?!

Hot tea in my favorite mug.

My lunch breaks. Seriously, I'm lucky to get a full hour for lunch and while I mostly stay at work and edit photos on my break, my favorite thing to do is to take a lil trip to Target and marvel at all the things I can't buy.

Swagbucks. If you are looking to make extra cash while you are already working? Click this. It's legit, real cash... I take surveys, mini polls and watch videos and get "Swagbucks" that you can redeem for gift cards/cash.
this made me LOL...fellow SBers will get it.

My mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks...seriously, I think I eat all day.

Pinterest...lately I've been on a "digital organization" kick.


My brain is kind of mush right now... we have a very exciting weekend ahead of us and my brain is in total "anniversary/getaway" mode!! Can you blame me?! ;) happy hump day, friends.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Some good weekend news!

Caleb and I had such a great weekend...even with an insanely long day Saturday. I have some exciting (for me) news: my foot is feeling better!! I don't want to be too excited (just in case), BUT three full days have gone by and no pain whatsoever! I hadn't realized it until I got home after being on my feet for nearly 12 hours at the wedding, and was so excited that I could walk normal again!

Another exciting thing happened on Saturday: not one single headache. Caleb packed a huge cooler full of food/drinks to keep my belly full and my body hydrated all day, and it WORKED! I'm talking pretzel chips, hummus, powerade, water, york peppermints, breakfast bars...the list goes on. It was awesome. I'm hoping a huge cooler full of goodies becomes a new wedding tradition!

Although it rained pretty much all day - we had a blast with this adorable couple. They even had a real SKYLINE bar on the patio... oh my word, it was magical.

We had a blast dancing our faces off for nearly two hours...and didn't get home until well after midnight. It was worth it :) Sunday was an amazing message at church and then we got a spontaneous lunch with my family. That evening was our last evening for youth group at the old building (they finally sold it!!). We spent nearly the whole night playing uptime frisbee, and I have to brag on my skills, guys ;) proof:

You know, I tend to let myself get so overwhelmed by looking ahead on my calendar...and it stresses me out a bit. But in the moment? During the "busy-ness", I'm still thankful. We had an incredible weekend, we danced a ton, laughed a lot...and I'm so thankful! I need this week to fly by though, so Caleb and I can celebrate TWO years of marriage in Pittsburgh!! Woohoo! Have a good day, friends!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Our anniversary plans!!

Happy Friday. I knew this was going to be a great day from the moment my mom surprised us this morning with a heaping box of Holtman's Donuts. I love that woman! ;)

I mentioned very briefly yesterday that Caleb and I made the spontaneous decision to get away for our anniversary at the end of the month. Before I dive into that, HOW in the world is it almost my SECOND WEDDING ANNIVERSARY?! I feel like I was just wrapping jute around all the centerpieces, planning the introduction songs and ordering the cutest yellow flats I'd ever seen. But alas, here we are... preparing to celebrate our second anniversary. I'm so lucky I get to do life with that husband of mine.

Anyway... we were initially planning on staying local for our anniversary, as there's so much of our city that we still have yet to explore, but we ended up deciding we wanted to see a new city together. Somewhere within driving distance...nothing TOO expensive... so what did we come up with?
Two days in Pittsburgh!

I know, you might be thinking how can we even  GO to the Bengals rival city? ;) Well, I'm looking past their one flaw (the Steelers) to explore the beauty that they have to offer. We've heard amazing things about the city and there seems to be SO much to do and we won't be able to fit in everything, this is where you come in!! If you've ever been, or are local, where should we eat? What should we do? We want your help!

In other news, I shot one of the best engagement shoots I think I've ever done last night, more on that to come next week, hopefully! I hope you guys have a great weekend!!!