Friday, June 24, 2016

A few on Friday.

This week was such an amazing break compared to the craziness that was last week. It's so good for my soul to get a few nights off, just come home, relax, edit on my own time, etc.!

-One of the gal's from youth group (who feels like my little sister), Greta, has a birthday coming up! Her boyfriend found my Instagram and messaged me to see if I could help him with part of her present before he left for vacation. He joined Caleb and I for dinner a couple nights this week while we made a photo collage for her room. Greta is a lot like me, and is obsessed with photos, so I knew she'd love it! He tricked her into coming over to see it all when we were done and she was so darn excited...made all those little sticky squares getting stuck to everything, worth it!

-Stalking Wayfair's website this week and eyeing these adorable pillows. I honestly cannot justify spending $25 on ONE pillow ever in my life...but these are so cute I may have to break that rule.
-I've been using my actual journal a lot more lately. There are some things I just don't want to write on the blog, and I think its good for the soul to write your honest prayers down every now and then.

-Caleb and I have been eating healthier for almost 4 weeks now (aside from the occasional cheat meal) and we're both finally seeing results. It's an amazing feeling! Can't wait to post about it.

-We have wedding number 5 of our 8 wedding stretch tomorrow and I'm really excited about it! Their day is very simple, and I can't wait to see her dress!

-I'm basically counting down the days until I can see the beach again and wear hats that are way too big for me.

I hope everyone has a great week. I know I've been blogging more this month but I don't quite feel back in my groove yet. Here's to hoping that comes back next week! Have a fun weekend, friends!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sports Camp 2016! AKA the coolest week ever.

I wanted to take today's post to recap my church's Sports Camp as a whole with some of my favorite shots. Basically we did the same thing every night. An insane amount of sweating, worshipping, walking and serving. It's overwhelming to see these kids sing to Jesus. It brought me to tears behind my camera more than a few times!

Sunday night was family night and we welcomed everyone into the park - this was also the night the kids got to meet all their coaches! The sports included flag football, basketball, soccer, cheerleading, backyard games and water wars. So much FUN!!

Monday was night #1 with the kids and we had the BEST time kicking off our week!

Just a few kids from our youth group!
Tuesday was yet another amazing night! Thankfully it was pretty overcast so we got a break from the sweltering heat for a night!

water wars is where its AT!

Sadly Wednesday night there was a huge storm brewing, so they had to cancel that night! But we came back Thursday and we went hard!

and Friday, we had ourselves a blast at family night! All the parents came and watched their children worship, win prizes and eat as much as ice cream as their little bellies could handle!

We gave away a brand new bike, and the boy who won already had one at when no one was watching, he gave it away. I happened to catch it on camera thanks to someone noticing, and man, it really got to me! These kids are amazing, I love their generous hearts!

A huge thank you to everyone!! Every single volunteer (those who danced, those who packed snack bags for 300+ kids, those who sweat for Jesus, etc.), every parent who trusted us, everyone who donated money or gifts or supplies, and especially everyone who prayed for us, etc.! It means the world. We had the best week with these kids. Over 340 kids registered, 100+ volunteers...its always a highlight of our year!

Already looking forward to this event next year! I love my church!

Monday, June 20, 2016

I've never been this tired...

...but can I just say it was all worth it?! We've had an insane 8 days recently and I'm still feeling like all the coffee in the world wouldn't help at this point. But I'd totally do it all again if I had to.

Friday while I was covering for the receptionist up front at work, I heard the elevator go off - which was strange since no one had meetings on the calendar for another hour. Imagine my surprise when my crazy awesome husband walked in with flowers and my favorite Starbucks drink! I was basically ready to leave work right at that moment! I love this guy.

Friday was the last night of Sports Camp - where we got free Chickfila, YAY!

Saturday we woke up early to head to Dayton for our 15th wedding of the year! I was pretty excited when I saw a giant popcorn bar greeting us at the reception!! Now I wish we would've done that, hehe! Caleb made me one happy wife when he brought me down a bag of caramel popcorn with CINNAMON ROLL ICING flavoring poured all over it. Are you drooling yet?!

We got home around 9:30, watched a movie, and crashed hard. Caleb had plans with his Dad and brothers to go golfing for Fathers Day...

...then afterwards we headed to my Dad's for a grill out and a few games or corn hole (look at me, already checking things off my Summer Bucket List!!)

We spent the rest of the day with my brother, which was awesome because its been too long since we've done that! Then sadly watched the Warriors lose in game 7 while eating way too much popcorn. All in all it was a great weekend, but Monday came pretty quickly. I'm too tired to adult today, but I suppose I have to get over it.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

My Summer bucket list

I'm making more of an effort to spend less time behind my screens this summer, and more time outside! I know we're a few weeks into summer already but I wanted to officially make a fun little list of things to work towards while we've still got the sunshine this time of year!

{Run 80 miles by my birthday} This is a big goal for me since I haven't been consistently running this year much, so I'm hoping this will really take me back to my regular running days! August 9th, you are going to come very quickly, I can already tell.

{Make a s'more - or three} no explanation needed, right?

{Make a dang photo book} pretty sure this has been on EVERY goal post I've written since we've been married... we shall see!!

{Go hiking/canoeing/do something adventurous} we live near some pretty cool trails and hiking spots and such, so I'd like to make this happen somehow!

{Hit up the zoo or aquarium} I love how many attractions our city has to offer, and although its kind of expensive, I think its always worth it!

{Play Frisbee golf} we have a pretty fun course by our neighborhood, so we need to make time on a weekend or evening to get outside and make it happen!
{Go to a Red's game} its been too long since we've been!!!

{Read a couple books} I love reading and once mid-July hits, I will have a lot more time on my hands!

{Get a couple chairs for our patio} I think since we know this isn't our 'forever' home either, we haven't made it very homey...but summer evenings are meant to be spent outside so I'd like to get a few chairs for Caleb and I to read outside together, or just chat about our days!

{Play corn-hole} we don't have a set, but I'm determined someway...somehow.

{Try a new restaurant with Caleb} for date night! Woo woo!

I'm trying to keep my summer list realistic. I'm hoping to accomplish all of these things by the end of August. Which reminds me about that 25 before 25 list. There's another post idea ;) its crazy how much has changed since I made that list and how my goals changed as well. I'm not even disappointed that it won't all get done, as life changes, our circumstances change, and so do our goals, and that's alright!

Here's to a fun, adventurous, sunny summer! What's on your summer bucket list? Please let me know! I'd love to have more ideas!