Wednesday, June 26, 2013


If you missed my first honeymoon recap, you can go here! Yesterday, I recapped the day after our wedding in Cincy, and then the first two days of our honeymoon in the beautiful city of Riviera Maya in Mexico. So today, I'm continuing that, with the next two days in paradise. It gets even better!

Moving onto day 3... we had another beautiful day so we did what any normal, sane human being would do...spent it poolside.

Literally, alll daayyy {Erin} ;)
Then it was time for dinner. So we dolled ourselves up and went out! Not before snapping some fun pictures, of course.

I interrupt this regularly scheduled post, to answer a quick question a couple of you have had for me lately! What kind of mascara have I been using? It's Maybelline Rocket Volum Express...comes in a purple tube. If you buy ONE thing this month, make it this!

aaaand we're back!
We went to that asian restaurant again...woops! It was beautiful, they had a small pond surrounding the restaurant with tons of fish in it and they had big fountains all over the place. The hostess at this place gave us new marriage advice EVERY time we came in, we loved him!

We stuffed ourselves so full that when we got back we went right to bed. But we took a few pictures of the honeymoon sign they posted while we were at dinner! I wanted to steal it...but was afraid they'd charge me some crazy amount for it.

Next morning, Caleb spontaneously decides to sign us up on a bike tour to go into the city. I said I didn't really feel like it and that I wanted to lounge on the ocean. I'm SO glad he made me go! This was a HIGHLIGHT of our trip & I'm so thankful Caleb had this bright idea.

 I know yesterday I said the ocean at our resort was the bluest water I'd ever seen...but this truly WAS! We made two pit stops, both being beaches. That makes me one happy happy girl!

Sweet vests, right??

Caleb and I decided right there that the next time we go to Mexico we're staying on this private beach. No questions ;)

We got back on our bikes, and made the trek up to the next beach. Let me just say, that did NOT disappoint.

Like, are you kidding me? How beautiful can this ocean really be? See those waves out there? Oh no big deal, just a giant sand bar with a colorful coral reef alongside it.

This was the last standing monument that the Europeans weren't able to knock down when they invaded Mexico so many years ago. Today, they keep the area crazy secure with military covering all sides of the entrance into this beach. It was insane, but so cool to see them protect something they hold so dear.

Heeeey handsome.

Sorry I'm not sorry for an overload of blue ocean pictures!

There was a huge fishing pier so we walked to the end of it, and it was then that we realized just how badly that tower was really leaning! It's pretty impressive that its even still standing!

We couldn't resist! & yes, these will both end up on canvases.

 Our tour guide told us we could have 30 minutes to explore the stores, so we walked around for a bit!

We got a crap ton of stuff, random souveniers for ourselves and friends...and got a sweet "package deal", well it was the PERFECT time for Caleb to remember that we ran out of sunscreen at the resort (that we refused to pay $28/bottle for in the gift shop on-site) so he wanted to search. So, my husband left me in Mexico. We had TWO minutes left on our "30 minute free walk"...and I was terrified they'd leave him behind. Luckily, our guide, Orlando made a big joke out of it and Caleb showed up 7 minutes late!

So while I waited, I snapped some pictures of some fish that you could literally see straight through!

After our bike tour we went back to the resort, grabbed our lunch...and spent the day exploring our resort. It rained a bit this we ordered a crap ton of room service food & watched movies. It was glorious.

More on our evening and the rest of our incredible trip to come this week!


  1. That one picture of the ocean/sky (the one before you start showing off the fancy vests you guys had)... so beautiful! I would not mind seeing that everyday that's for sure! Did you guys actually go snorkeling on the "colorful coral reef" or did they just tell you about it on the tour?

    ps- yay for honeymoon posts! :)


    That's me trying to order room service. Why is it not working?

  3. That green maxi dress is so cute and looks great on you! All the ocean and sky pictures make me want to go there right now!!

  4. OMG!!! Love how beautiful it was there!!! Your pics are making me antsy for my honeymoon!! :)

  5. these pics are seriously phenomenal!! and looove your green dress!

  6. Omgosh your honeymoon looks absolutely amazing. Keep posting pictures of that beautiful blue water :)

  7. Gorgeous pictures! PS. Josh has that same blue striped shirt!

  8. We went to Riviera Maya for our honeymoon too! Loved it! Those ocean pictures are so beautiful!

  9. That. Water. I need to be there right now! So gorgeous. And I use that mascara it!

  10. Gahhhh I love Mexico!! Can we pleeeease book a trip back there ASAP?! :)

  11. These pictures are gorgeous and that ocean, i die. I need blue seas like that in my lifeeeee.

    You're gorgeous! And again, for the second time today, I LOVE your dress from dinner on day 3! Love love love. I'm just going to come purchase things from your closet ;)

  12. Oh my goodness! That beach looks amazing! That bike tour sounds so fun! That's funny, we ran out of sunscreen too and the hotel charged SO much too, so we went into town to get some too. Haha, it's probably a common thing.

  13. That water is beautiful and y'all are soo stinking cute and excited and happy. I think everyone runs out of sunscreen. It happened to my friends and they bought the $25 bottle.

  14. This was not an overload of blue ocean pictures - I want MORE!!! :) You guys look so happy and adorable. I love it.

  15. The water!!!!! Ahhhh!!! I'm so glad you went on the bike tour. That was a good decision, Caleb! I also can't think of anything better than ordering room service and staying in your hotel room on a rainy afternoon. Perfect!!

  16. That water is SO BLUE!!! Oh my gosh. What is that private beach called?! I want to go! ha

  17. Awesome pictures! Just found you through Shanna's link up. Love your blog! Following via bloglovin'

    - Jen

  18. I'm dying over those blue water pictures. D.y.i.n.g. So beautiful!

  19. I loved Mexico. Your pictures are gorgeous! Good thing Caleb didn't get left behind! Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip :).

  20. Ahhh why couldn't I come on your honeymoon with you?!?! (rhetorical question...obviously ;)) these pictures are GORGEOUS! Get me there now!

  21. I cannot get over how beautiful it looks! Oh man!


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