Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Oh heeeyy, we've officially been married a month. It's been AMAZING, guys...seriously. I love that man to the moon and back. However today, I'm finally talking about our honeymoon!

It's safe to say the second we left our wedding reception, it was officially our HONEYMOON. We got an adorable hotel right down the road from the church. It was a freaking blast walking in with my wedding dress on. I honestly wish I could wear that beauty every darn day! The day after the wedding (SPOILER ALERT; Caleb had a few "wedding day surprises" for me...this rental car being one of them), we were able to drive the Mustang around all day with the top down. Living the life, my friends.

Yummy dry legs.
We spent the day buying honeymoon necessities (like the bow flats in that picture above!You liiikeey Kaitlyn???) and enjoying our first official day as Mr. & Mrs. Caleb Magness!! Grabbed lunch at our favorite Cincy restaurant (Skyline) and then went back to the hotel to get ready for a fun night out. We decided to go to a nearby Casino for the night and have a little fun!

Fast forward to the next morning. Rental car is due back by 4:30 AM since our flight to Mexico was leaving at 6:45 AM...so before bed the previous night I set about 97 alarms to be sure we were up by 4 AM. Guess who slept through ALL them??? THIS GIRL. Thank goodness I had a dream I got shot in the shoulder by some scary mafia, that actually jerked me awake...or I'd have no honeymoon story for you today ;)

Long story short... we made it to the airport, & we made it in style. Caleb bought us some sweet animal printed neck pillows the day before that & we had way too much fun rocking them everywhere we walked in the airport.

Mmmmm...eye wrinkles.
I'm suuuper pretty when I don't shower and have slicked back hair, right??
Do you remember me mentioning that this was Caleb's FIRST time on an airplane?? He absolutely loved it...which totally surprised me. It was so fun watching him stare out the window, we had a blast together.

Stepping out of that airplane into the Mexico humidity? I do believe almost ruined my hair for life...lucky for me, I didn't shower that morning (remember, the whole alarm-clock debacle) so the grease held it down. Kayla-1, Mexico- 0!

We were immediately whisked away in a white kidnapper van, and 30 minutes later, tadaaaa. There she was. Now Jade herself.

We pulled up, they took our luggage, gave us a cold towel for our necks, a sugar cookie and some sparkling lemonade. Ummm yes please! I could get used to that.

This viiiewww. I die.

Our room wasn't ready yet (boo), so we grabbed some breakfast since it was only 11 AM by the time we arrived.

No, I didn't eat 6 donuts every day......
Thanks Vicky's for the adorable tank!
By the time we were done eating, we were able to get up to our room. We became obsessed with our elevator, clearly.

We immediately went out to the pool and got a WHOLE DAY of fantastic sun! The resort had an "entertainment team" who got us to do water aerobics, water volleyball, trivia games and so much more. By dinner time there was a storm brewing. But our view? Still amazing.

We decided to go to the Asian Restaurant for night #1...and omg, we went 2 more times throughout our stay there because it was so good (and Caleb didn't bring long pants so we technically couldn't get IN two of them, ridiculous...right?)!!

White shorts -- sorry Ashley ;)

Day 2: Sun... JK. After about 17 short minutes of amazing sun, we got more freaking rain. Rain rain rain. Can you believe it? Annoying.

View from breakfast. Swooooon

I mean, look at that ocean!!! It truly was the bluest water I'd ever seen.

Then came the dreaded rain...

Thank you Family Dollar for the $1 fedora :)

But don't worry, we stuck it out! & its a good thing we did. Look at these blue skies.

After some serious sun (this may or may not have been the day Caleb turned into a red spotted leopard), we got ready for dinner. Italian this night...shrimp alfredo, and bread...SO much bread.

Oh heey tan, where are you now??

Behind those doors...was an "American Idol" contest. Guess who signed up? Caleb. Guess who would've won first if he wanted it? Caleb. Guess who only won 3rd since he's a goofball? You guessed it! Caleb. He belted Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi and basically rocked the house. Funny story, a friend of Caleb's from high school got married the same day we did, and ended up at this resort too...so they took a video for us. Why didn't I take the video you ask? Oh...no big deal, just because they picked ME to be a judge on stage (that didn't really matter...crowd's roar was the decision maker anyway)!

Either way, I was proud of this hottie.

We spent the rest of that evening walking around our resort. There was an awesome shopping center set up that lead up to the beach that night with thousands of handmade goodies. Unfortunately we didn't buy anything, but it was still fun to look!

So there you have it, our first few days on our honeymoon...stick around the next few days for another 2 honeymoon posts or so ;) thanks for being so patient with me as life has been a LITTLE crazy as of late!


  1. Why are you SERIOUSLY so flawless?! You are gorgeous and the happiness on your face just melts my heart :) Your room is SO CUTE!!

  2. Pretty lady, amazing room, awesome hubby, and delicious food! I'm loving these posts already.

  3. LOVEEEE!!! I can just see the love radiating off you two little honeymooners.

  4. SOOOO FUN!!! What resort did you guys stay at??? just wondering because we are going to mexico on our honeymoon too in less than two months...ahhhh!! :)

  5. I got married at Now Jade!! Loved it...congrats on your wedding! :)

  6. You're beautiful even when you don't shower :) and we had the same issue with the pants. We ended up buying some at the gift shop, and Eion still wears them! Haha. Gooo Mexican Idol :) ps, do you know what resort was right next to you?

  7. This is such a great story! I looks like you had a ton of fun- we couldn't go to a few restaurants in Mendocino last summer since I didn't have long pants either. Congratulations!
    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  8. gorgeous place, gorgeous couple! so much to love! I need another honeymoon!

  9. Love love love. You two are just plain awesome! I'm so glad you had a great trip. I'm not sure how you guys forced yourselves to come back - that place looks like paradise!

  10. You two are just such a beautiful couple! & Mexico looks amazing from your resort!

  11. This sounds PERFECT!!! You two look like you had an amazing time. Your room, the food, that American Idol contest...it all sounds fabulous. I'm SO GLAD you two had so much fun!!

  12. You gotta love traveling with day old hair and no make-up..I'm pretty sure it's the only way to travel when your flight leaves at the crack of dawn. Seriously though, it looks like you guys had so much fun :) Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip!

  13. I love love that last pic of the two of you!

  14. This looks like it was so much fun. I love that he was in the American Idol competition. So funny!
    Those bow flats are so cute too! I bet it was nice to have that day in between to relax before traveling.

  15. I knew I should've gone with you guys!!!!! Ok, first of al...the dream you had...INTENSE!! But glad you had it so you didn't miss your honeymoon. I can't believe you got that fedora for $1. And come on...those white shorts are awesome. Totally not the kind I was talking about that I rocked in middle school...haha!! So awesome that you ended up at the same place as your friends...how random!! I'm loving this post so so much...and I'm only slightly jealous. Ok, I'm very jealous.

  16. Y'all are the cutest! & that place looks gorgeous! Makes me miss Mexico! Umm & can I just say that I'll be running to the nearest Family Dollar as soon as I leave school today to try & find myself a $1 fedora?! Excited to see more honeymoon pictures :)

  17. Your honeymoon looked delightful! And btw you can totally put your dress back on any day! :)

  18. It looks like y'all had a fantastic time! I can't wait to read the rest!

  19. Welp, guess I need to get married just so I can go on a kick ass honeymoon huh? Looks like so much fun!

  20. I just love y'all so much. hehe I love that he surprised you with things before the honeymoon and it sounds like such a blast! Hurry and post more pictures and tell us more!!!!

  21. Yay!!! Your honeymoon sounds like a blast!!! Can't wait to hear more! :-)

  22. Looks amazing!! I don't think you could smile any bigger, you look so happy!! Boo for rain... I'm glad yall had a blast!!!

  23. One of my BFFs got married at Now Jade and your pictures are making me nostalgic! So glad y'all enjoyed your honeymoon! Y'all are too cute and that is so cool they picked you to be a judge. :)

  24. Oh it looks like y'all had a wonderful time. I'm still trying to decided where we will end up.

  25. So much fun! And how cool that you had friends there at the same time! It totally rained like almost every day of our honeymoon. I'm glad you guys didn't let it get you down.

  26. It looks like you guys had so much fun in Mexico! You are such a cute couple and it is obvious you are super happy together!

  27. Love Love Love this!!! You two both look so happy and it makes me all giddy inside :D Such a bummer about the pants! That happens down here in west palm too, so many clubs/restaurants won't let guys in in shorts when it's over 90 degrees! Sooo silly. Okay, on to part 2!!

  28. LOVED your recap post! You are gorgeous girl!
    My husband and I are dying to go to Mexico....so I'll put this hotel down as a maybe ;)

  29. Looked like you guys had a blast the entire time! This makes me even more excited to marry the man of my dreams...then have a rockin' honey moon!


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