Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015: A Look Back

Here we are, another year to look back on. It's always one of my favorite blog posts I write, to look back at my year in reflection. It's one reason I'm insanely thankful for this blog of mine...I can always look back and read about things we've done that I would've forgotten about otherwise!

2015 was definitely a memorable year. It was the craziest, busiest, most challenging year I've ever had, but I'm better because of it, and had an amazing time! So in order, here are some of the top moments from my last year!

Caleb and I rang in the new year at one of my best friends weddings...

I set my 2015 goals, and we did a fun DIY project!
Our out of town friends came to visit and we adventured through our city!

My friends and I celebrated one of our besties at her baby shower!

Photographed our first wedding of the year, and loved it! We had 29 total!
Really learned how important "me time" is and took advantage of the time I got!

Ran 7 miles with my man in preparation for my 2nd half marathon!
Worked my butt off with an exercise challenge (and rocked it)!

Celebrated my Great Grandma Agnes' 85th birthday and Easter all in one weekend!!

Visited Becca in the hospital the night she had Norah!
Watched my brother in the Red's Opening Day parade!! Such a proud big sister moment!

Ran my 2nd half marathon with my husband and brother in law!

Enjoyed our SECOND (whaaat?!) anniversary with a trip to Pittsburgh! We ate way too much food, and had way too much fun :)

Had a blast at our summer kick-off and got SUPER burned the morning of at the "largest yard sale" ever.

Photographed one of our favorite weddings to date and met the real Buckeye BRUTUS!!!!
We paid off two loans by June and are still hitting it hard!
Shot two weddings the 4th of July weekend - and enjoyed the coolest firework show we'd ever seen!

Spent a life changing week with the teens of our youth group in Tennessee...
Finally got to white water raft!!!!!

Shared the best, easiest dessert recipe EVER...
Spent my 24th birthday with our best friends in a new city!!

Ordered my first Erin Condren planner -- yes, this tops the "big moments" of 2015.
Rediscovered my love for family photography!!

We even moved to a nearby town to save some monthly cash - and even got more square footage!

Celebrated Caleb's birthday - he turned 27!!
We went to one of the best Bengals games of our lives!

Found out we're going to be an AUNT AND UNCLE! Coolest day ever :)

Enjoyed a bonfire, lots of birthday celebrations with family, and Thanksgiving all in November.

We spent an entire week off work together doing whatever our hearts desired - no work allowed!

We enjoyed our 3rd married Christmas together and are ready to ring in a new year once the clock hits midnight tonight. I'm so thankful to be able to look back at all of these memories! I hope you can do the same!

Bring it on, 2016!!


  1. I still can't get over how gracefully you and Caleb have taken on the wedding photography biz. 29?! Amazing! Look out, 2016, Kayla is coming to get ya...mmmhmmmmm.

  2. aww what a fantastic year! can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for you. i don't have an erin condren, but buying my plum paper planner was definitely up there in top moments, i feel you. haha.

  3. Such a great year! I hope your 2016 brings even bigger and better things for you and your loved ones. xo

  4. What a wonderful year! Wishing you the very best in 2016!

  5. Woo hoo! These are always my favorite posts too! Y'all had such a fun year and I now 2016 will be great for both of you!! :)

  6. What a great year 2015 was! Hope 2016 is just as good and more. Happy New Year!

  7. LOVE the pic with the Indy sign! My heart will always be in Indiana! Great post girl!

  8. 2015 looks like it was such an amazing year! I can't wait to see what 2016 brings you!

  9. What a year! I hope 2016 holds great things for you guys!!

  10. What a great year full of the perfect amount of travel, delicious food and family/friends! I hope 2016 is even better! XO

  11. Such a great, busy year for you my friend. I am so proud of the amazing things that you accomplished this year and will be cheering you on throughout 2016. Hope you had a great New Year's!!

  12. Cheers to an amazing 2016! I can't believe all of that happened over the past year. It felt like just yesterday when you shared it all on here.

  13. So most random comment ever coming up---but every time I see your black/white maxi dress I just think of Punta Cana. And how we should live there. That is all.

  14. What a great year you had!!! Especially the trip to Pittsburgh ;) haha if you guys ever come again I would love to meet up and grab some food/drinks!!!


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