Monday, February 9, 2015

Adventures with friends!

We had friends come into town over the weekend and they actually made it to our home before I DID after once we caught up for a few minutes, we hit up our favorite Mexican joint and then of course, took a trip to Jungle Jim's. Megan was cracking me up, snapping pictures of everything (what am I saying? That's me, too!). The greeter was so excited it was their first time and snapped a photo for us.

We were probably there for about 2 hours, and got stocked up on goodies for the weekend, and of course played one of our favorite games, Bananagrams.

Our husbands woke up before the sun to get us the best donuts Cincinnati has to offer... we gorged and then took a "nap" until it was time to leave for Findlay Market.

Caleb and I had never even been to Findlay Market so I was nervous with it being in the Winter, that it may be a bust, BUT we were so surprised. It was insanely busy, and with the weather feeling more like Spring (mid 50's!!), we had an amazing time. It was so awesome that everything there was SO fresh! We bought some crazy items to chow down on for lunch (queso filled cornbread, monster spring rolls, and insanely thick chocolate coffee...yeah, we tried it all).

After that adventure, we took them to Eden Park to see an amazing view of the city. Unfortunately, its not Spring/ the "green factor" was non existent...but you just can't beat the view of the river!

After having a blast all day, we decided to finish off with dinner at Joe's Crab Shack and a walk near the river.

We went home after a nearly 2 hr trip in Barnes and Nobles, finished off our snacks for the weekend, and I finally learned how to play euchre! I'd call that one successful weekend. Hope yours was, too!!


  1. Such a fun weekend!! I see you and Erin post about Jungle Jim's a lot and it makes me so sad there isn't one where I live!!!! Having friends visit for the weekend is always a good time and it's even better when the weather cooperates and is nice!! :) Glad y'all had a good weekend and the queso filled cornbread seriously made my mouth water this morning, ha!

  2. What is this magical place that offers queso-filled cornbread?! That sounds amazing, and it looks like you all had a great time!

  3. I must admit, Cinci sure has a lot to offer! Jungle Jim's alone could get me there! lol! What a fun weekend with friends!

  4. I feel so spoiled that Jungle Jim's and Findlay Market are just the norm for us Cincinnatians! Queso-filled cornbread sounds like something I invented at midnight on a Saturday and euchre is the absolute best game. I constantly wish we had two more people around to play with us!

  5. What a fantastic looking weekend! I need those donuts in my life like yesterday!

  6. Ummm queso filled cornbread!!!! I need it!!! I love a good weekend of friends - I'm glad you guys had a great time!!


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