Thursday, July 11, 2013

Quick Thursday thoughts.

Caleb and I have been SO good on our budget...and pretty great on our "healthy eating" for the most part. But we kind of neglected to go grocery shopping since we were in Arkansas over the long when I woke up this morning I realized there was NOTHING for breakfast.

So what did I do? Left my house a few minutes earlier...whipped out my "play money" (no, its not monopoly money...remember the envelope system??), and headed to Panera before work to get me a $2 scone. Get back in my car and head for work.
Waaddyyaaa know was waiting for me in the office?

So I think its safe to say that was a sign for the universe to next time save my money...and the calories.

Yesterday's post was all about motivation...and that I will not give up. I will do it this time. So guess what I did? Took a few small nibbles out of that scone and threw it away. Most would call me an idiot for basically throwing away $2, but I know some of you will applaud me ;)

Tonight we are going grocery shopping...and I'm super excited to fill that fridge up with HEALTHY HEALTHY HEALTHY stuff. I've started a new board on my Pinterest called "Healthy eats!" because I realized yesterday that my "yummy edibles" board is literally full of greasy, fatty, sugary foods. SO that was somewhat of an eye opener. Time to make a new I did. Anybody have any good (successful) recipe pins they'd like to send my way? Pleeeeease?!

*Not at all awkward transition into a new topic entirely*

Isn't free stuff amazing?
If you know one thing about me...its that I sign up for EVERYTHING. Literally. Go to a restaurant, next thing you know I'm on their mailing list. All my favorite stores? Send me coupons everyday. I'm signed up for survey websites called Paidviewpoint and iPoll (thanks E&J!), which are REAL websites that give you REAL cash for taking simple surveys. Know what else is nice? Even though Panera played with my mind this morning...they do load a free pastry, drink, or menu item onto your "My Panera Card" almost every month. So, that is totally worth it. Get out there ladies, get yourself some freebies!!

That is one thing I love about Caleb...boy loves to shop. He also loves getting a good deal...which means when we need something big, HE can do the negotiating! Which is another part of Dave Ramsey's program...never buy a big purchase at full price!!

I know this post was entirely too random, and probably ridiculous, so I apologize. It just needed to be done. This post should've been titled Brain Dump Thursday. Can that be a thing?? ;)

Tomorrow is FRIDAY, friends!! SMILE!


  1. That will almost always happen to me too! Like I will get something from the vending machine at work, to later find out there were free snack sitting out in the front offices... figures!

    We just signed up for the IHOP mailing list when we were last there... you get a free meal for signing up, a meal on your birthday, and a free meal for the anniversary sign up date, haha!

  2. skinny has given me some great recipes and ideas.

    stockpile your office with healthy snacks and breakfast food. mini bags of popcorn, nut/dried fruit based trail mix, i basically have a road side produce stand in my office, and peanut butter/nut butters (try Justins individual packets(get it at walmart, cheapest)) a lot of mornings i have a rice cake with pb and a banana.

  3. This morning I forgot my breakfast and lunch! My lunchbox is just sitting on the kitchen table :( But unfortunately there's no free food at my office today haha. For breakfast I have a whole wheat waffle with peanut and bananas on it - yummmmmy and it actually keeps me full! For the lunch this week I've been packing a pita bread sandwich with turkey cheese and guacamole in it - again yummmy! I need to go sign up for the survery websites thanks for the tip :)

  4. Yay for not eating the scone. I do understand your decision to do that :) Next time if you do need some breakfast from Panera, their Mediterranean Egg White breakfast sandwich is yummy! I used to have it occasionally (without cheese) back when I could eat eggs!

  5. Sounds like you guys went through Financial Peace University?? We just finished a few weeks ago and I would say the hardest part is budgeting our 'eating out' money!! Definitely using the envelope system with that area and failing miserably, but Dave says it takes a few months to get good at it!

  6. That's great that you threw away the scone. I don't think I could do it haha. I love grocery shopping (is that weird?) but derek doesn't really enjoy it :(. Oh well. Oh and frew stuff is awesome!!

  7. we definitely need to be more aware of our eating out money, geesh when i add up all the little purchases here and there it is embarrassing how much extra money we spent on food even though i go grocery shopping. need to get on the envelope system for eating out for sure!

  8. I don't have a pin for it- but if you are interested in my stuffed cabbage roll recipe it's legit! It's hamburger meat, white rice and canned tomatoes! SUPER healthy and considering you have to buy a head of cabbage for it- it makes enough to eat on for a few days!! I love it because I can make probably 2-3 lunches out of it and our dinner :) Let me know if you want it!

  9. you are stronger than me for throwing the scone away! that is mad determination!!! love it!

  10. Sending you the BEST crock pot chicken EVER. cheap, lasts forever, good on everything!

  11. i need to look and really consider that envelope system. sometimes we blow money through the weekend on eating out and other fun events, it's sickening. if only we saved that money..sigh.
    so good that you guys are doing that and planning to get rid of debt fast. good for you guys!

  12. I like Skinny Taste too. But my favorite healthy and easy dinner is throwing a few chicken breasts in a crockpot with a jar of salsa verde. If you make extra, you can shred and freeze the chicken to use another time. We put it in tacos, or make a rice bowl with some avocado and tomatoes on top. Healthy, easy, inexpensive.

  13. I'll be on the lookout for healthy recipes...but as you know, my Pinterest board is over flowing with desserts ;-)

  14. Good for you two!! I was out in Colorado and everything out there is so fresh and there are so many amazing and healthy foods. If I lived out there I could probably be vegan...maybe. I recommend the website Eat Yourself Skinny for healthy, yet delicious foods!!

  15. Boom! I'd call that a "twofer" because you probably wouldn't have had the lucky Panera at work if you had saved the money. Just a mad case of the munchies. How ironic!

  16. sometimes i feel guilty throwing away food (even junk food) or what's left of a meal because I feel like I'm throwing away money but if I ate it, its not like the money would come back anyway!! so I say good for you! :)


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