Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We can do this.

Its about as simple as that... but WHY is it so hard to stick too?
We wanted it SO bad in that be a healthier version of ourselves. So why is it so stinking hard to say no to that donut, cookie, or salty treat?

Suddenly that sweet long haired Starbucks Queen turns into a demon staring at you in your car, pulling your steering wheel towards her entrance doors sending you into a caloric coma.

This has no relevance to this post, aside from pure awesomeness.
just this one cookie...that's all I'll have. Until I had 7.

I could never understand why I can't just say no!
Until I stepped on the scale Monday morning and realized after an amazing, carb filled four day weekend, (and being married about 6 weeks)...I had gained about 7 pounds.

So while we were in Arkansas, we all were huddled in the living room just chatting away. We stumbled on the subject of our own health. One person said they wanted to lose x amount of pounds, another said they wanted to workout x amount of times per week, another said their goal was to simply eat healthier..and suddenly, we had ourselves a 7 week challenge.
Why 7 weeks, you ask?!

Well, 7 weeks from that Saturday that we challenged ourselves to this, is a wedding of a close family friend that we'll all be in attendance for. So we decided to make that our "goal date".
August 24th, 2013.

In under 7 weeks...I want to lose a few pounds, yes... but more importantly? I want to treat my body better. I want to not put so much garbage in my body like I usually do. Yes, I'll still treat myself, because if I don't...well, frankly, I'll go crazy. Girl loves Oreos. 

-I want to start waking up earlier...eating a real breakfast. Not a bag of dry frosted flakes at my desk at work.

-I want to start running again, because I WILL do that half marathon I've been dreaming about.

-I want to start cooking, so I feel successful in the kitchen, and so I know what I'm putting in my body.

-I want to have my self confidence back like I did when I was 18.

-I want to be a happier version of myself, because who doesn't love a happy person?

Workouts suck...but if they didn't, we wouldn't get the results we want. I WILL stick to this. I have started using My Fitness Pal again, brushed the dust off my amazing pink water bottle and am drinking 8-9 full bottles a day, pulled my Nike's out of my closet and plan to get some good use out of them. Caleb and I run together...and now we're talking about taking walks after dinner together instead of sitting in front of the TV like zombies. 

I know I've talked to a lot of you who are wanting to get join with me, friends. We can do this. Yes, it will be hard. I saw a funny quote about motivation yesterday that made me laugh;

I'm excited...I'm motivated.

I will do this.

Who's with me?!


  1. Oh man good stuff!
    You got this lady! Keep up the fitness because in the long run you feel so much better and be able to even feel happier!
    Staying fit a is a constant fight but one well needed to be fought... You look stunning- keep going:)

  2. Im with you! I need the motivation bad!

  3. Having a support system will help us both so much, I think! Let's motivate each other every day! WE got this!! L ove you!

  4. Yay! You go girl! I started Weight Watchers and it's a LIFE changer. If you ever need advice on what foods are sneaky bad for you, let me know. I ate whatever I wanted at the beach this weekend, and drank SO much, and because I made smart choices in the process, I only gained 1 lb. just one. Isn't that crazy?

  5. Yay! Great post and I know you can do it! What's your My Fitness Pal name? Mine's acgougler. We can be friends :)

    1. Im going to add you Amy I need some motivation too! my screen name is lgomes85

  6. You can definitely do it! I just put myself back on a running plan yesterday so this post gave me more motivation. It's raining today and I was thinking Ohh I could probably skip running tonight then but a little rain never hurt anyone! I'm excited to keep each other motivated :)

  7. haha Love that quote! Too funny! I'm with you! I actually am planning on posting my July goals on Monday (a bit late) and trying to stick to them!! woo.

  8. Really though, 7 lbs isn't that bad, you just got married and you're having fun and you're happy! I think everyone gains a little weight after the wedding don't sweat it!

  9. Hey.. I'm in, too! Considering I've been WAY slacking off lately and I'm the BRIDE. Eek! Haha :) Can't wait to see y'all August 24th!

  10. YOU GO GIRL! Will power and moderation girlfriend, you got this!

  11. Marriage makes you gain weight. It's like a rule or something. I gained a few pounds until I realized that I cannot eat like my twig of a husband... :) Hey, you guys can always get preggo then gaining weight is totally acceptable ;)

    Good luck with your goals, friend!

  12. I took the weekend (and maybe the week or two before that) off my MFP and stepping on the scale this morning reminded me why it's important to hold myself accountable. If you start training for a half marathon, I will be your cheerleader :)

  13. HEY - great date you picked ;) I am on the healthy train with you. I ran this morning - yes, BEFORE work - and I feel so amazing today! Crazy little thing. Working from home has forced me to not keep snack food in the house. (Like, ANYTHING), because it's so easy to eat it all throughout the day. Except for the Blue Bell I bought last night. HEY, it was on sale...

  14. I'm right there with you! For the most part we eat healthy, we've learned a huge part of it is not buying that stuff so we're not tempted. But we need to exercise more! Between yoga and Jillian Michaels I hope I can do it right along with you. Perhaps taking up running will allow me to get to know our neighborhood in DC where we'll be moving for a bit.

  15. Great post, good luck!!! I gained about 7 lbs after my wedding too...pretty sure that is standard for most people. Glad I'm not the only one who eats dry frosted flakes out of a ziploc at work. Yea, that's not healthy....I'm with you on this! Good luck, you can do it!!!

  16. It really is so hard to stay motivated but it's definitely mind over matter. You can do it and even though it'll be hard, it'll be so worth it! I started my healthy/fitness/whatever you want to call it lifestyle a few months after we got married and we started off with nightly walks and then I worked my way up to running regularly. You guys will do great and I know there are so many people here to support you! :)

  17. This girl loves Oreos as well. I don't mind working out so much....I just don't like eating healthy. What is wrong with me?!?!? I've gained 5 pounds in the past couple of weeks if that makes you feel any better. I want to join this challenge...I should...but can I do it?!?!

  18. I'll be happy to join this challenge, I've got 2 bridal showers, bachelorette party, and bridal pics all within in 3 week starting that weekend.

  19. Oh my gosh, sooo sounds like me! I gained a few after marriage as well... and this weekend... whoa! I was scarfing down more burgers/cheese potatoes, and chips than any person should in a month! Redic. So I'm with you! I was just thinking how I need to start doing something. Eating smaller portions and at least 30 mins of walking/jogging is my start :) Keep us updated on your progress!

  20. Sounds great girl! You CAN do it! I think once you are motivated enough it just kinda clicks in your head and you are on a roll! That's how it works for me anyways. :) Oh and awesome date you have set as the goal.... that's my wedding day too!! :)

  21. Heck yea! You can do it! Doug & I are also doing our own variation of trying to get healthier...even though in the last month I've gained the 5-ish lbs I lost. Boo.
    But I do the Weigh-In Wednesday link up! (Although I skipped today).
    It's good for accountability and of course you can read around and see what everyone else is doing etc etc.

  22. Ugh I still have gotten no where near losing all the weight I gained being married. It stinks not having any self control! ahhh!!!


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