Friday, July 12, 2013

Tid & bits!

Its Friiidaayyy, friends. As if you needed a reminder.
I hope your weekend will be full of fun like mine will be. Tomorrow we are supposed to have pretty great weather which means Caleb and I can finally utilize the pool! But you know a pool date isn't complete without E&J! So we plan to lounge, and I'd like to pack some healthy(ish) poolside snacks for us!

Breaking news; Caleb and I finally went grocery shopping last night. Seriously, cucumbers at Aldi were 25cents. This made me waaayyy too excited.

Another exciting thing? Some of our amazing friends are trying out a new diet and literally gave us like ALL the frozen meat in their freezer. It will basically last us a month...and we are SO grateful for them. Being strict on a budget means you don't say NO to free things. I think I was WAY too excited about it...I mean we basically went grocery shopping in their pantry, and I loved it! Call us cheap, we don't care ;)

I'm linking up today with the adorable Alycia for her Friday "tid & bits" link up!

1. My man and I on our first boat outing together!
2. A ring shot from a recent wedding I did.
3. Gift love for these bad boys is beyond words.
4. Erin & I celebrating the 4th of July in styyylee.

I am excited to report that my first full week on My Fitness Pal was a HUGE success. Was I perfect? Nope...but did I log everything? You betcha. I even made a few new friends from my motivational post.

Enjoy your weekend, and remember...stay happy!


  1. love this post and that last photo -- happy friday!

  2. Happy friday! Enjoy your weekend :) I have zero plans and I'm prettty excited about that. It's supposed to rain all weekend and I just bought a new book for my kindle so I can't wait to relax and read!

  3. Aldi always makes me happy. Everything is so awesomely cheap!

    And YAY for Ohio weather finally clearing up. I'm so excited to have some pool time without being scared of getting rained on!

  4. I love Aldi's! And that's awesome about all that free meat. Wahoo! Happy Friday!

  5. Cucumbers soaked in vinegar - love it!!

  6. Wow...that's awesome that you got so much free meat!!! Your friends are awesome. I really hope it's nice here tomorrow...I've been trying to go to the pool all week!

  7. free is absolutely awesome. can't pass that up! and lately cucumbers and avocados have been my go to snack. just cucumbers with lime and sea salt are so refreshing and perfect for a poolside day! have fun love!

  8. Yay for free meat and cheap veggies!!!! :-D

  9. Free meat!? Rocking it girl!
    That quote on the pic is darling... the whales made me smile:)

  10. I can't believe I haven't done this link up yet! I mean, my sister in law is the one that hosts it! Next time I'm totally joining!
    I wish we had an Aldi! That sounds amazing!
    Hope you soaked up the pool time for those of us who don't have access to a pool ;)

  11. Dude!! Free meat is AMAZING! It is not cheap! Even at Aldi :) Was reading about your Dave Ramsey stuff- good for you! My husband and I thankfully have never had any debt (except we did just buy a house so I guess technically now we do..) We haven't officially taken a Dave Ramsey course, but have done a fair amount of research and like his style. We did the cash only envelope system for awhile and then it wasn't working so well for us after we had kids. We do have credit cards but we ALWAYS pay them off and work to live well below our means to keep margin in our lives. But anyhow, I'm excited for you and Caleb to embark on your journey to be debt free!!

  12. I love what you said about sticking to your budget means you don't say no to free things. haha, that is SO true.


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