Thursday, July 18, 2013

Motivation; continued.

Since my motivational post last week, I am proud of say I've lost some weight! 2.5 pounds to be exact!

So while I was at my grandparents for dinner the other night, I decided to slip on my old Prom dress from when I was 17. "This is going to be a nightmare", I said to my Nanny (grandma). She laughed as she tried zipping it up... with a little muscle and tugging, it ZIPPED.
Guys, fit!
I about cried. Is that weird?!

mmm, cell phone quality pictures.
So she made me walk down the stairs in it like I did on prom night...and take a picture where I did before. I mean yeah, it was a bit snug...but I'm counting it!

My "7 week challenge" goal was only to lose a few pounds and exercise a few times a week (you know, get back in the swing of things instead of joining the huge statistic of newlyweds who spend their evenings in front of a TV -- runonsentencemuch?).

The whole exercise part? I've failed miserably. Unless you count editing wedding pictures (no, not mine!) as exercise, cause I've been doing a WHOLE lot of that. The first part to fixing something is admitting you've made a mistake. So here...

Phew, there. Glad that's out on the table.
Part two? Doing something about it.

So, tonight after work...I am sitting down with Caleb and we're going to meal plan for the following week. We've already spent our "grocery fund" envelope so we'll be able to plan ahead with what's already in our house. Beause remember, when there is no money left in the envelope, you DON'T SPEND ANYMORE. 

He and I are also going to come up with an achievable running goal for 3 to 4 times a week.

Also, even when I slip up and treat myself so a sweet snack, I am still logging it in My Fitness Pal, which makes me happy, and like I'm being held accountable.

Another small goal? To start getting up and working out a bit after Caleb leaves for work. See, he gets up for work at 5:15AM... not exactly my time of day. HOWEVER... I have noticed the few times in life (okay, one time...) that I've gotten up before the sun...I felt more energized and ready to tackle my day. What's even better? I can come home and spend time with my husband after a long day, instead of losing another hour with him.

So, watch out 6:00 AM runners, I'm coming for you.


  1. Yaya! I love that feeling! :)
    You go, lady.

    And totally agree with that e-card. It's always a race!

  2. I always feel AMAZING when I get up and get it done!! You can do it. I will try with you! It would be such a great way to start the day with lots of energy.

  3. I am a morning person in general, but I always feel SO much better when I get up and go in the morning. It gives you a sense of accomplishment for the rest of the day! Oh and that someecard is awesome. And sadly, true :)

  4. Morning runs are hard, but they are the best way to start your day. Plus, you can run outside without feeling like you're going to faint from the heat.

  5. One of the biggest ways we save money on groceries is meal planning before we go. Otherwise we buy whatever and then it goes bad because we never had a plan for it to begin with. My husband up and went grocery shopping yesterday by himself and without a meal plan and I was like NOOOOOOOOO. It also leads to us eating a lot healthier. I use a website called tastespotting to find most of my recipes and I love it. Anyone who can get up at 6 am to go running is a saint in my book.

  6. Hahaha that last line! I keep telling myself I should get up before work since it's 340938 degrees when I get off but I haven't been able to yet. I wish ohio and virginia were closer and we could tackle it together!

  7. Working out in the morning SERIOUSLY can change your whole day. I love how I feel when I find the motivation to do that! MUST do it more often! :)

  8. girl you look great!!! AND a few pounds a week is a lot, you are already in good shape i would say maybe a lb or 2 (if that!)

  9. Wow you look great!! thats awesome!


  10. Congrats on losing the weight and fitting into your old prom dress. Wahoo! I've heard so much about this Fitness pal thing, but haven't tried it yet. I'll have to get on it!!

  11. you look so cute in your prom dress. i work out at 5:30 and 6:30 on alternating days of the week and this morning it was awful rolling out of bed but I finally woke up once I started running.

  12. Yay for fitting into your prom dress..that really is amazing and most people can't say that! Props to you!

    Oh and because I'm a freak and like to help a sista out, here is a link of the marathon training I'm doing ( Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see the schedule. If you don't want to do a half or full marathon just cut down the long runs on Saturday's by a few miles and you'll still be running 3-4 days/week. I pushed the schedule ahead one day so I'm running on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday which somehow is better since it's only two workdays (Friday doesn't count since I get to sleep in on Saturday). Anyway, just thought I'd share!

    Have a terrific day and keep up the great motivation! :)

  13. Love the dress!! It's SO hot in the south right now that the only time to workout (walking for me right now!) is 5:30 or 6am! And even though I'm not working, I still try to stay on Ben's schedule because I like going to sleep getting up at 5am is not as hard when you go to bed by 9:30....haha, probably won't be able to keep this routine once the baby comes.

  14. Get it girl!! And congrats on the weight loss. Any amount will make you feel better! I'm struggling with working out too. I need to get back in the swing of things like today!

  15. Ahhh!!!! So early!! But I agree...when I go to bed at a decent hour and wake up early to get things done, I feel so much better. LOVEEE you in your prom dress. And 2.5 pounds in a week? That's incredible!! You go, girl!

  16. 2.5 Pounds?!?!? Good for you, girl! :-)

  17. Down 2.5 in a week? That's a win in my book also! I went the opposite way and gained 2.4 ooopsie! lol
    But, you are right, admitting your problem is the first step! ;)

  18. 2.5 in a week?? That's awesome! And your prom dress still fits?! Even better!! And the dress is so pretty!!!


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