Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday, freebies, fun!

Hiiiiiiiii again Friday. I've missed you!

You all know I love free stuff. Erin and I were just talking yesterday about how free things literally make our heart skip a beat. When I get a free sample in the mail, my heart does its own little happy dance.
So imagine my excitement when Chick Fil A tells me I can reserve a FREE breakfast entree this week? I get one for me and my man on Saturday morning and BAM... free breakfast date.

As most of you know by now, Caleb and I are actively trying to pay off debt...if you didn't know that, read this post first. 

So as you would imagine, we're doing all we can to cut our expenses down from an already low figure monthly. When we got married, Caleb talked me into leaving Verizon (best service ever), and switching to Cincinnati Bell to save $$..and it did....but last night, we spent about an hour at T-Mobile, trying to see if we could get an even better deal than we already have at Cincinnati Bell for our monthly cell phone bill.

 Turned out it wasn't going to be as easy as we thought.

So we got home, our heads hung low in defeat...
until we had the bright idea to LOOK at our monthly statement online. See if WE could lower our bill at all. Ever done that, friends?
We wanted to actually see how much of this "unlimited* data package" (*not-so-unlimited) we were even using. Long story short -- we weren't using anywhere NEAR our "allowance". We also had a ridiculous amount of minutes left! Together, we weren't even close to hitting 1/4 of our minutes allowed, and the month is almost over!

So, we looked at different options online and took our package down to 200 "peak minutes" each...which means from 6am-9pm I get 200 minutes for the month, any other hour of the day is free to talk as much as my big mouth can...

and instead of having "unlimited data", we gave ourselves 5G's each. You see, with Cincinnati Bell, if you're connected to wifi (which we have in our house, and at work) doesn't count against your data plan.

Moral of the story -- we saved $45 a MONTH on our wireless bill. That is an extra $540 a YEAR we can put towards debt! So worth it. So friends, take a good look at your bills. You may be paying for a lot more than you're getting.


Yes, I used two ecards in my post today...and no pictures. #bloggerfail


  1. That's awesome! And $45 a month adds up fast!

  2. This is really encouraging. I definitely need to start budgeting as opposed to this crazy spending I've been doing lately. (I just love going out to eat with friends!) Could you do a post on just general tips you've found to help budget!

  3. Great job guys, it takes work to be this thorough but totally pays off!

  4. YAY way to go! cell phones are such a rip off and its part of the reason i struggle with upgrading to a smart phone.

  5. That is awesome!!! My mom wants us to start paying our own cell phone bills by the end of the summer and I'm trying to find something cheap! I don't have a smartphone but I still want unlimited texts. The only person I talk to on the phone is my mom haha so I know I don't need very many minutes. Have a great weeeekend :)

  6. Dang $45 adds up fast girlfriend! Y'all are on this whole kickin' debts butt! You go girl!

  7. Whoa, you're really good at this! I use way too many minutes just talking on my cell phone when I really should just use the landline! loving the ecards too- no shame!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  8. Jelly! Our "unlimited" plan is only 2Gs! But, we also don't have 4G in SC yet, so maybe that's why it's different? Josh goes over EVERY SINGLE MONTH, and my plan, which truly is unlimited, I come nowhere close. Figures. But good for you guys!!

  9. That's exactly what we're doing this weekend...looking at our bills and seeing what we can cut out. And never apologize for e cards!!

  10. That definitely adds up! We ended up making the switch to Virgin Mobile and pay 90 a month (for the two of us!!), we get 1200 minutes each, unlimited texts and data! The service isn't the BEST since we live in a small town, but for those kind of savings I can handle a few dropped calls! :)


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