Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The year is halfway over!

...and if you're anything like me...it seems like Christmas sneaks up on you.

Now that Caleb and I are married, and we've been budgeting every paycheck (month by month)...there is something we have to add to our savings.
Our Christmas fund.

Don't get me wrong...we won't be going anywhere near as crazy as we have in the past years...we have to be a little less giving... but don't worry, we make up for that in creativity. If you ask me, getting creative with gifts is so much fun. I think it adds a little something that money just can't.

I know its hard to think about Christmas when in most states right now, it doesn't feel like summer. It feels more like our skin is on fire every day the clock hits 10AM. Which I like to call, blazing...BUT...can you imagine for a moment, not having to CHARGE your Christmas presents on a high interest rate credit card!? Or even worry about forking out all the money at once.

What if you just saved a simple $50 a month (if you work full time...that's just an easy $25/paycheck!)?! You would have an easy $300 to spoil your favorite people. If you're on a tight budget like Caleb and I...that will easily MORE than cover all of our gifts for everyone...just remember, you have to channel your inner creativity as well.

If you ask me...creative, "from the heart" gifts, are my favorite.
Like the time I made Caleb a personalized coupon book this past Valentines Day.

& like the night he asked me to be his girlfriend and we made corny tee shirts for each other...
or like the time I literally made an entire day-long Scavenger Hunt for Caleb that sent him traveling ALL around Cincinnati to meet me at the Aquarium.
...it never gets old. 

So, friends...start saving! ;) Christmas will be here quicker than you think. Remember...its NOT about the gifts...its truly about spending time together and remembering all of your blessings. I just truly love giving! It's the coolest feeling. Can't wait to pay off our debt, build wealth, and then be able to do some random acts of kindness for complete strangers and all of our best friends.

Happy Tuesday, friends.


  1. Both you and Erin with your christmas related posts today have made me excited for it! I love the holiday season. I think I'm going to go more creative this year for Peter because I've gotten him most of the big stuff throughout these years! Love the random acts of kindess ideas too :)

  2. I was going to say the same thing as Becky...you and Erin and your christmas posts. I can't believe the year is half over. That's crazy!!! You are smart to be thinking ahead friend! Go girrrrl!

  3. That is such a cute coupon book! I love crafty gifts too and I love giving them even more. Last year I made aprons for all the women in our family and got a pack of cookie cutters and sprinkles to give each of them. It was a huge hit! Not sure what I'm going to do this year.... and yeah, right around the corner! Better start thinking lol :)

  4. Now I'm ready for Christmas music, shopping and hot chocolate!

  5. You are so right! Chris and I updated our mint.com last night and I think you may have it that we should go back in and add a Christmas Fund! :) Smarty pants! Also- today in my post, I almost tagged you LOL! I'm thinking I want a bright yellow bathroom and well you love yellow :) haha!

  6. AWh love the coupon book! Cute idea!

  7. Can you seriously believe that in like 4 months we'll be getting ready for Thanksgiving?! INSANE! Bring on that cool weather!

  8. Oh my goodness! Not ready for Christmas yet!

  9. when i first got married (13 years ago!!) an older woman told me of her first christmas with her husband. they set a budget of literally $5 to spend on each other. she told me that he bought her a small sewing box and she bought him a hammer... and they still use them to this day!

    when we got married, we did something similar, only our budget was $50. i received a jewelry box with my new monogram and gave him a coffee mug and a nice pen set. we both still have these and use them.

    it's a great reminder of how wonderful that first christmas is. i always thought that was a sweet idea and thought i'd pass that on to you. :)

  10. I love this idea and you. I need to save up soI can spoil my little family.

  11. Gahhh! Christmas is coming! ;)

    I think creative gifts are the most thoughtful ones anyways. :)

  12. Love it! We've saved up for Christmas every year for the past couple of years. It's so awesome to have all that cash come December!

  13. I'm terrible with creative gifts....or I'll think of something really great (but it will be the night before I need to give them something). I think you need to expand on this blog post and give us some "creative" Christmas present ideas.

  14. I think we are going to be all about the homemade Christmas gifts this year!!!


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