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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Time for a photo dump!

I don't know about you, but I take a LOT of pictures on my phone. It's kind of ridiculous. I go through once a month or so and try to delete a ton of photos that aren't relevant/etc.! It's refreshing, and also ridiculous that I take so many in the first place ;) I figured I'd do a total photo dump of randomness that maybe wasn't worthy of it's own blog post from the past month or so!

My sweet co worker got a package and when I delivered it to her office she turned right back around and said it was actually for me. So random! She said she saw this on a website and it "screamed my  name". It's a miniature air plant and I'm hoping I can keep it alive. Is it not the cutest thing you've ever seen!!?!?

Last month Caleb found some INSANE clearance deals at Kohls and he got himself a new suit/shirt combo. I was trying to convince him it didn't really match, but after I took the photo, I wasn't so sure anymore. LOL! Regardless, he cleans up nice ;)

We had a consult on Monday at the big Starbucks inside our local Kroger, and it was super convenient because we actually needed groceries, too! SO while it made for kind of a late night , it was worth it to stay healthy/on track this week! PS - those little Sargento snacks were on sale and they are the perfect little midday treat!

We have the most adorable, entertaining, silly nephew in the world and cannot get enough of him.

I picked up this book in Columbus last time we visited some friends and the back summary intrigued me. As I'm trying to get back into a much healthier lifestyle, it's been really neat to read how our brain forms habits, etc.! Definitely an interesting read so far.

We treated ourselves to Chipotle after our service project w/ church on Sunday and it was so fun convincing Caleb and repeating "treat yo self" 100x.

My sweet friend Becca had baby #2 on Monday (he came a little early!) and I decided to hop in the car (I left work a little early) and make the nearly 2 hour drive to go see them. His name is Hudson, and he stole my heart. Call me crazy, but we only live once, and I figured why not go get some baby snuggles and visit with an old friend? ;)

Hope you all have a fantastic hump day - I still laugh thinking about that silly Geico camel commercial ;)


  1. 1. What is this air plant thing? It is adorable and I feel like I need like 5 of them for my house and my office!
    2. You are the sweetest friend - I can't imagine if my friend drove 2 hours to come see my new baby!

  2. There is nothing better than baby snuggles, especially newborn ones when they don't have stranger danger and they sleep all the time. I have a ridiculous amount of pictures on my phone too!

  3. Yay for time with your nephew, and how sweet is that gift from you co-worker <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. I actually don't take a ton of pictures anymore which makes me sad when I think about it. I used to take SO SO many. Now I never really think about it. I need to get back into taking more again.

  5. I love those lime chips!! They are just perfect :)

  6. That little plant really is so cute!! :) And you can never feel bad about treating yoself with Chipotle guac!! NOM!


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