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Friday, April 14, 2017

Bright, sunshine-yyy day!

I couldn't be more happy about this weather! It's so warm out! I love leaving my house in the morning without a jacket! We have a wedding tomorrow and the temperature says a high of 81! So as long as we stay in the shade, we should be good to go! :)

Last week I mentioned I wanted to make a fun Spring-style treat for our small group this week...and I did it! It actually made SO MUCH I took half of them to work and of course, they were a hit. I mean, it's pretzels and chocolate - you can't go wrong!

I bought the Ghiradelli white chocolate drops, lined the outside of a paper plate with a pretzel/drop, microwaved for 40 seconds, then plopped some adorable m&m "flowers" on them. These are a little time consuming but holy cow, they were so cute!!!

Last night we had our young adult group around a fire and it was so much fun. This group of ours is different from the youth group we help with on Sunday evenings (they are all a little older at 17-24), and so there are times when I feel the message can be a little deeper than usual. So last night I spoke on how we can find a PURPOSE in our PAIN; that no season of suffering will last forever, and that God always has a plan to use our suffering in some way, for a greater purpose!

This week was a little busy, and I'm hoping after our wedding tomorrow that we can relax on Easter. We typically bounce around from place to place, but I think this Easter will be a little more low-key, and honestly, I need that!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. If you want to make some more of those Easter treats, drive to Columbus, and drop them off on my doorstep, I wouldn't mind ;)

  2. Your treats look so good - so pretty and festive!

  3. Those little pretzel flowers are adorable. I'm supposed to bring something to my MIL's for brunch on Sunday and I think I might have to bring these. The kids would love them!

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