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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Our Weekend || A Wedding Getaway to Nashville!

Caleb and I had the opportunity to venture to Tennessee this past weekend for a wedding of an old friend. He grew up in church with the bride, Heather, so we all knew each other already! Also, my bestie was a Bridesmaid in the wedding, which made it even more fun!

They seriously got the perfect weather for a November wedding date. You really never know with November. It could rain, it could be 20 degrees and snowing, or it could turn out to be mid 50's and just tolerable enough to not wear a jacket. Luckily, that last one is exactly what we had. The glow from the sun we had all day was JUST right and I couldn't stop smiling. Michael and Heather, thank you so much for letting us be part of your big day, we had so much fun!

Thats my bestie, Lynds! She and Heather have been roommates for the last few years, so this was a bittersweet day for them!

Their reception was way too much fun! Heather and Michael's friends were all so sweet! We left feeling like we made a bunch of new friends!

Rewind to Friday night when we arrived in TN, we stopped at our favorite book store in all the land; McKays. We discovered it about 3 years ago with Erin and Jared when we made a road trip to Memphis for a wedding Caleb was in, and knew we had to make the pit-stop again. Seriously, I had like 7 books in my hand, all for about .50 cents to $1.75. There was actually one brand new book I've been wanting and it was $7, but that's still a quarter of the price if I had bought it brand new from any other store! We headed back to our hotel and ordered a pizza, watched a movie and called it a night.

When we arrived back home Sunday afternoon, I took a MUCH needed nap. It. Was. Glorious! I'm really excited that we are approaching some SERIOUS free time now that this weekend is behind us. It's much needed. We have one more wedding in December, but guys, we have 4 free weekends before that. I can't even handle it! As much as we love photographing weddings, and serving our clients, its time to take time for ourselves and I'm pumped about it!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend as well!


  1. Fun! Josh and I are going to Nashville for my cousin's wedding in March. I've never been!

  2. That wedding looks gorgeous!! And holy cow, that book store sounds amazing. I would have been buying all the books!

  3. Your photography is getting better every time I see it!! So happy for you and all your creative juices! :)

  4. such a gorgeous wedding!! i love her color scheme

  5. where did she get that dress? seriously she is stunning.

  6. Okay, their wedding looks ADORABLE! I love her dress- very unique!! :) Glad you guys got to go for work AND play!

  7. What a gorgeous wedding! I really liked that Mindy Kaling book.

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