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Monday, October 24, 2016

New camera = fun weekend

Basically anytime I left the house this past weekend, my upgraded, new, amazing baby came with me; aka my new camera! So here's my weekend, with little words, through the eyes of our cameras...

Friday night we rushed home from work to get to Erin and Jared's for a little birthday celebration for Caleb and my mother-in-law! Can you tell they are brothers?! ;)

Saturday was an early morning, prepping for the wedding day ahead and cleaning the house.

Of course we had to make our usual gas-station pick up for some fuel (as in both gas AND food)... we stick to tradition.

Jessica and Scott were just the sweetest. They had THE MOST low-key, casual wedding day. It's so fun working with people who are so in love, and who love to have fun!

We drove a golf cart around for about an hour, which is always a fun part of any golf-course wedding day!

We enjoyed a delicious cup of caramel macchiato coffee at the reception...then made it home in time to watch the rest of the OSU game. It was pretty sad, so I fell asleep early.

Sunday we stayed in, watched a glorious Bengals win! Woo woo! Then we headed to my grandparents around dinnertime to enjoy some time with them. We watched the season premiere of The Walking Dead. I really HATE when people spoil/mention stuff within a day or two of the show airing, so I won't say anything except O-M-G. So good!

We took the camera (of course) and Caleb snapped the most gorgeous photo of their pup, Sophie.

I couldn't help but snag a couple photos of their new property. They are so fortunate, I truly felt like we were on vacation while walking their property! Which was nice, seeing as we planned to have a "viewing party" of the show at our Hilton Head rental last night (insert sad emojis)...but really, how lucky are they with this view?

There ya have it! Our weekend. Since Caleb and I were supposed to be in Hilton Head, soaking up the sun, and that didn't happen - we decided to take the rest of the week off. We're both working today, but will have the rest of the week off, so things might be a little quiet around here! We'll be celebrating his birthday, exploring more of our city, and honestly just doing a lot of relaxing together. We truly need it!

Hope everyone had a great one, and has an awesome week!


  1. Yay on the new camera and yes those views at your grandparents are amazing :)

  2. beautiful photos!!! that pup...<3 I really need to start playing with my camera more I always forget I have it sitting here

  3. I hope you enjoy your time off! Great pictures :) I have a question: what would you say is the difference between the bigger, better cameras? I know that it's not necessarily about your equipment and that an amateur isn't going to be able to take a really good picture even with a good camera, etc. So I'm not asking about that. But for you, moving from your other one to a better one, what is different about it that makes it better?

  4. Love the photos, as always! Your grandparents definitely have a pretty awesome view!

  5. Love your grandparents new property and that picture of their pup!! I hope y'all have the best week off and get to relax and find some fun things to do together! :)

  6. Wow, Caleb did a great job snapping that photo. So cute!

  7. YAY for your new toy!! That bride and groom just look too cute and in love :) I hope I can come see their property sometime soon- and them of course! hehe

  8. That view is gorgeous! Sometimes a staycation is the best vacation!

  9. Yay for fun with your new camera! I hope you enjoy your week off together.

  10. Such a cute pup! So I'm pretty sure I died a thousand deaths while watching TWD. I don't know if I can handle the rest of the season lol!

  11. oh, gorgeous pictures! yay for new fancy cameras. i hope you enjoy your relaxing week!

  12. Yay for your new toy! I always get so excited when I buy a new piece of equipment...but now I have too many lenses and need to sell a few. Ha.


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