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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Happy birthday, hunk!

Today is this handsome guy's 28th birthday!!

Caleb, you're my absolute favorite person on the planet!! You constantly amaze me with how funny, kind and giving you are. I love the way you try to make everyone feel welcomed, how much you make me laugh, and that you never judge me (despite my weird flaws).

I'm so thankful that you're not only my husband, but my best friend. Life with you is such an adventure and I'm just thankful you're by my side through all the good and bad that life throws our way.

I wanted to thank you today, for ALL the little (and big) things you do for me! Thanks for...

...letting me steal the covers
...trying your hardest to stay awake during movies
...surprising me with random mountain dews
...doing our taxes every year
...always hugging me when I come home
...bringing me snickers ice cream
...not being mad on our wedding day when I shoved the cake in your face

...always pursuing me
...being down for ordering pizza at least once a month
...pushing me to be my best
...joining my photography dream team
...sending me sweet text messages
...being so darn handsome
...supporting my love of queso

...never taking life too seriously
...staying up way too late with me
...being so supportive
...constantly listening to my crazy thoughts
...loving me, and choosing me, every single day.

Basically, thanks for being the best husband EVER. You're my rock, and I'm so thankful you're mine! Have the best birthday ever. So thankful we get to spend today-and rest of the week-together on a last minute stay-cation! :)


  1. Such a sweet tribute. :) Happy birthday, Caleb!

  2. Such an adorable post!!!! Y'all are so blessed to have each other and I just love that picture of the both of you from your wedding day. Hope y'all have the best day together! :) Happy birthday, Caleb!!!!

  3. Does he have trouble staying awake during movies? Because, SAME. Last night I was watching Halloweentown at like 8:30 and yawning constantly (and I LOVE that movie!). Also, unrelated, but I'm obsessed with your bicycle cake topper from your wedding! Adorable! Hope he has a great birthday!

  4. So sweet! I hope Caleb has a great birthday!

  5. This is so sweet! Happy belated birthday to Caleb! We're only 2 days apart ha.


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