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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Random brain dump.

It's one of those days for my blog. I have no ideas. No real prompts/link ups to follow, but I still have a lot on my mind - so you get a random brain dump today!

-This day, four years ago, Caleb proposed, and asked me to be his wife! Ah, its still one of my favorite memories with him. All alone on our favorite beach in the world...promising to start a new amazing journey together! I am so thankful for him.

-I ran last night! I started the Couch to 5K app and it felt so good. I have a tendency to stray from those kind of programs and just run for as long as I can, but then I get super burnt out. So this time I'm really trying to follow the workouts to a T!

-I also have an eye appointment tonight. I really wish I didn't have to wear contacts/glasses, but I'm so thankful for my vision. It's just one of those things I sometimes take for granted!

-Erin and Jared got me some of the best birthday presents, but one of my favorites are these fine point pen/markers that they threw in there. I'm obsessed and they are my new faves for my planner, and pretty much everything.

-Last night, I successfully found the PERFECT avocado at Kroger post-workout. I normally tend to buy the ones that need to soften for a few days, or ones that are already bad. This one was perfect, and you better believe that entire thing was gone with dinner (I made this)!

-I'm so behind on my edits. I am dedicating this entire evening to beginning to catch up!

-I've been having issues with my Fitbit since I got my new phone. I've tried resetting it and typing in the new 4 digit code, but it still won't work. Which is sad because it obviously won't sync! I think i may need to do a full "factory reset" which makes me sad - but whatever I need to do to get it working. Here's to hoping that phone call doesn't take too long!

-Our nephew is basically the cutest thing alive. Oh, and seeing Caleb with him melts my heart into a giant puddle on the floor. That is all.

I hope everyone has a great day ahead of them! Make it count!


  1. I love those pens! And happy engagement-aversary!

  2. I tried the Couch to 5k app once & I was also really bad at it. I should try it again for real. When I did it the first time I felt like I could run farther/longer than it wanted me to start at so I did. Maybe if I actually stuck to it I'd be a better runner....or run at all anymore.

  3. Ahhh pretty pens are the best!! I think the couch to 5k does a good job reminding you to just take it small doses! You don't have to go from 0 miles to 10 miles in one day and you'll enjoy it more if you are slowly building up your milage/endurance again! Wish we could run together :) Gahh little T is the cutest!!! :)

  4. Those are some of my favorite pens!! I have all the colors too!! Yay for engagement anniversaries!! :)

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