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Thursday, August 11, 2016

My 25th rocked.

I can't quite put into words how wonderful my 25th birthday was on Tuesday. I also can't explain the overwhelming love I felt ALL. STINKIN. DAY.

I had a great day at work with lots of well wishes to keep my birthday tank full!

I beat Caleb home, so I cleaned up a bit and then changed into a more casual outfit for dinner. Once he got ready he let me open my presents - and holy cow - he nailed it. We never ever make wishlists or anything like that, but he got me exactly what I didn't even know I wanted.
This gorgeous purse, the flowers, and the most simple perfect pineapple necklace.
We left the house around 6:30 and had plans to eat IN at Donatos Pizza (its a silly thing with me, but Caleb never wants to eat in restaurants like that, and I always do, so to me this was super fun and special) then head to the movies. When we first walked in the restaurant, I was in the middle of watching the sweetest birthday video my friend Becky sent me, so I wasn't very aware of what was going on around me. Caleb kind of turned me to the side and wouldn't you know - 20 of our closest friends and family were there in the party room screaming SURPRISE!

I couldn't believe it.

The tears came and went quickly, and I just tried to hug everyone as fast as I could! Then we all dug in! Caleb pre ordered a ton of pizza, wings and snacks for everyone. We all had a blast. I kept looking around like, I'm so lucky, and also - how did I not see this coming?! I feel like I'm normally good at figuring things out, and I was totally clueless this time.

Oh hiiiii cute nephew. Baby T is the cutest.
We all hung out for a couple of hours and caught up on life, stuffing ourselves silly. It meant so much that so many people came. I know everyone has a million and a half things going on, and it really made me feel special to see everyone toss everything to the side for a night to celebrate my 25th year.

This guy, though. I can't even begin to tell you how special he's made me feel. Not only for my birthday, but the last 7 years. He's pursued my heart day in and day out constantly.

The surprise was unreal, the gifts were amazing, and the food was delicious; but I think my favorite part of it all was the letter Caleb wrote me. It's something that I'll treasure until the day I die. It was more than just a sweet paragraph in a card, and I honestly can't talk about it much without crying. That's all I'll say about that, but goodness, I love this man.

So if Tuesday was any indication of how my year of 25 will be...I'm pretty dang excited.

Thanks for all the well wishes, friends!


  1. Aw, glad you had such a wonderful day! It's always nice to be spoiled a little! ;) Love your purse and necklace so cute!

  2. Well now I'm tearing up at my desk lol....Caleb is so sweet and thoughtful!! Such a good surprise party planner, too!!!! Go Caleb!! And you look adorable, love the outfit with your new gifts!! Too cute!

  3. How awesome! I love that Caleb (and whoever else had a hand in it) surprised you like that! I want a surprise party so badly some day (but I have to look cute--like I'd have to be tricked into going somewhere where I'd put makeup on first--ha!) but you can't really ask for one or it doesn't really count... Hahaha.

  4. Happy belated birthday! Glad it was a good one!

  5. I think the best part about this bday is that it wasn't a huge one like people make 30, 40, and so on to be and you got a little gathering just because it was a regular birthday :)

  6. Happy belated birthday, and how wonderful that Caleb was able to surprise you! (Plus you really scored on the gifts, too!)

  7. Donatos Pizza is my favorite fast food pizza. Oh my gosh! Now I want some :)
    I love that you were surprised and it turned out to be something so very special, much more than you expected.

  8. Well, that's super fun! You deserve such a sunny birthday :)

  9. so wonderful! Good job husband! Yay for birthdays!

  10. So glad you had such a fun birthday! That purse he got you is gorgeous!

  11. I meeeeeeeean, does Caleb-Waleb know you or WHAT?! Those presents are so YOU! And I don't even officially know you, and I know that they are so you ;)

    Um, yes frame the letter. I always tell Freddie he doesn't have to ever spend money on crazy gifts---write me a heartfelt letter and that will be golden.

  12. What an awesome birthday surprise, and husband!! Happy belated birthday, I'm glad it was so great!!


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