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Monday, July 11, 2016


We did it! We photographed the 8 weddings-in-a-row stretch and lived to tell about it it! I honestly am so so proud of Caleb and I. We really put our all into these weddings and while we're completely exhausted, we're so excited about our long break that we can't even stand it. We plan to have a LOT of fun, a LOT of relaxing, and come back for our late Summer/Fall weddings completely recharged.

Friday evening we had no plans so Caleb picked up a frozen pizza, some Doritos and we popped in a couple movies and had ourselves a date night in! We also laughed ourselves to tears making some hilarious slow-mo videos. Our date nights don't usually cost a lot, but boy are they fun!

Saturday we slept in, then headed out to begin photographing wedding #18 of the year. Jackie + Andrew were just awesome. Their emotional first look was in her parents backyard that overlooked the city, their bridal party was incredibly easy to photograph, and their reception had me in tears when they paid tribute to Andrew's late father and all the guests hit the dance floor to gather around the newlyweds and sing one of his Dad's favorite songs!

Sunday we slept in (again, whoops) and once we had lunch, we edited our fingers off and folded so much laundry. Seriously, how does it NEVER END?! Caleb had the last minute idea to get outside and hit some golf balls at a local course so we did that for a little over and hour and I'm happy to report I did SIGNIFICANTLY better than the last time out. Woo!

Right after that, we had a fun youth group outing planned! For the first part of the evening we broke into teams and had a quick Pokemon Go race (and tied it in with Matthew 28), then played Frisbee and sand volleyball the rest of the night. It was such a fun time. Some of the teens joined Caleb and I afterward to grab a tasty dinner at skyline (jealous, Becky?)! I'm glad they don't think we're total losers and are willing to hang out with us still, haha!

Hope everyone had a great weekend as well! I'm ready to rock this week (I have some specific goals in mind) and head into an amazing FREE plan weekend. Ahhh we are so thrilled about that. Seriously, as much as we love photographing weddings, we are ready for this break! Hope you all have an awesome Monday!!

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  1. Girl you had me at frozen pizza & Doritos!

    What a fun youth outing. I'm a little bit jealous of everyone playing Pokemon Go. I'm so giving it a shot when I get back to Fort Worth. Thanks Verizon for taking away my unlimited data... lol

  2. Seems like the wedding photos are going to turn out amazing!!

  3. Oh my gosh kudos to you for doing 8 weddings in a row! That's definitely a huge feat! Also, your all's date night sounds amazingly fun! :)

  4. Great job girl - you guys are an amazing team!! Hoping you have some relaxing weekends ahead! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Way to go making it through all those weddings! Ya'll captured some beautiful moments, I just know it. Enjoy the down times :)

  6. WAHOO- you guys made it through!!! Love that picture of you and the bride- both of you look so pretty! :)

  7. You made it through! That is impressive!

  8. You totally DESERVE that break. That wedding seems so special with all the homages to his father. Hahaha...I love that you worked Pokemon Go into the youth group. Genius.

  9. Woohoo for free weekends again!!! You guys seriously rock for doing that many weddings in a row!! Bahhhhh I gimme that chili!! :) Must come visit SOON!

  10. You guys have been so busy, but yay for free weekends! Enjoy every second <3
    Green Fashionista

  11. 8 weddings in a row… just typing that makes me tired :-)
    Enjoy your break.
    I found you via B Loved Boston link-up and following you now. Hope you'll check me out too.


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