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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Be soft.

Last night it took me an hour and a half to get home due to a huge accident that blocked two of the three lanes on the highway. I was frustrated because I had so much to do that evening that I wanted to get moving! I found myself honking at people who weren't paying attention, stopping not quite long enough at stop signs and just rushing around in general. Then I started playing one of my new favorite songs (seriously, brings me to tears nearly every time) and my focus was shifted to what really matters.

I started to realize how minimal all of this "annoying" traffic was, especially in the midst of all the tragedy going on in our world right now. I saw how blessed I was to have errands to run that evening; that my biggest problem at the moment was forgetting my shopping list on my desk at work and still being a little behind on my edits.

At the end of the day, I have a car to get me to the grocery store, money to pay for our food, and a husband to help me unload the car when I got home. My "problems" were so trivial but in the moment my usual optimistic outlook was clouded by a silly inconvenience like traffic.
Once dinner was through, I had a ton of other obligations on my "to do" list, but Caleb took my hand and we had a nice long walk to a local park and played Frisbee golf until the sweat on my nose made my glasses keep falling off.

No matter how much I worry about anything, he always brings me back to what matters. Thanks for being my rock, Caleb...and for helping me avoid the poison ivy ;)

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday. Make it count, friends!


  1. Your hair is SO cute. Also, you guys are really sweet :)

  2. I love that quote, your glasses & your outlook!

  3. Oh my gosh! I can't believe you used that Vonnegut quote! I saw it written on a bathroom stall at a local drive-in theater a few months ago and Instagrammed it because I thought it was so perfect. So true and so humbling, right?

  4. I so do this too. I get a little wrapped up in those little things and forget about the bigger picture and how truly blessed I am. I'm thankful for those moments that bring me back. I know y'all have been so busy with weddings. I'm so glad you went out and had some fun.

  5. You're so right!! SOmetimes we have to push our to-do lists aside and live life!! Great outlook girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. I don't know which highway you were on, but my best friend's husband was in an insane wreck the same night in southern Ohio. His car flipped a bunch and caught on fire. He thought he was dying but miraculously walked away just a little banged up. I woke up to the news of it yesterday and it rattled me so hard. It totally shook my outlook, too! Sometimes I need to be reminded how so many seemingly huge annoyances are actually blessings.

  7. my life has gotten a lot better since i stopped letting things like traffic get to me. it would make me so mad and ruin my entire day/week/month. now i'm just like whatever, nothing i can do, and at least i am safe and healthy. like you said. i also always have an audiobook handy haha.


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