Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Think about your 'why'

Last night Caleb and I went for a 3 mile run and it was basically the worst ever. Not going to lie, I almost cried. I could tell I was holding Caleb back, and he kept saying it was fine, yadda yadda yadda... but I hated that feeling. For some reason (& I know its because I didn't run at all last week) my legs felt like a ton of bricks and with every step my thighs burned worse and worse, which caused me to stop and 'catch my breath' a LOT more than normal.

I can usually last about a mile (again, getting back on the running wagon is hard) before needing to walk for a second, but we hardly made it three quarters of the way through our first mile before I was asking him to slow down, and then eventually stop. Bless Caleb's heart, he tried so hard to motivate me, and if I'm being totally honest it was kind of irritating in the moment ;) wife of the year, anyone? I truly just hated the jealousy I had for him. His speed, and more so his ability to keep going. He basically told me to get it together, find a good song to pump me up and to "think about my why". Uhh, hello..."what do you even mean!?!". He just started running faster and I had no choice but to push myself...

Well I'm really glad he did. We ended up finishing a 5k distance throughout our subdivision and while it felt like the worst thing ever, I'm so thankful he pushed me yesterday.

The duration of that run though, I continued thinking about what he said. What WAS my 'why'? Why was I pushing myself through the mental battle of running another mile when I truly just wanted to be at home relaxing on my couch?
During that last mile I think I found my answer. I'm running because I want to prove something to myself...that I can do hard things. I can train my body to endure more miles, I can become a better version of myself just through another mile or two. Not only become healthier physically, but spiritually as well.

Running brings me joy. Sometimes certainly not WHILE I'm running, but I generally feel more accomplished, and that certainly trickles down into other areas of my life as well. I want to be a better version of myself, all the time. More kind, more giving, more joyful...healthier, sillier and happier.

I feel like with running, there are good days and there are bad days...and then there are REALLY bad days, like yesterday. But that's kind of like our life, right? Some days are great, and others not so much. But we put on a good song, cry it out, move on, and get the job done. Because we CAN.

I'm thankful for the best training partner a gal could ask for. I truly am amazed at what we can push our bodies to do when we tell our minds we're up for the challenge. Whether that be a race, working a long weekend, or even simply making it to the grocery store with all your kids (I don't know how you mommas do it!!)...set yourself up to win this week!

The weather here in Cincinnati has been unreal lately. So much sunshine, light and breezy. I'm absolutely loving it! I even got a little red during our run, ouch! Who knew you could need sunscreen mid-March?

Happy hump day, friends!


  1. Girl, been there done that on a run with my husband, both just training and while racing. I had a particualry awful 5 mile run/obstacle race where my legs just wouldn't work and he could have flown if he wanted. He stayed with me to cheer me on, which I too found annoying at the moment, and when I told him to go ahead he said 'be an athlete get it together and do your best'. And you know what, I did. I did the best I could that day and while I wasn't happy with the outcome I knew I did whatever I could for that particular race on that day.

    Isn't it wonderful having a husband as a workout and training partner? I love our gym dates, run dates and similar goals, it makes us both happy to cheer each other on and provide encouragement when needed. I think the next time I'm in Cincy we need a group date :)!

  2. Love this post and Caleb's question is very motivating! I think with everything in our lives we need to have intention with it, otherwise there's nothing to really back it up with. That's awesome that you were able to push through and finish it even when you wanted to quit. That just goes to prove that you are capable of anything if you put your mind to it. Awesome post, girly! :)

  3. I love you for keeping it real. It's not easy at all. I don't run ever, but I do 5Ks a few times a week and sometimes I REALLY have to force myself to finish. I like the idea of figuring out my "why." That's probably just the reminder I need when I'm huffing and puffing.

  4. I like the idea of this and the WHY! We need to ask ourselves that more often and kudos to Caleb for being a good husband because sometimes when we act the worst we need them the most!

  5. I have had very similar feelings when running/working out with Jared ... so I feel you there ;) But great job at sticking with it and knowing WHY you're doing what you're doing! Your hard work will pay off!

  6. Loving this post! I am so not a runner, but last year when I was training for the 5k I had to push myself. I probably would have been you at the 1/3 mile mark, love how supportive and encouraging Caleb was! Great question :)
    Green Fashionista

  7. You can't get the best wife award because I should get it for all the times I don't like Freddie's nice, encouraging attitude!! ;) haha, kidding. Isn't funny how in that moment it feels like the most annoying thing ever when they're just trying to be sweet?

    I love this "why!" You can do hard things and you will do hard things. And you already do do (hehe) hard things. XO

  8. You need sunscreen all year round! ;)

  9. Runs are so weird. One day you can have the best run of your life and the next you're dying halfway through. It's always good to push through the bad to get to the good! But seriously, I know you know this because you said it in your post, but you can't not run for days at a time and expect to not have difficult runs when you get back to it. Make sure you run consistently or you'll have the same result you did for your last half!

  10. you go girl! i've definitely been there. especially getting irritated in the moment.. KC hasn't run in 5 years because he hurt his ankle, and he will randomly bust out and run like 1 mile and he runs so much faster than me in that 1 mile than i ever have haha. but i'm glad caleb was able to push you to get 'er done! getting back into running is HARD.


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