Thursday, March 17, 2016

My life in numbers.

Caleb and I ran a few miles yesterday again and I am pretty much dying today. Walking up/down the stairs is proving to be somewhat difficult...but I kind of love it. I love knowing my body is sore because I'm treating it well and exercising more! We had the most simple, delicious, low-carb, salsa chicken for dinner last night (thanks crock pot), and I'm hoping I can make this again tonight! It turned out so well last time!

In other news! I've seen these fun posts floating around the blog world for a couple years, off and on, so I thought I'd take a stab at it. I always love getting to know other bloggers a little better! Here are some fun facts about me, in numbers...

24// the number of full years I've been alive!
2009// year I graduated high school
9// my lucky number.
5// number of wisdom teeth I have.

24// years I've lived in Ohio
17// times per day that I wish I had perfect vision.
0// number of children we have
2// full number of years we've been married.

2// half marathons I've completed
3+// amount of years I've been blogging
0// broken bones/surgeries *knock on wood*
9// age when my parents got divorced

10+ // how many random notepads and journals I have around the house.
1// number of bananas I have for breakfast almost every morning
2// amount of braids I know how to do (fishtail + basic)...someone teach me!!!

2// favorite colors that I have. Bet you can't guess the number one? ;)
4// number of times I'm trying to run a week
4// siblings I have. 1 brother by blood, 2 brothers + 1 sister by marriage
676// number of blog posts I've published. How is that possible?!

5// minimum number of lists I make per day.
1// books I've completed this year (ahh, gotta get on this!!)
18// the age when I gave my life to the Lord
50+//number of weddings I've photographed.

I really do love posts like this on other peoples blogs - its a fun chance to get to know them better. So, what are a few random "number" facts I don't know about you yet??


  1. What a fun post, I love writing them and reading more about other bloggers too. 50+ weddings, you go, lady! I love your photography style, so pretty.

  2. This is a really cute and fun post. Your HS graduation year makes me feel old tho haha. I love a good list!

  3. 39--years old
    13--years married
    2--houses I've lived in
    3--number of children we have
    16--years of worked at my job

  4. Love this! Such a cool way to learn about someone. You're such a youngin! I graduated from college in 2010! Yikes. What's your other favorite color (that isn't yellow, of course)?

  5. Oh! I love this post! I love getting to know other bloggers! And making lists is my favorite! I think 5 a day is completely acceptable!

  6. 20 - number of years I've know my husband
    5.5 - number of years I've been married
    8 - number of times I've seen Bon Jovi live
    1 - kid

  7. Such a fun post! I graduated high school 2 years after you! lol.

    676 blog go girl!! Love reading your blog and following along! :)

  8. 5 wisdom teeth...I thought there were only 4? I'm guessing since you still have them, everything is all good with them?

  9. It still boggles my mind you have 5 wisdom teeth- lol! Get those suckers outta there ;) I don't know what your 2nd fave color is?!!

  10. Love this kind of post, I may copy your idea one day! Oh my 5 wisdom teeth, yuck!

  11. Girl 50+ weddings that is amazing!! I looked at the year you graduated high school and I was like oh me too and then I realized that's when I graduated COLLEGE lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  12. I love posts like this to get to know people! Thanks for sharing!

  13. 50+ weddings You have been busy!! this is cute, perhaps i'll give it a shot!

  14. I love this! I'm going to try it one of these days.

  15. I like this!! I might have to steal this post idea!

  16. I love this! Also, that braid is adorable on you!

  17. love posts like this because it's such a fun way to learn about people. that picture of y'all at your wedding is too adorable, i can't handle it.


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