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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Rambles from a thankful heart.

Phew. This has been a week! It started out pretty crummy with a terrible migraine, and then work yesterday afternoon turned out to be really frustrating! But I'm thankful for this cutie, who surprises me with Nutter Butters and long hugs...who lets me vent my face off until I have nothing more to say. Who tells me how amazing I am even when I don't feel like it...and who poses with the cutest little yellow penguin there ever was, because he knows I'd laugh about it (and would turn into one of my favorite photos - hehe)!!

Caleb and I have worked pretty dang hard this year, and although I'm excited for these last couple weddings this year (only two more!!!) its about time for a break! I'm so excited that after work now I can come straight home and just BE! If I want to relax, I totally can! If I want to be productive, I can do that too!! It's something I'm definitely NOT going to take for granted.

Before this free time hit, I had been doing quite a few sessions with my church family! My love for family photography is rekindling. There's just something SO special about family portraits. Getting to freeze a moment of a cute kid with the most adorable belly laugh? There's nothing like it. It's pretty cool when I think that these are photos these families will have for the rest of time. I have to remind myself of that when I have a long, crazy day. No matter WHAT it is I'm photographing, that I'm helping document someone's story. That's pretty killer.

I'm also feeling extra thankful this week after last weekends wedding. Leah was so sweet and messaged me ON HER HONEYMOON to tell me how much our presence on their big day meant to them. I mean!?!? I seriously do feel so lucky to get to be a part of so many amazing moments!!

*non obvious transition in post topics*

Can we all just take a second and talk about how scary fear is?!? It's been on my mind a LOT lately. About our future, our jobs, our lives...where do we see ourselves in 5 years?! It's crazy how much life can change in just a matter of months, and its scary when you have no idea what your exact "plan" is, and if you have one - whether or not it will work. I'm struggling a LOT with giving it all up to God, but I know that's what has to happen for me to be at peace. I need to believe in myself more, and KNOW that God has bigger things in store for Caleb and I than we can even imagine right now.

This post was insanely random, BUT that's just the kind of week I'm having. Thanks for sticking through the rambles :) happy almost-Friday!!


  1. Phew, sounds like a super busy week, friend. Glad you will be able to just chill soon, it's nice to have a choice in our decisions, right? Hope those migraines stay far away!

    I hear you on the last point, it's TOUGH thinking about the future and wondering. Even though I HAVE COMPLETE FAITH it will all work out in God's time and way I still get scared.

  2. Still loving that brides dress, and how cute is that penguin?! Glad you're feeling better gurlie, and hope you have a better rest of the week *hugs* <3

    Green Fashionista

  3. Yeah I'm gonna fall in love with that dress every time I see it! ;) So sweet of her to text you while on her honeymoon- she is probably SO pumped to see her photos! Fear is real and scary and even when it feels like everything is falling apart, we have to remember it's all part of God's plan for us!

  4. I totally get that last part about fear and not knowing what the future holds. I try not to be stressed constantly about this relocation business and where will we go next, when will we go, how does it work into other "plans" we have. Just gotta go with the flow and have faith :)

  5. What's the story behind the yellow penguin? It looks a little out of place in that reception picture, ha!

  6. I tend to get bogged down by unknowns - what if this happens? What if that doesn't happen? Where will we be and what will we be doing? I've been praying for peace a lot lately, so I'll throw you in my prayers, too! :)

  7. FEAR. YES. Majorly struggling with that right now. I am terrible at handling unknowns, and it has been getting the better of my lately.


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