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Monday, October 19, 2015

OMG...for so many reasons

OKAAAYYY. Lets get started. This weekend was freaking awesome -- for SO many reasons. This being one of them;

Now that that's out of the way - let me back up a little bit. Like I said on Friday, Caleb and I had big plans to spend some quality time with the grocery store, but we decided to stuff ourselves silly at our favorite Mexican restaurant first, which meant we weren't in the mood to spend the night doing groceries, but instead, ogling at gorgeous pillows at TJ Maxx.

Saturday, we woke up, spent our time doing groceries and cleaning our place before watching a crap ton of college football - we're not used to having Saturday's off so it was a nice change of pace! Later that evening, we went to a graduation party, then had our best friends over to enjoy the OSU game and enjoyed the best cookie cake ever ;)

Fast forward to Sunday (lets be honest, we were a little sad that we booked a Sunday wedding since we are die-hard Bengals fans - but I was pretty up front w/ the bride that I'd be keeping myself updated on the score ;) she cracked up and told me she WANTED me to! Turns out she was a huge fan too)! In all honesty, Ann was the sweetest bride ever. I mean, she made us a freaking basket full of goodies to keep us going throughout the day, as well as a "thank you" gift. How awesome??! Not only does she have an awesome personality, she and her husband really made their day unique! Look at her amazing VW dress, and that kilt!!!

I've got another busy week ahead, but the end of October is in sight, and I've survived somehow. Last night, my Erin sent me this...and its my mantra right now; "This is your Sunday evening reminder that you can handle whatever this week throws at you".

Enjoy your Monday, friends!


  1. WOOOHOO Bengals! SO awesome they are doing so well. I hope they keep it up all season. That's awesome the bride let you check the score, woohoo!

    My Husband was at the OSU game and had a blast, even though it was chilly. WE might head up there again, eek.

  2. Yay for your football team!!

    I needed to hear that mantra. With the way I'm feeling about certain aspects of life, its little things like that, that give me hope. Have a great week friend :)

  3. LOVE those pillows!! So sweet of Erin! That's such a good reminder :)

  4. Her dress is AMAZING- I love it!!! And you should definitely go back to TJM and get at LEAST one of every pillow ;) So glad we got to see you guys this weekendddd!

  5. I love that Sunday evening mantra!!! You've got this. And is October over halfway done?!

  6. Wow her dress is stunning! That's so sweet she was all about you keeping up with the score and made you a basket!

  7. I mean, I know I don't even need to say it at this point, but WHO-DEY?!?!?! So freaking proud. So unbelievably excited. That wedding looks awesome - any guy that will wear a kilt to celebrate his heritage is cool in my book. Any bride that wants you to keep checking a football score is even cooler. Glad you had a somewhat low-key weekend! I think I might need to print that motto and hang it on my door...

  8. aw how sweet is it that she made you a little basket? what a great idea.
    yay for your football team winning again! how exciting :)

  9. I can't believe those Bengals - get it gurlie! And love that the bride was just as distracted about the score :)

    Green Fashionista

  10. Your wedding photos are always so beautiful!!! That is a lucky couple!!

  11. I love that you finally had a Saturday off and double yay for your Bengals. I had your QB on my draftkings lineup and he helped me win over Michael. haha


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