Friday, May 8, 2015


Sweet, sweet Friday! Finally, you've arrived! This upcoming weekend is the last weekend in a while that Caleb and I will have a ton of free time. We plan on soaking up every last second. I'm seriously talking about getting up at 6 or 7AM just to enjoy as much of the day as possible. We have big plans consisting of early morning thrifting, a fun lunch date out, and even using another gift card for a date night (seriously, gift cards miiiiight be my love language...those, and funnel cakes).

I took a friends advice on Wednesday evening and invested in a $2 case of tennis balls to roll under my foot. Ohh man, sweet relief. It hurt so good! Although it still feels bruised from the inside, I can walk somewhat-normal again! Yayyy for small victories.

This week I was also able to finally see our new branded flash drives we'll give out to clients as part of their wedding photo package! I think they are so cute!! HOORAY!

Last night we enjoyed another Thursday night full of softball man got a home run!! I'm seriously sleepy today, but I will NEVER regret staying out too late to watch my man do something he loves! Only makes me wish I had something like this. Maybe its time to take up ballet again? Or volleyball? #twoextremes

I'm just in love with my medal. Nope, I'm still not shutting up about it. It's just so pretty!!!

Speaking of my medal (see what I did there)... look at how amazing I look running 13.1 miles - BAH! #sarcasm don't you guys wish you could look like a flying butterfly, too!? Bah!

I've enjoyed packing my lunch this week and eating a bit healthier.  Love me some good fruits and veggies! Get ready for your eyes to pop out of your head. Is this not THE largest blackberry you've ever seen!?

What was a fun moment from your week?
I'm really excited to soak in all the free time this weekend. Do you have any big plans?


  1. Of course you are excited in that picture because you're almost done with the race! ;)

  2. I love those flash drives, my husband does them too for his brides! And yes to tennis balls, the best ever. We bought a more expensive ball for rolling pressure points recently and it KILLS even worse than a tennis ball hahah

  3. I love all the amazing fresh fruit available now!! So good.

    And you are totally allowed to brag about your half medal...because you are awesome!!

  4. Those flash drives are super cute! Are those Jungle Jim blackberries?! They are giant!

  5. Haha you're race picture is the best! Congrats on finishing your half! :) And go ahead a show of that medal, its a big deal. ;)

  6. Still in awe of you running the half marathon.. you did AWESOME! And glad the tennis balls helped :-D

    Happy Friday!

  7. Ah I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!!! Gift cards are the BEST! I love free food :P Those flash drives are the cutest! Haha I love your race photo! Looking happy and awesome and so Kayla in it!!! I'm going to my brother's house this weekend so that means niece and nephew time woot woot!!

  8. Best part of my week was hanging out with my sister over a period of two days while we had our garage sale. We haven't had a lot of one-on-one time without our kids, and it was wonderful to carry on a conversation (when we didn't have customers anyway)!

  9. Congrats on your 13.1....that is TOTALLY worth bragging over!

  10. Love that flash drive pack! So cute and perfect. Also, you're the coolest half marathon runner ever with that face.

  11. Blackberries are one of my favorites! And that is certainly one of the biggest I've ever seen. So happy to hear that some $2 tennis balls are helping you feel some relief! Keep on rocking that medal girl, you deserve it!


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