Friday, April 10, 2015

Opening Day Recap - finally!

Happy Friday, friends!

I don't know about your town (for those of us who have MLB teams), but Cincinnati celebrates Opening Day like its a stinkin' national holiday!! Every year I'm so envious that I'm stuck at work and not downtown celebrating in the sea streets of red... but finally, I was able to join in on the fun!!! My brother's band would be playing in the opening day parade and my mom and Caleb planned on going to watch. So, I decided to take a sporadic vacation day and join them!!

We got there just as one of the connecting roads was closing, so we snagged a spot right up against the railings and it was PERFECT! Sure, we stood there for about two hours, just watching things go by, but it was so much fun!

You KNOW I had to sneak in a photo with the Chickfila cow... :)


..we were hoping that my brother would be on the right side of the march line and thankfully, he was! We had A GREAT view of him and when he saw us - he couldn't help but have an adorable little smirk! So thankful I decided to take my camera!!

I'm sure everyone says amazing things about their siblings, BUT I just have to brag on my brother. He's really good at drum, really stinkin' good. Last year, as a sophomore, he was getting solo's during concerts...he choreographs friday night football halftime performances, he's gone to judging events at major universities and received perfect scores. His fingers move like lightning - its so neat. Guys, he is CONSTANTLY playing the drums. Watching him do something he loves so much is so neat, as an older sister!

After we were done geeking out over my bro, we headed back towards home to grab some Skyline. Everyone knows its free coney day!! -- jealous, Becky? ;)

Then we picked my brother up from school and snagged some fun photos with him for the heck of it.

It's really is so fun to celebrate moments with your family...big or small. This was a really cool moment for me, as his sister, and I'm excited I was able to be a part of it! Hope you all had a great week!!!


  1. One day I'll finally eat Skyline and it'll be DELICIOUS! I just know it.

  2. Yeh! Baseball is finally here! My dad goes every year to the Indians home opener. Actually, he basically goes to opening weekend! lol! So wish I lived closer to Cleveland! That parade looks like so much fun! That is awesome your brother was in it! Such a great day spent with family :) And who doesn't go to Skyline on opening day? :) I might be miles away, but we will be having Skyline tonight! Happy weekend Kayla!

  3. bah this made me miss marching band. :) isn't baseball season just the best?

  4. my dad was in Cincinnati for opening day and he said it was amazing! this is so fun!

  5. Aww! I love this! I just asked a good friend if other cities celebrate Opening Day the way we do and the answer was a resounding no. Something about the Reds being the first MLB team or something...Wish I could have been there, too! It's awesome how proud you are of your brother! Also, I desperately wanted that free coney, but they don't have Skylines or Gold Stars around here. UGH. Have a great weekend!

  6. SO so so jealous!! I NEED the pile of cheese on top of it :P I'm glad you took the day off so you could be there and have moments like this with your family!!! I've never been to the Nats Opening Day but I've never heard of there begin a parade so I think the Reds are doing it right!!

  7. Cardinals opening day is Monday and people have petition the governor to make it a national holiday...however it hasn't happened yet! One of the districts I use to work for pretty much told us that if we took off to go to the game, we'd be in a hot mess - yet people still tested that "threat".

  8. that sounds like fun! I would love to participate. Too bad everything is usually on a Saturday over here, and I work. Might have to follow your idea and take a sporadic vacation day :)

  9. Opening Day looks like an awesome day to be in a city with a MLB team. I wish I lived closer to a city like that so I could celebrate. Maybe one day I'll be able to make a trip out of it.


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