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Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites! {yay its SPRING!}

Can we all just take a moment to celebrate the fact that Winter is officially over and SPRING IS UPON US?!!? I, for one, couldn't be happier about this. Lets just hope the colors come back soon, I'm sick of grey skies!

As far as exercise?  This definitely wasn't my week. BUT, lots of other amazing things happened, and I can smile about that. In other news, I'm finally joining in on Amanda's awesome Friday Favorites link up-- but I'm just throwing out a BUNCH of random favorites. Is there ever a real prompt for these kind of link ups? Nah. That's what makes them so fun. Here goes nothin!

1 // I won a giveaway this week and got the CUTEST shirt to rep my city!
2 // Volunteering is already rewarding, but church decided to give us a fun little thank you last week!
3 // We had a baby shower for one of my favorite co workers yesterday!
4 // I finally got some decent make up brushes with my play money!!! Love that its already budgeted for so I don't even feel guilty!

5 // My friend Becca had contractions this week and we thought she was going into labor. Come ON baby Norah! We're ready for you.
6 // Making THIS again was amazing. Find it here!
7 // I know I said it already, but this sunset from our back patio? Unreal.
8 // This shot from our last wedding. Just gearing up for wedding season to begin!

Now for my favorite Pinterest finds of the week:

Favorite song of the week: (lets be honest... all month) Four, Five Seconds!

Favorite quote:
A few other randoms from my week:
I  finally moved into my new cube at work...
I'm officially cavity free...
The gal who did my fillings is looking for a photographer #haayy...
Almost all the laundry in our home is done...
& my husband rocks.... :)

Have a happy weekend!!


  1. I've been pondering the idea of getting new make-up brushes and finally admitting I am a grown-up and nice things are okay ;) I love, love, love that sunset picture/sweet reminder from God that life is beautiful!

  2. Yay for Spring things! I'm so excited! Loving that quote and I'm so due for some new make-up brushes. I'd be embarrassed to share how old mine are. Oops. Haha.

  3. There are some really great Sonia Kashuk brushes out there. I use the eyeliner brush every single day!

  4. Tell me more about those make-up brushes... I'm in the market for some quality ones but have NO idea where to start!

  5. "The gal who did my fillings is looking for a photographer #haayy..." This made me laugh! Hope things work out with her, that would be fun!! I desperately need new makeup brushes, are you liking those so far?! Loving that quote!!! Have a good weekend! :)

  6. I can't wait to see your new Ohio shirt! :) And can we be honest right now? I think I own 1 makeup brush. ONE. And it dates back to college- at least!

  7. Those new brushes look great!! Also great - finding clients in unexpected places!! Happy Friday! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  8. Yayya for winning the giveaway!

  9. your photog skills are just incredible! love that photo! yay for winning a giveaway!!

  10. I totally need new makeup brushes, the bristles are starting to fall off the ones I have now and they stick to my cheek, which is just NOT cute, haha!

  11. I am with you on that song. It came on my phone while I was running and was just the push I needed to keep going. So many good things for you friend. Hope your weekend has been as amazing as you are!

  12. I saw that you won the giveaway and I was excited for you! Haha! That song is so great. Rihanna is playing a free show here on April 4th and I'm secretly hoping Kanye West and/or Paul McCartney come out and surprise everyone. Who am I kidding? This is Indianapolis, not New York City. Ugh. Hope you had a great weekend, love!

  13. Target is closing out in Canada so I got two different Sonia Kashuk brush sets for a craaazy deal! I was so pumped!

  14. I really love that quote. I think I might have to post that on a mirror or two in my apartment for a daily reminder. :)


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