Monday, January 12, 2015

My husband wants to be Mr. DIY

These weekends of no plans are pretty hard to come by. We're typically either shooting a wedding, planning a million fun things with friends, or have a never ending to-do list to this weekend we vowed to do whatever we wanted, to have no concrete plans, and to just go where the wind took us. Well, the wind ended up taking us to the Apple store since Caleb's phone decided to get what they call a "pressure crack"...womp womp womp. Luckily it was a free replacement since our phones are under warranty, and while they worked on his phone we decided to shop for a few small Christmas presents already. I know, we're a little crazy...but hey, its never too early! ;) 

We entered the mall through an outdoor entrance into Pottery Barn...cue Caleb going on and on about how expensive this place is, how he could make anything in here for half the price, etc. Well, I mentioned we had a $50 gift card burning a hole in my wallet to PB back from our wedding, and suddenly he loved everything. He started browsing like crazy and even went to their online site later to see what we could score. That man makes me smile. But really...I could live in Pottery Barn. Of course we're broke cheap, so we go straight to the sale section.

We really like this giant M for our bedroom, and we'd still have $20 left!

I mentioned on Friday that we've been watching an unhealthy amount of HGTV lately, and it's put us in a super DIY-type mood. Caleb came to me with a Pinterest find ( husband was browsing Pinterest) and wants to make it work somehow. We may not have the space for it now, but I absolutely love where his mind is! He was sort of thinking of making it more of a shelving unit that would rest on the bottom of the wall, and I know if he does this it'll look amazing in our future day!!
We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing at home, I finished editing a wedding, and we loved every second of it. Trust me, we're not taking our time off for granted!! Hope you had a fantastic weekend!


  1. PB is truly overpriced.. but I simply love that store! I hope you got the M- it's absolutely beautiful! I'm also in a crazy diy mode, but the hubs is more into relaxing on the weekend.. lol we compromise! Let us know if you ever embark on your diy journey! I'd love to see the results.

  2. I love Pottery Barn! Matthew has a Pinterest and loves to look up new recipes all the time lol. I love that idea!! It's so cute.

  3. I do love me some Pottery Barn. It really is way too expensive, though...I agree. I'm excited about your big M!!! (and money on the gift card to spare..nice!)

  4. our husbands are TWINS! we love hgtv and taylor is always coming up with ways to build things now. HAHA also i love you and pottery barn. xoxo

  5. You were due for a totally relaxing weekend. I wish my guy was a DIYer, but he's definitely not. He'd rather fork over the money than do anything himself.

  6. Haha I love how he wanted all the PB things once he found out about the gift card! :P Best and worst store ever - why does the cute wooden basket have to be $983493?? Definitely think you should get the M!

  7. Hgtv will get you in trouble. We want to paint all of our furniture white but I'm too terrified!


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