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Friday, November 7, 2014

Things that suck, and things that don't.

This week has been a little crazy! Some parts sucked, and some parts straight rocked. Like when the Bengals lost, but I got to spend nearly the whole evening making silly faces with my momma. Or like when I got halfway through a dinner recipe this week and realized I was missing not one, but two main ingredients. Then I improvised and it was still amazing. Then there was enough leftover for lunch the next day. #winning

Or like on Monday, it was pretty hectic. I had to make the 30 minute commute home one way AND back on my lunch break to get my camera and gear for an engagement shoot that was at 4:45 that afternoon...but out of that crazy hectic mess came some STUNNING shots! I'm obsessed with this couple.

{Non-awkward transition in conversation} I've really been trying to find my 'voice' with photography lately. As you can probably tell, I'm much more of a lifestyle photographer, and the words "studio photography" would (hopefully) never be used to describe me. Sometimes its really stressful...then I kind of think, why do I need a 'label' at all? Why can't I just enjoy this time of growing, learning, and enjoying shooting all of these weddings as much as I can? Oh wait...I CAN. I just need to remind myself of that sometimes. I've vowed to stay off the photography section of Pinterest and find inspiration elsewhere.

I'm trying to remember that photography is about more than fancy equipment, and pretty venues. It's truly about the subjects in your photos. If I can make two people smile...and remember WHY they love each other? My job has been done. I long for those moments where brides get in fits of uncontrollable laughter, when the snorting begins, and the awkwardness of being in front of a camera fades. Man, this is where my passion is. I can't wait to keep pursuing my dream, every stinking day!

Happy Friday, friends!!! What're you up to this weekend? Caleb is having a guys night tonight so my plans include absolutely nothing... I may try and find something to do with friends, or I'll just embrace my couch with some sweatpants. #gettingwild


  1. The light in those pictures....!!!! Amazing! Breath-taking! And on and on.

  2. I'm no expert but those photos look amazing to me! I totally understand wanting to keep growing and learning but you seem to be on the right track. I think you're right that it's about more than pretty sets and your photos always convey that.
    Hope you have a great weekend, whatever you decide to do! :)

  3. Your pics are amazing! I'm much more of a fan of lifestyle photography over studio, but I don't think you need a label. Let your photos speak for themselves!

  4. these are stunning photos! what lens/camera do you use when you are shooting engagments/weddings

  5. Sorry about last night. Love those engagement photos! Beautiful!
    Enjoy the weekend Kayla!

  6. The pictures are stunning! Hope you have a super weekend!

  7. Those pictures are so beautiful! Your work is absolutely fabulous. I wish we lived closer together so that I could have some-just-because pictures done lol! Have a good weekend girl!


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