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Thursday, November 6, 2014

A few goals for this month!

We aren't even going to go into what I did and did not accomplish in the month of October because trust me, as far as REAL goals went? It wasn't pretty. I really did start out strong...and then all the weddings and never ending edits fell into my lap...and running took a sad fall on the back burner.

What's exciting about the fact that its a new month, though? Well, just that! If you're anything like me, I feel like daily lists are a must. I mean, I probably make 17 post-its at work a day...due to all the random things I'm making lists about (that day's to-do list, potential meal ideas, blog post ideas, brides to be booked, presents for the entire family, outfits to wear, groceries to buy, its never ending...really)! So I want to make sure I write down my goals...even if I don't know that they'll all get accomplished!
-Make and order our wedding photo book. Guys, this still hasn't happened. It was part of our WEDDING PACKAGE that we've already paid for... a photo book... and we still haven't picked any photos out for it. Come on!!!! I'd also like to make our honeymoon photo book, but in all honesty? I know that won't get done before 2014 is over.

-Get my NYE dress altered. I'm a bridesmaid in my college roomies wedding on New Years Eve and I couldn't be more excited...although, it would help if the dress wasn't 1 or 2 sizes too big, so time to take that sucker into the alterations experts!!

-Sign up for my second half marathon. Caleb keeps tempting me to sign up for a FULL with him...then I remember, no, I'm not THAT crazy. So we'll both probably stick to the half that we ran last year... I am getting really excited. Last year, I was NOT prepared. Guys, I had only ever run 5 miles at that point. I was nowhere near prepared for 13.1 miles!!! Somehow, I did it... and I almost got there on my hands and knees, but somehow I finished. I plan to CRUSH my time from last year and PR like nobody's business. ;)

Rent a scary movie. I know, this seems silly to have on my "goals" list...but I haven't watched a good thriller in a while, and Halloween JUST happened. Caleb and I always try to stay awake long enough for a movie after each wedding we shoot - its sort of a tradition - so I'm hoping we can squeeze one in over the next couple weekends.

Do a random act of kindness. Of course, this is the season of giving, isn't it?

RUN. I'm not going to set a mile list, but I'd really like to just be consistently running 3 miles/day as much as possible. I need to start training for the half that I still need to sign up for! ;)

I know its not a TON of goals...but I'm hoping to keep it realistic. Anything exciting on your list-of-life this month?!?


  1. 1) Ordering a wedding photo book has been on just about every to-do list I've jotted down on random pieces of paper for the past 1.5 years. I don't even know where to start!
    2) Have you seen that video of the NYC marathon finishers trying to walk/walk down stairs??
    3) Yes to random acts of kindness! I've been in the mood to send lots of snail mail holiday care package lurve. I need to get on it.

  2. The Conjuring is SO scary!! More creepy than scary. We ordered like five wedding books at once to give as gifts as the year went by. Shutterfly makes it SO easy, seriously, and there are ALWAYS good sales. Obviously not for your wedding book, but honeymoon for sure!

  3. I made my own wedding albums since my photographer only offered a 30 page book spread and they were over $1500!! If you know me and know I needed more than just 30 pages!!! So I created my own....I made two books, both 50 page spreads...and it will only be about $900 and they are leather bound books too! It took forever (over a year!) to make them just right.....but it was worth it!! Now I just have to pay for & order them!! :) xoxo

  4. Yes to random acts of kindness, and a NYE wedding...that's going to be #awesome!! :)

  5. Mehhhhh.... NYE WEDDING!!! :( :( :( Other than that--- enjoy this month and rockin' out on these goals! ;)

  6. I wish I had your motivation to run a half marathon!! I think I would die!

  7. I really hope you achieve the goals that you set out for this month!!

    Also, it took me almost 2 years to finally put together my wedding book.

    Stay positive!

  8. I think it's smart to make a limited goal list! I've learned that the hard way after too many disappointing months. That way, you can really focus on the few things you want to accomplish. I love that you included watch a scary movie on your list. I desperately want to watch a scary movie, but Wheat hates them. Ugh.

  9. I know you will crush the half!!! Now you know what it's all about it! I was actually looking into that one the other day :)

    I'm with you on the random act of kindness - it's something little that can mean so much!

  10. We just celebrated 2 years and I still have yet to make our wedding photo book!

  11. Perfect goals friend. YAY for ordering your wedding album. I will be sure to check on you doing this so that we can see more pictures from your day! I am with you on the just run part. I need to quit putting a certain amount of miles and just get out there and do it. Cheers to a new month of getting things done.

  12. Our photographer had it written into our contract that we had 60 days from the day we got our proofs to get our picture choices for the album submitted to them...I thought it seemed unnecessary, but I am so thankful they did! I would almost definitely still have it on my to-do list otherwise haha.


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